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Sydney singer-songwriter Robbie Maroon brought Reckoning (day) to us with his third funk-pop-rock album.

Interest in the LP format may have waned in recent years. If anyone can make a case for them in 2022, it is the Sydney singer-songwriter Robbie Maroon, with his riotously eclectic blend of funk, pop, RnB and rock in his third album, Reckoning.

The opening single, The Fighter, doesn’t set the tone for the album that throws everything from soulful ballads to rock anthems to groove-led jams. Instead, it throws you head-first into the captivating energy and expressive soul that Reckoning was created with. The consistently evolving nature of the release never allows you to get complacent with the unpredictable transitions in tone, style and lyrical influence. Yet, each visceral piece of the puzzle binds together seamlessly.

After the early Faith No More meets Go West opener, the album careers into funkier and playfully synthy territory with Track 2, Cyberlovestory, which will resonate with everyone who had the displeasure of experiencing the surrealism of dating during the lockdowns. Crafting the track in the form of an 80s synthwave love song was cunningly clever. I think the extent of the ridiculousness of the past few years finally just hit me with its full force.

After two infectiously protestive tracks, in track 3, Maria, Maroon delivers the indie funk-pop ballad, which celebrates the sanctuary that only certain people can open the door to. The upraising vocal layering, Men at Work-reminiscent horn stabs, and the sticky sweet melodious essence is enough to make you pick up your phone and tell your favourite person you love them.

Track 4, Rewind, is the perennial soul-pop earworm of the album that gives you a view into just how much command the Prince-inspired artist has over funk-bridled rhythm. From rap bars to vocal lines that would give Seal’s soul a run for its impassioned currency, the vocals stick to your synapses like superglue.

Track 5, My Love, allows Maroon to wear his James Brown and George Michael influences on his sleeve through the slick-with-salacious-funk-disco-grooves. The hand claps against the Nile Rodgers-Esque chops bolster the nostalgic euphoria, while the smooth vocals and equally as smooth lyrics scribe Maroon’s unrelentingly sonic signature.

With track 6, Falling out of Love, Maroon proves that love goes as quickly as it comes in quick to burn love affairs before he grooves into the striking funk aesthetics of Stand. Track 7 gives plenty of limelight to the female backing vocals that raise the energy throughout the album with their shimmering old-school soul.

Track 8, I Won’t Be Doing That, leaves a similar question springing to mind as Meatloaf’s I Won’t Do That. The intriguing ambiguity in the rock-licked track grips onto grooves reminiscent of Hall & Oats, and there is plenty of room for the unpretentiously virtuoso solos. Strangely, they amplify the sense morality mystery while you wait for more clues.

In Track 9, Maroon is out of his funk in the harbingering 80s rock title single, which grieves the normalcy that forgot to get a return ticket after the pandemic. I can quite honestly say that listening to The Reckoning was one of the most vindicating and affirming aural experiences I’ve indulged in this year. While the mainstream media keeps trying to sell us fear and hate, the masses find new brands of tribalism, and everyone secretly loses their sanity in the privacy of their bedrooms; it is impossible to find a voice of reason. Thank god one exists on my playlists now.

I’ve had the pleasure of reviewing the closing single, Take a Bow before, but my tear ducts still opened the floodgates to the ode to Prince. Simultaneously a celebration of his legacy and an illustration of the impact that inspirational people have on us, the subtle and quiescently yearning single is a tribute like no other. Hell, it’s a ballad like no other.

Check out Robbie Maroon on his official website, Facebook, and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Robbie Maroon has released his catchier than Corona funk-pop track, Rewind

“Rewind” is the latest jazzy rock-licked funk-pop track from the raw-soul-peddling Australian singer-songwriter Robbie Maroon. After being introduced to his sombre and spacey sound in 2019 through his single, Stepping Stone, this new profoundly hopeful approach to production is quite literally music to our ears. You can’t help but catch the positive vibes that radiate through the release that captures the chaos of our lives and releases us from it with the era-spanning old school grooves.

With vocals that sit somewhere in between Shinedown and the sultry timbre of George Michael, it’s all too easy to find yourself in the heart of the hook-filled track which comes complete with stabbing horns and layers of funk-riding progressions which pull together to deliver a nostalgia hit you’ve never tasted before.

Rewind was officially released on March 18th. You can check it out for yourselves on Robbie Maroon’s website or via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sydney’s Robbie Maroon shows us into the computer-created romance on ‘CyberLoveStory’

Taken off his funky Rock and Pop packed-full-of-treats 3rd album called ‘Reckoning‘, Robbie Maroon leads us into a click-filled romance that might scare some but thrill others as it feels just right on, ‘CyberLoveStory‘.

Robbie Maroon is a Sydney, Australia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter and music producer who performs with an ode to the ’80s that gets your blood flowing.

Robbie’s desire to become a musician and songwriter stemmed from a last-minute ticket to see Prince live in Sydney when he was 16, this triggered a lifelong love affair with Prince, songwriting and everything involved in making music. From there he learned keyboard, played bass in a high school band and started vocal training.” ~ Robbie Maroon

Sending us into a fascinating world that can grab your attention away rather quickly if you let it consume you, Robbie Maroon throws us into the Matrix and sizzles us through a single that might have your eyes on lock and your mind racing into this new universe full of possibilities.

CyberLoveStory‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie Pop singer-songwriter Robbie Maroon, is a catchy track that transmits you into a mesmerizing world – that has you thinking deeply about how the world is going to turn – as love becomes extremely technical. With apps taking over our lives as so many look for an easier option, this is a release that will have you gazing into the internet as you wonder how far it will lead inside.

See this futuristic song on YouTube and see more news via Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Robbie Maroon paid homage to Prince in his latest single, Take a Bow

For his latest single, Take a Bow, the luminary up and coming soul singer, Robbie Maroon, paid tribute to Prince and shone a light in the creative void he left on our planet when he departed too soon in 2016.

One of the most beautiful kinds of relationships that can exist in our strange and loveless world are the ones that exist between an icon and an ardent and inspired fan. Take a Bow perfectly encompasses this sentiment through the stunning choir vocal that accent the Prince-inspired, endlessly arresting guitar riffs. The single is practically a religious experience – especially for anyone that has previously knelt at Prince’s purple altar.

He may not be with us anymore, but his legacy will always live on through the passion of artists such as Robbie Maroon. While some artists would simply rip off his riffs, Maroon chose to give the icon the credit he’s due; the result is nothing short of breathtaking.

Take a Bow is now available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast