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Not Looking Forward To This Day: Upstate New York’s Willro wants to forget and move on with ‘Growing Pains’

Released through his admirably ambitious eighteen-track album from 2021 named ‘Sad Boy Summer‘, Willro worries intensely about what might happen through the ‘Growing Pains‘.

Willro is a multi-talented Update New York-based, Brooklyn-born indie pop singer-songwriter, writer, music producer, sound engineer, photographer and college graduate. He makes that thoroughly introspective vibe that simmers all over your soul, as it has you thinking rather deeply about life and what everything really means.

You feel his wonderful voice swirling through the sun-lit summer days as he peers outside the dusty window to see everyone else having fun. Sometimes you can get into bad habits and after so much uncertainty – and its mightily understandable – however the only way to have adventure again and to feel alive inside your blood-thirsty veins, is to step outside and live again, albeit a bit more carefully.

Growing Pains‘ from the awesome Upstate New York-based indie pop artist and music producer Willro, is the story about waking up but not really getting out of bed until it might be too late. This world is a worrying place and can be full of detours that might be scary, but will need to be faced sooner or later anyway. Growing up is hard, but things will always get better if you stay positive and vow to fight through any obstacle presented to you.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Struggles in America: Tre. Charles brings us a real enlightening gem with true story debut track called ‘Stressin’

With a haunting beat that mellows in quietly at first, before then stretching your curious imagination like a fragile rubber band that is about to break in mere seconds, Tre. Charles drops his much-anticipated debut single that will have you in a highly reflective mood about current times with the aptly-named ‘Stressin‘.

Tre. Charles is a soulful indie singer-songwriter who brings forth the truth about life in America as he sees it, with a blend of chilled sounds, that has you in awe of his tremendous raw talent.

He grew up all over the place — from Upstate New York to Birmingham, Alabama — so his music is varied and with so many different genres infused inside his voice, such as alt indie-soul, RnB, indie rock and southern soul.

This is the story about not wanting to run away from the carnage again, being profiled has had its time and needs to finally end for good — and we need radical reform to happen fast — before more lives are lost for no reason. This is the call for it all to flip into a new world, as he is tired of the unnecessary hate and running away from it all.

He sings with such purpose on this incredible anthem, each word is felt with such sadness in your heart as you pray and hope that things will get better quickly. The cinematic production takes you to a place where you are sitting up above watching the madness unfold, as you wish you could have the power to wash away the hate and replace it with only love and hugs.

Stressin‘ from the magnificent talent of Tre. Charles is a story about how tough if can be being a black man in America, with all the divisiveness and the clearly wrong systems locked into all facets of society, that need to be changed immediately so that its citizens feel free and fairly treated. We will find a way to help the world be better. We must be better.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Play pretend: Upstate New York’s Nocturnal Houses vividly dream of changed minds on the sparkling ‘Going Home with Him’

Meshed together by lovely nostalgic sounds of synth, funk, and disco with a little sprinkle of tasty pop, Nocturnal Houses are quite self-reflective on their latest single called ‘Going Home with Him‘.

Nocturnal Houses are a compelling Upstate New York-based indie-EDM duo, who mesh that quality taste into your soul, that satisfies every sinew of your body, as they have that crisply designed music that uplifts any mood.

This is the story of wishing your friend wouldn’t choose that particular person on a night out, as you don’t like their energy for some reason and wish they would choose to party with you instead. Your mind is mixed, while you pretend that nothing is wrong but inside your heart is burning like acid as you know that it won’t last, as your friend wastes their time while you wonder at the moments that could of been.

Her voice is sultry and freshly toned, each word is with such meaning, as the catchy beat lands into your mind to have your head grooving and your body moving. You remember when this moment happened to you and you just wanted to spend time with your special human, who instead disappears when you turn your back.

Going Home with Him‘ is that striking self-reflective story from this fascinating Upstate New York duo, who superbly portray this all-too-common story, into a sweet song that will make you a bit sad, while making you shake your head at the times you let lust take over and should of changed your mind.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

What are you running from: MacKenzie Grant tells the true story of growing up too quick on ‘Little Girl’

Taken off her glorious comeback album called ‘Wonder World‘, MacKenzie Grant is so real on the story of the ‘Little Girl‘ trying to run away and find her own path.

Intimate singer-songwriter, pianist, artist, educator, counselor and loving Mother MacKenzie Grant, is an Upstate New York-born, Berklee College of Music in Boston graduate and Nashville, Tennessee-based creative, who is on a meaningful path to spread her loving message all over the world.

Her voice is so caring, firm but fair and so very sweet, her personal experiences and counseling work with various families of all backgrounds means that she has seen a lot. Perhaps too much for now.

Her path back to music feels like a road she has dreamed of for a while now, her love of performing and projecting her art helps her to heal inside, each word is so meaningful and loving, as she explores the world’s human condition and learns about herself again too.

Little Girl‘ from the wondrous voice of MacKenzie Grant, is a striking story about growing up so fast, making mistakes and then trying to run away from them, rather than dealing the issue and taking on whatever consequences come your way as a learning experience. This is a tough lesson for all of us whether we are young or old, but the only way to make sure that you can move on inside your heart and start the healing process faster.

Life can be an ever-winding road sometimes and getting away seems like the best idea at the time. As you grow older you realize that this is the worst way to go and having someone close to guide you, really helps you find that calming road to redemption.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen