Struggles in America: Tre. Charles brings us a real enlightening gem with true story debut track called ‘Stressin’

With a haunting beat that mellows in quietly at first, before then stretching your curious imagination like a fragile rubber band that is about to break in mere seconds, Tre. Charles drops his much-anticipated debut single that will have you in a highly reflective mood about current times with the aptly-named ‘Stressin‘.

Tre. Charles is a soulful indie singer-songwriter who brings forth the truth about life in America as he sees it, with a blend of chilled sounds, that has you in awe of his tremendous raw talent.

He grew up all over the place — from Upstate New York to Birmingham, Alabama — so his music is varied and with so many different genres infused inside his voice, such as alt indie-soul, RnB, indie rock and southern soul.

This is the story about not wanting to run away from the carnage again, being profiled has had its time and needs to finally end for good — and we need radical reform to happen fast — before more lives are lost for no reason. This is the call for it all to flip into a new world, as he is tired of the unnecessary hate and running away from it all.

He sings with such purpose on this incredible anthem, each word is felt with such sadness in your heart as you pray and hope that things will get better quickly. The cinematic production takes you to a place where you are sitting up above watching the madness unfold, as you wish you could have the power to wash away the hate and replace it with only love and hugs.

Stressin‘ from the magnificent talent of Tre. Charles is a story about how tough if can be being a black man in America, with all the divisiveness and the clearly wrong systems locked into all facets of society, that need to be changed immediately so that its citizens feel free and fairly treated. We will find a way to help the world be better. We must be better.

Stream this deeply important single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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