Staying away from the undesirable reality: Trevor Griffin brings that classic groove back on ‘The Second I Said It’

Taken off his uniquely brilliant five-track EP called ‘The Sky Is Falling! the Sky Is Falling!‘, Trevor Griffin brings us an enthralling new single to thoroughly enjoy on ‘The Second I Said It‘.

Inverness, Florida-based and future North Carolina resident, writer, producer, alt-indie rock musician and Au-pair Trevor Griffin, fuses his marvelous mixture of honest lyrics and groovy energy to manifest into a real hug-close and don’t-let-go type of song, that has so much soul attached to its inner-woven sinews.

His voice is so clear and catchy, with a warning about how the economy in the USA might crash soon and that we need to live right now. With an insightful look into the currently world, he performs with that honest self-awareness that tells us that life is the way we created it and we can only get out through good music. That is our escape pad so we need to use it wisely.

The Second I Said It‘ from the gifted Florida singer-songwriter Trevor Griffin, is the type of song that you play when you feel like dancing to a real catchy tune to break free from those negative thoughts. He blends all his skills together to make your fingers click, despite the political undertones about current times.

The sky might really be falling too, so living life to the fullest and telling that special soul in your heart that you love them, is absolutely paramount.

Hear this in-the-trolley gem on Spotify and see more from his wild adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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