Sub Caesar awaits that critical permission on his sensational new house single ‘Consensual (Press Play)’ (feat. Chloe Kay)

After wholeheartedly thrilling our emotions with his release from 2021 called ‘PUSH! (back and forth), Sub Caesar urges us to be really brave as the night will not last forever on the hot new single, ‘Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay).

Sub Caesar is a Netherlands-based music producer and IT Architect who makes that charismatic house that is infused with pop and is always easy on the ears.

At the moment my focus is on upbeat tracks, not trying to fall in a specific subcategory of house, but rather trying to incorporate stylistic elements of both classic and contemporary house music.” ~ Sub Caesar

Providing us that energy to the dancefloor that we have wanted for so long, Sub Caesar sparks our night into action with a light saber of light that will dazzle our souls just the way nature intended. Featuring the outstanding vocals of London, UK-based singer-songwriter Chloe Kay, this is a stunning single that will reverberate through your entire consciousness.

Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay) from Netherlands-based music producer Sub Caesar is a pulsating new soundtrack which will unearth your best moves and hidden courage to do what you need, so that you shall be with that fellow dancer who wants you when the time is right.

Seducing our minds with a sexy track to turn up really loud, this is a sizzling experience that will certainly tickle your fancy if you require some much-need adventure in your life.

Hear this terrific new release on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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