Sydney’s Robbie Maroon shows us into the computer-created romance on ‘CyberLoveStory’

Taken off his funky Rock and Pop packed-full-of-treats 3rd album called ‘Reckoning‘, Robbie Maroon leads us into a click-filled romance that might scare some but thrill others as it feels just right on, ‘CyberLoveStory‘.

Robbie Maroon is a Sydney, Australia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with an ode to the ’80s that gets your blood flowing.

Robbie’s desire to become a musician and songwriter stemmed from a last-minute ticket to see Prince live in Sydney when he was 16, this triggered a lifelong love affair with Prince, songwriting and everything involved in making music. From there he learned keyboard, played bass in a high school band and started vocal training.” ~ Robbie Maroon

Sending us into a fascinating world that can grab your attention away rather quickly if you let it consume you, Robbie Maroon throws us into the Matrix and sizzles us through a single that might have your eyes on lock and your mind racing into this new universe full of possibilities.

CyberLoveStory‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter Robbie Maroon, is a catchy track that transmits you into a mesmerizing world – that has you thinking deeply about how the world is going to turn – as love becomes extremely technical. With apps taking over our lives as so many look for an easier option, this is a release that will have you gazing into the internet as you wonder how far it will lead inside.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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