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Collie Wattz asks us to honk if you love Jesus on the Lo-fi single to turn up loud, ‘John Brown’

Released via his debut 5-track EP named ‘Down South‘, Collie Wattz tells us the story that so many understand rather deeply right now as the world appears to burn down but the Preacher man keeps trying to teach no matter what on, ‘John Brown‘.

Collie Wattz is a Birmingham, Alabama-born indie Lo-fi-Folk/Electronica Swamp-Pop solo singer-songwriter who is a creative soul who loves to push the boundaries on what is possible.

He spent his youth living all across the United States. From Southern California to the crystal clear beaches of Destin, Florida. He spent his teens and 20’s exploring his musical roots creating resulting in his own unique sound.” ~ Collie Wattz

Reminding us that no good comes out of watching television all day and catching up on all the madness unfolding, Collie Wattz depicts that vital belief that shall help us all come through with a big smile, no matter what carnage is brewing like a percolated volcano.

John Brown‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-born indie Lo-fi-Folk/Electronica Swamp-Pop solo singer-songwriter Collie Wattz is a funky track that should entertain and also get you into a present headspace, to conquer whatever fears you have inside your head right now. Performed with a terrific style and oozing introspection, this is a single to lather all your senses inside and take heed of.

The world is falling over but if you keep your faith strong, anything is possible.

Stream the track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dana feels the love flowing again in his delighted soul with ‘Rejuvenation’

Sensing that their powerful touch has changed his whole perspective and provided a deep feeling that has somehow cleansed his whole body, Dana sends us into a tranquil location of hope with his latest release, ‘Rejuvenation‘.

Dana E White aka Dana is a Huntsville, Alabama-born, North Carolina-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, music producer and design artist who has reinvented himself after previously questioning his own talents.

He comes from a musical family, but because of self-identity issues was very reserved and shy about everything.” ~ Dana

With a vocal performance that has sent him on a new voyage that shall inspire so many to reach for a better life away from all negative vibes, Dana shows that a true mental comeback is possible if you believe in yourself enough and have the support of that special human who is undoubtedly in your corner.

Later in life, he experienced love from all different areas of his life and was devoted to church and music after trying to find himself. However, people and the pressures of image and it not being the right timing for him mentally.” ~ Dana

Rejuvenation‘ from the North Carolina-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, music producer and design artist Dana, is an experience that so many need to listen to. He sings with an inspired mentality that sweeps you off your feet and takes you to a place that renews your hope in love. After sliding away for a while from his true self and having his confidence snapped in half, you hear the tenderness and care in his vocals that have taken him into a happy world where he can thrive.

Finding that lover who can help you regain your strength, is the key for anyone who feels lost in life.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see his movements develop on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Alabama rapper LF Nosha only wants to wrap up his bag on ‘No Company’

Following on from his debut project ‘L.v.M‘ that dropped in 2021, LF Nosha raps to the ladies about not being interested in anything romantic that isn’t on his own terms with, ‘No Company‘.

LF Nosha is an underground Birmingham, Alabama-based indie Hip hop artist who has been steadily building a loyal following since he first emerged in the rap scene last year.

Cruising in with a quick-fire flow that shows you into his life in the hardcore streets as a motivated entrepreneur, LF Nosha is hiding the bag from anyone who wishes to get their claws on the treasure that he has been carefully growing. There is a menace in his rhymes that shows the lengths he will go to protect what is his, in a world where your jewels can get swiped if you close your eyes at the wrong time.

No Company‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-based indie Hip hop artist LF Nosha, is a paper stacked music video from a hungry young man who isn’t going to be tied up in the romantic drama that can sap his strength and your bank balance. The rugged raps and big smiles tell you everything, as he slams down hard with the truth about his current mentality. Gaining those riches with his crew is the only thing on his mind, as he looks to carve out his piece of the very big pie available.

See this humming video on YouTube and find out more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Justin Oliver sees the predicted outcome come through like he expected on ‘Bipolar Love, Pt. 2’

With his cheeks filled with tears as he wonders why he is so unlucky in relationships, Justin Oliver sends us an emotional picture about a new tragic breakup that feels the same as before on ‘Bipolar Love, Pt. 2‘.

Justin Oliver is a Tuscaloosa, Alabama-born, New York City-based indie-pop solo singer-songwriter who is one of the most respected underground artists around.

