spitta zay – Drip Drop: Bass-Heavy Wavy Hip Hop

Up and coming Hip Hop artist spitta zay recently dropped their third single “Drip Drop”. The short and sweet mix revives the 90s style through the solid metering of the authoritative Rap bars while the beats help to bring spitta zay’s sound into the contemporary. The wavy bass-heavy beats push Drip Drop into the more alternative side of EDM Hip Hop, but Hip Hop fans of all persuasions shouldn’t struggle to find the appeal in the mix.

The production on Drip Drop slightly hinders what the beats can offer. But it’s still highly perceptible that spitta zay boasts an ingenuity within his songwriting style which will undoubtedly see him go far in 2020. The fire is definitely there, and spitta zay doesn’t seem like an artist who would ever dream of putting it out.

You can check out spitta zay’s latest single via Apple Music or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast.

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