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Showing how it should be done: Kelvin D’artegnan drops top shelf Hip Hop single ‘Gimme Dat’

Kelvin D’artegnan is back with his undeniable quality on the passion-filled Hip Hop laced single ‘Gimme Dat‘.

After being forever-inspired by his father playing old school Hip Hop records in the house while growing up, that true love for proper music was firmly entrenched, deep inside his body and has stayed there ever since. The experienced podcaster, producer, composer and emcee was born in Warner Robins, Georgia and grew up in Prattville, Alabama where his passion for performing live only blossomed from there.

Right now, he is worldwide where his music is only growing day by day as he took time to build the foundations, and that core is so strong, he feels like he can only go upwards and never look back.

After dealing with multiple losses of his recorded music due to hard-drive issues, he never gave up and is now flourishing whilst doing what he loves. When you listen to him rap, you can feel the true realness and passion of a man that is a deep soul who respects the old school feel of a magnificent genre, that has sadly been watered down by so many narrow-minded rappers. Thankfully, he shows us what that true Hip Hop should sound like and lays down a barrage of clever lyrics and a busty bass production that will have you sweating in delight.

He feels like he has made it and now the next step is here. While so many others only want and won’t give, this story of being humble and working hard is a great example to the kids out there. With so many fake role models that flash in the pan and are soon washed down the drain due to their obvious shortcomings, this is an emcee who raps with skills that are due to many hours of perfecting them, when the days might of seemed dark but now the lights are on so bright, you will need UV-tinted sunglasses to fully enjoy this music.

Gimme Dat‘ from the multi-skilled Kelvin D’artegnan shows us that if you want it bad enough, you will go to great lengths to achieve your goals. Keeping it real to those you care about and meet in life, is the only way forward in this wild world.

Stream this fire new Hip Hop track on his Spotify and see his story via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on ‘Devil On Her Hand’

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman sings with meaning on the new single ‘Devil On Her Hand‘.

Kevin Smith grew up in Talladega in Alabama and he served in the US Army as a Combat Medic. After his Army career, Kevin founded the healthcare IT company TrainingWheel and the success of his company allows him to give back to his hometown of Talladega through the revitalization of the Talladega Historic Square and showcase the tremendous amount of talented musicians, singers, and songwriters in Alabama.

This is all about being with someone that you don’t want to be with. You have been forced by your parents and you are not happy with this situation. They never cared about your needs or what you wanted. They love you but this mindset is not helping at all, You want to be free and love who you want to be with.

Alabama’s Clothesline Superman is excellent on his ‘Devil On Her Hand‘. This is a song that is relatable to so many woman who have had to go through this terrible thing in their life. This is well-sung with an indie-country style that is a pleasure to listen to.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Who Is SpiritKid flows in with relationship trouble on ‘Star Struck’ Feat. Nero Osama

Star Struck‘ is the brand new trap-filled Hip Hop song about a breakup from the new hot rapper on the scene, Who Is SpiritKid.

Shane Prickett aka Who Is SpiritKid, a 15-year old emcee from Mobile, Alabama. He has has been making music for 3 years now. His plan and goal is to become the next big Alt Rap artist in the world.

He recently had a breakup and things got a bit crazy after that. According to Who Is SpiritKid, his ex falsely accused him of being toxic publicly on Instagram and claimed that he bought her expensive things to make up for it when in reality she was using him for those things.

Star Struck‘ from Who Is SpiritKid Feat. Nero Osama is a fine new song from the young rapper. He tells his story quite well and the vocals show frustration with what happened. A learning curve for the talented youngster who will learn from this and grow.

Stream here to hear this song on Soundcloud.

Head through to the Spotify.

Click here for the Insta music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Denson Camp strolls into our hearts with the timeless ‘Hello, Time!’

Denson Camp is here with a wonderful song that is both sad and happy at the same time. ‘Hello, Time!’ is the name of the single that is such a gem of a song that needs more love.

Denson Camp is an indie alt-pop indie artist based out of Birmingham, Alabama. Written, recorded, and produced in various bedrooms across America, Denson’s short discography displays experimental song-structures, manipulated, rich vocal harmonies, and lyrics ranging from explosive expressions of joy to quiet, introspective revelations of self-consciousness. With the debut album set for release in very soon, these are exciting times.

You want her to stay and for time to stop. You don’t want to say goodbye as this is the love of your life. This is the person you want to kiss and be with forever and it hurts that you know that it won’t last forever. You love so much and can’t stop thinking about her.

Denson Camp’s ‘Hello, Time!’ has made me a huge fan of this underground act that produces one of my favorite songs of the year. The story is real and the band’s dreamy indie-rock style stuns me back to life as I groove to this track that I can relate to. Real love is hard to find and when you find it, you don’t want to ever lose it.

Stream this fab new single here on Spotify.

Find out more from the band on Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Alabama Singer-songwriter Noel Johnson NDJ is in glorious form on ‘So Out of Style’

Noel Johnson NDJ is a is an Americana singer-songwriter artist from Birmingham in Alabama and he returns with his new single called ‘So Out of Style‘.

This is one of those songs that just gets better and better. Noel shows us his powerful voice and real soul that you can’t teach. You are either born with it or not. He is a fine singer who is improving after each release and we are on the journey of the ultimate underdog here.

I love ‘So Out of Style‘ from Noel Johnson NDJ as it is honest and songs like this are so rare these days.

Finding a place for positive energy and peace in this crazy world is so hard to find. Luckily we have found the light and stories about the planet are sung with an experienced look at things all around us. This is a singer-songwriter who has found himself and trusts his whole heart into this fantastic single.

So Out of Style‘ is almost 7 minutes long and this is such an enjoyable single. The world can be a tough place and our faith is tested each day, no matter what we believe. Noel Johnson NDJ helps us with this path to self-awareness and this is one of the best indie songs of 2020.

Stream this awesome new track here on Spotify.

Click here for the Facebook page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Justin Oliver sings with meaning on Black Lives Matters inspired ”King”

Justin Oliver is a New York City singer with a massive talent. He sings passionately on his new single called ”King

Written as an anthem for the Black Lives Matter movement, King reminds the black community of their power and value. Racial bias in America is a problem that ALL black men and women face at one time or another, so having a song like “King” as reminder is important. This is a vital message of unity and one that is being seen all over the world right now.

This artist was from the home of the Roll Tide, Tuscaloosa in Alabama. After recently moving to magical New York City, his music is reinvigorating and you can feel his passion on ”King”. He sings with such power and his voice is a pleasure to listen to throughout the whole song.

Stream this passionate track right here on Justin’s Soundcloud page.

Find out more about this artist from New York City right here on his Facebook.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


LxveLife has released his Intro track Pure

Producer LxveLife has dropped his single ‘Pure’, combining the sound and style of Hip-Hop and Lo-fi to create this short track.

With only lasting fifty-six seconds as an intro piece, LxveLife has put his creative talent as a producer to incorporate that into this swift piece as he adds in a range of sounds to complete it. It’s all fairly slow to start with.

As it begins to hit the middle there is a clap added as the beat gets higher and the pace begins to pick up, using this slow pace melody to create this catchy tune, giving a taster of what’s to come from himself in the future, giving his intro a real feel for what is next to come, it’s safe to say we’re looking forward to hearing what’s next.

Check out LxveLife Pure by heading on over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Karley Myall