Bipolar Love, Pt. 2 is the sequel to Justin’s 2016 single, where he sings about the continuous pursuit of an unrequited love due to a glimpse of hope found through a deep emotional connection. Though the relationship ultimately ends, Justin now finds himself in a similar situation with higher stakes on the table.” ~ Justin Oliver

Ushering us into a traumatic experience that has reminded him that loyalty is so hard to find, Justin Oliver opens the bedroom door and show us his utter despair at going through another life-altering moment where he has given absolutely everything and gained only a shattered soul.

Bipolar Love, Pt. 2‘ from New York City, USA-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Justin Oliver brings us a seasonable depression story that is heartbreaking at times. He realizes his value and knows that another romance will come along, but needs some time to get over his ex who has hurt him so cruelly when he hoped that they would be around forever.

Check out the lyric video on YouTube and see his moves via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Patience Is Wearing Thin: Alabama band Think Sanity look for the best way to prevail on ‘Closest to Happy’

With their 2nd album on the way soon as they bring us a speaker-shaking start to wake up the nosy neighbours, Think Sanity sends us a candid message about attempting to keep that smile nearby as everything else falls apart on ‘Closest to Happy‘.

Think Sanity is an Anniston, Alabama-based 4-piece indie rock band who bare their honest souls on each track as they lace down realness to ponder all about mental health and issues that so many of us can relate to.

A musical mixing pot of all the things we need to say, but can’t.” ~ Think Sanity

Breathing fire into our ears with a real message which sparks your attention quickly, Think Sanity leads us into a world where you need to be sharp to survive and extra motivation is highly necessary to brush away all the self-doubt. There is so much electrifying energy here that flows through our ever-thinking consciousness as we all look for that happier path to reaching true contentment within ourselves.

Closest to Happy‘ from the Anniston, Alabama-based indie rock act Think Sanity, is a true story all about getting that coffee quick when you start the day so that you can achieve all the goals that you have set out in this wild world. With passionate vocals and thunderous guitar riffs loaded with heartfelt emotion – this is a highly reflective song – that will restock your mind with flashbacks of when you wondered if your patience was about to break in half.

Check out this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Know What That’s Worth: Alabama act Salvo have us enraptured on ‘The Most Evil Person on The Face of the Earth’

Formally known as the electric punk act named ‘Pain‘, Salvo did life for a while and have come back to warm our hearts again with their exciting new track named ‘The Most Evil Person on The Face of the Earth‘.

Salvo are a Birmingham, Alabama-based indie rock band. They make that classic sounding music that is a pleasure to your ears and has a musical theater-type energy attached to leave you so captivated.

Many of the band members of Salvo used to be in Pain, who released four albums and toured heavily in the ’90’s, earning a nationwide fan-base that remains gleefully loyal. Pain produced videos, recorded for Cartoon Network, had their songs included in television soundtracks, and worked relentlessly as one of the most unique pop-punk bands to come out of the post-grunge era. After a much-needed hiatus, most of Pain has returned as Salvo.” ~ Salvo

This is the story about being a highly mean person who has no good vibes for the world after being let down before, which is matched with an abundance of sensational soundscapes which has you feeling you are in a different world, that lifts the roof off your day. The have so much buoyant charm on this fast paced single, which will surely leave you breathless at times.

The Most Evil Person on The Face of the Earth‘ from the vibrant Birmingham, Alabama-based indie rock band Salvo, is a thoroughly riveting performance that has you feeling like they are so hungry to return to their glory days. You sense their high octane levels which contains a punchy attitude, that steams through your speakers and gives you a toasty high five. This is such an entertaining track, which takes you to another level of delight.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Explain: Wonderful Huntsville singer Sarah J wants to fall back into their caring arms when she’s ‘Home’

Released as part of her beautifully elegant four-piece debut EP called ‘Miss J‘, Sarah J sings so sweetly on her lovely new single all about finding herself as a doorstep that makes her feel complete on ‘Home‘.

Sarah J aka Sarah Johnson, is a highly promising eighteen years young Huntsville, Alabama-born and raised, sometimes Nashville, Tennessee-based, indie alt-soul/pop/country singer-songwriter and pianist instructor. She shows us her soulfully authentic music with a warm effect that has your body glowing in delight, as you feel like you are listening to someone who is inspiring and humble.

I hope that everyone who has been able to listen receives a special message from my songs. Whether it is empowerment, sadness, regret, passion, or just good vibes, I appreciate you all for listening.” – Sarah J

As she wonders deeply if they will stay together this time – she tries her best to work out the journey – but just wants to be calm and be together without too many questions. Her heart isn’t quite made up on which path to take, but she knows that they make her feel relaxed which is where she needs to be right now.

