8udDha bl0od is in a dark mood with ‘’Loving You !n Vain Demo 2 1’’

8udDha bl0od

Loving someone in vain is a tough experience, you feel frustrated and think that perhaps it was a waste of time. ‘8udDha bl0od’ pierce through the speakers on their latest release and you can feel the emotion on this one.

The Brighton band have created quite a cult following since forming at a New Years party a few years back. They are quite clearly a tight group and have spent lots of time together, working on the band’s sound. Sometimes that can be too much for creatives and the time together actually harms the group. With ‘8udDha bl0od’-I feel like the opposite is true. 

‘’Loving You !n Vain Demo 2 1’’ is a deeply personal song and you can hear it all with the tone of the vocals and lyrical content, this is a sad song and you can tell that it means a lot. I doubt that they will ever sing this live at a show but it is a needed output, a way to get over the hurt and move on. 

Get more music from the fantastic ‘8udDha bl0od’ here on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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