J Whit – Slimer: Experimentally Endearing Hip Hop

When’s the last time you became hooked on a Hip Hop track inspired by the 1984 Ghostbuster’s ghoul Slimer? If it’s been a while J Whit’s latest single “Slimer” comes highly recommended.

The nerdy Hip Hop hit may not be the most accessible Rap tracks you’ve ever heard, but there’s plenty to appreciate in the playful ingenuity of the lyrics paired with the up and coming artist’s charismatic delivery. While Slimer isn’t a track which screams commercial potential, it certainly leaves you in adoration of J Whit’s prodigal take on contemporary Hip Hop. At just over two minutes long, the track may be short, but that’s all the time J Whit needed to leave a lasting impression with his unique take on effects and digitally rendered Hip Hop alchemy.

You can check out J Whit’s single Slimer for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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