With a stunning vocal ability that is only just coming to the fore, you feel her sadness mixed with intrigue throughout on this stunning effort. The emotion-filled lyrics grab you closely too and everything is so loving, her immense talent is here and you can just hear that there is so much more to come.

Home‘ from the supremely classy young Alabama indie alt-pop/country/soul singer/pianist Sarah J, is a top quality single that is full of poise and that extra bit of rare class. She makes music for the true purpose of fulfilling her soul and helping others get through their day.

Sarah J is a real old soul who is rather uniquely special and someone who we need to appreciate greatly. After three years of doing everything DIY to get to this point, she can do anything her creative mind and work ethic takes her.

Stream this freshly created new single on her growing Spotify and see more visuals via her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Don’t Take Me For Granted: Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys plant the seeds of growth on ‘Water Me’

Featuring a lathering of tender care and vital self-awareness to teach others, Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys rain down the truth with the peaceful story about how to treat a flourishing woman properly on ‘Water Me‘.

Birmingham, Alabama-based Thoven Bey (composer and producer) and Kallie Skys (singer, songwriter and rapper) are a promising new music project. They show us into their vividly expressive world, with a wonderful new track that is packed pull of enlightening excitement to feed our hungry ears.

She sings with such introspection and guides us through this terrific track with glorious lyrics which shows so much class. The teachings are clear and make complete sense, as the growth of a relationship is so important and much-needed. The production here is so crisp and flows naturally into this song to make things so natural and fresh, with a story you can’t help but admire greatly.

Water Me‘ from Birmingham, Alabama-based music duo Thoven Bey and Kallie Skys, turns up the sprinkler on a beat that washes away the grime and brings in a song that shows true beauty. This is all about understanding how to show love when there is so much fake energy floating around with false narratives, instead of a significant shift to teaching and growing each other. The world will be a better place if we can show the youngsters how it should be done.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more via Thoven’s IG and Kallie’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Struggles in America: Tre. Charles brings us a real enlightening gem with true story debut track called ‘Stressin’

With a haunting beat that mellows in quietly at first, before then stretching your curious imagination like a fragile rubber band that is about to break in mere seconds, Tre. Charles drops his much-anticipated debut single that will have you in a highly reflective mood about current times with the aptly-named ‘Stressin‘.

Tre. Charles is a soulful indie singer-songwriter who brings forth the truth about life in America as he sees it, with a blend of chilled sounds, that has you in awe of his tremendous raw talent.

He grew up all over the place — from Upstate New York to Birmingham, Alabama — so his music is varied and with so many different genres infused inside his voice, such as alt indie-soul, RnB, indie rock and southern soul.

This is the story about not wanting to run away from the carnage again, being profiled has had its time and needs to finally end for good — and we need radical reform to happen fast — before more lives are lost for no reason. This is the call for it all to flip into a new world, as he is tired of the unnecessary hate and running away from it all.

He sings with such purpose on this incredible anthem, each word is felt with such sadness in your heart as you pray and hope that things will get better quickly. The cinematic production takes you to a place where you are sitting up above watching the madness unfold, as you wish you could have the power to wash away the hate and replace it with only love and hugs.

Stressin‘ from the magnificent talent of Tre. Charles is a story about how tough if can be being a black man in America, with all the divisiveness and the clearly wrong systems locked into all facets of society, that need to be changed immediately so that its citizens feel free and fairly treated. We will find a way to help the world be better. We must be better.

Stream this deeply important single on Spotify and check out the IG for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Now I Know What To Avoid: Alabama rapper LF Nosha unleashes bass-filled new single ‘Fill That Void’ (feat. LF Sabe)

Released off Krispy Kam, LF Nosha takes us to the back parking lot by the closed Sheriffs office to show us that he knows what the next step is on ‘Fill That Void(feat. LF Sabe).

LF Nosha is a confident hip-hop artist from Birmingham, Alabama, who makes that classic southern trap music which is full of exciting beats and clever lyrics, that you will have your head nodding in approval.

This is the story about having the strength inside to avoid the bottle when things spin out of control, as you grab it away from them and assist where you can to lead the way to a better and more constructive decision. When you are hurt its easy to take the path to drown those tears, but you know that actually causes way more harm than good.

Fill That Void(feat. LF Sabe) from Alabama hip-hop artist LF Nosha, is that street-hop flow that has you with the loyal boys and having fun, with stories of the past that could of turn out bad, but ultimately didn’t. Growing stronger is the only thing you can do in the crazy world, that wants to fail as you do the complete opposite.

Check out the visuals on YouTube and follow the socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen