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Still Talk Release Fun And Image Evoking Track “Slow Sunday”

Still Talk is a project based in Cologne with a very particular sound that is an intriguing blend of stylistic elements. The fundamental basis of Still Talk’s music is rooted in the rock sound but as is evident in their recent release “Slow Sunday” the music also features a more commercial aspect and a particularly indie sound. “Slow Sunday” itself, as the name suggests is all about the little things that happen on a Sunday and how the lead singer Tanja Kührer relates them to emotions and thoughts. Apart from being image evoking, the lyrics, music and vocal delivery also create a gentle atmosphere which is not often associated with the rock sound.

Starting off with a soft blend of guitar sonorities along with a steady, and very present, drum groove, the song expresses a very particular character which, as the vocals come in, feels somewhat dreamlike. The vocal tone floats over the rest of the instrumentation and this addseven more depth and dimension to the overall sound. It is also very interesting to note that as the lyrics unfold, the music together with the still actions in the music video start to portray those slow Sunday mornings more and more realistically. Overall Still Talk definitely show that they are able to portray an artistic vision very effectively, both through sound and video! Check it out now!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Cologne’s Sweet Smell Of Success

They may be new kids on the Philadelphia rock block but Cologne have really arrived with a fully formed sound. One part stadium rock, one part indie cool and one part pop accessibility, it is hard to see who they wouldn’t appeal too. Musically it gives them great scope to build sonic architecture in the space around them but also play with subtle musical dynamics, deliver songs dripping with euphoria but also commercial accessibility.

And it is this fantastic generic balancing act which sets them apart from the pack As popists and rockists wage pointless pitched battle, Cologne clearly adhere to the cult of the song, preferring to take the role of tunesmiths who exalt composition over flash and muscle. If this song is the perfect rallying point for those who have long understood that this middle way has always sported brilliant acts – pop acts muscled up by a dash of rock, rock acts whose bluster is tempered by indie details and indie acts happy to explore pop immediacy – then the fact that hey have an e.p. called New World available is just the icing on the cake.


Rass Limit – I’m Like: Bringing Music Back to Basics

Rass Limit is a conceptual Hip Hop artist from Cologne, Germany. His brand new debut hit proves that there’s more to Germany than pounding electronic industrial music. He’s orchestrated old school R&B Hip Hop with rap arrangements worked in for a contemporary sound that impossible to ignore. He’s definitely not shy when it comes to expressing is feelings through his veracious lyrics which are packed with all of the attitude that you’d expect from a Hip Hop artist.

Whilst the beat behind his debut track ‘I’m Like’ is pretty limited and minimal compared to most Hip Hop tracks it accentuates his lyrical ability and the anger behind his progressive lyrics. It almost has an acoustic element to the backing which is rather becoming for the home grown artist.

I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from the visionary Rass Limit after this 2 minute taster track, but it’s all you need to get hooked on his beat after this antagonising quick listen in which he provides an abundance of animosity and crass style.