HelloNegro -Taneesha in Wonderfunk Teaser: Thou Shall Not Listen To Repetitive Music.

Ahead of his debut release Electronic enigma HelloNegro has dropped the teaser for his debut album Taneesha in Wonderfunk which will be available to buy and stream across all platforms on February 5th. The teaser promises dirty EDM beats warped to HelloNegro’s own style and sensibility. His new sound is infused with the roots of New Orleans along with harsh, resonant beats and Dub mixes. It will be interesting to hear how the delectably talented New Orleans based artist pulls the plethora of sounds together, but I’m already psyched.

It’s clear that HelloNegro isn’t your average EDM artist throwing out stale mixes to pad out his back catalogue, he’s mixed up his musical expression after achieving notoriety for being an award-winning Jazz musician and pianist, his new album promises to be a chaotic aural delight that will undoubtedly change the definition of Dance music.

Check out the teaser for HelloNegro’s debut release which will be available to download from February 5th, 2018 on SoundCloud:


Follow HelloNegro on Facebook to keep up to date with details of his debut release, and his live DJ performances across New Orleans.


Review by Amelia Vandergast

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