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Do Not Adjust Your Radios – ET Just Phoned Home: Seedy – ‘Seedy Sunday 3’

When the aliens land, they’ll be sending us a warning or two on their way – Seedy Sunday 3 might be the first of those cautionary broadcasts from outer space, kicking off with nothing more than siren blasts before the ‘we interrupt this broadcast’ monotone voiceover warns us of imminent danger. Namechecking burning churches, apocalyptic visions, and that Nigerian prince who keeps trying to send us money all in one verse, ‘Seedy Sundy 3’ is a sparse, tongue-in-cheek blast of eerie sci-fi electronica that’s maybe reminiscent of a mash-up of Devo, Sparks, Flash Gordon, Flesh Tetris, a touch of Electric Six, and just a smattering of Doctor Who, Hitchikers Guide, and C Beebies.

It’s a welcome change from a world weighed down by yet another foppish indie band or wannabe Fifty Cent; fun, quirky, amused and amusing, this is just shy of six minutes of original space jam entertainment. If fifties B-movies had a sound of their own, as opposed to a soundtrack, this might just be it. It’s not quite the end of the world as we know it, but it’s perhaps the precursor to it. Just remember to keep checking the skies for those aliens.

You can hear Seedy Sunday 3 on Spotify (try saying that quickly); check out seedy here.

Review by Alex Holmes


SadHappyRabbit – That’s Alright featuring Lil Ringey

Before we escaped 2020, SadHappyRabbit released their pessimistically-titled debut album ‘We’re Fucked’, which may flirt with nihilism, but the essence of the Portland-hailing artist’s sound unequivocally lies in their refreshing candid vulnerability.

The standout track, ‘That’s Alright’, which was created in collaboration with Lil Ringey is the perfect introduction to SadHappyRabbit’s unique marrying of Indie Hip Hop and Emo Rap. Anyone who has a proclivity for morosity – especially in the presence of romantic disparity will find plenty of resonance in the single.

Yes, the lyrics are dark, but darkness and romanticism have come hand in hand ever since Shakespeare started doing his thing, and this barbed depiction of painful romantic duality is just as efficacious at evoking strong emotion as Hamlet.

There’s no room to wonder why SadHappyRabbit has been able to amass so much hype since making their debut in 2020. Their fearlessness when it comes to lyrical honesty is practically unparalleled.

You can check out That’s Alright for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Showing her you are serious: Kid Grim drops the fiery ‘Prada Cloths’

Young rapper Kid Grim has just dropped his debut 8 track album called ‘Under The Moon’ and ‘Prada Cloths’ is the hot new single, that is setting the standard of Indie Hip Hop in this crazy year of 2020.

The acoustic start is lively and the raps drive a hole through all the wack emcee’s that have smothered the charts with their weak rhymes. This is a fledgling rapper who has that extra fire that so many are lacking. You can feel his hunger as he bites through the bars to show her that he is for real.

He certainly is no average joe and wants to treat his girl with some Prada clothes and make sure she is relaxed with whatever she wants to do and taste. This beat sprinkles the speakers with a splendid bass and constant energy to lift us into the seduction that is taking place, with these sultry lyrical deliveries.

His vocals are striking and keeps the story hot and with purpose. This is a musician who is just making his name is the shark-infested waters of the music world but wants respect real quick to keep his street cred up there with the best. When you are young, you want that extra feeling that people know you and that you are looking fresh as can be too.

Prada Cloths’ is the new Hip Hop effort from the rising star Kid Grim. If he can stay focused, get his team tight, and build his name up brick by brick until he gets that breakthrough festival appearance to push his name out to the masses, this is an artist we need to keep a close eye on.

Get your rap meal on Spotify and see how his career goes via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Shade Apollo bridges the gap between urban and alternative with “Straight out of the Coffin”

Seattle-based Hip Hop artist Shade Apollo released their latest single Straight out of the Coffin on Friday the 13th, you’d be hard-pressed to find a more transfixing 2020 dark Hip Hop drop.  

With phantasmic reverb creeping behind their nihilistically feverish Rap bars as lines such as “I know I can break the cycle, but the nightmare never ends” are delivered, Shade Apollo offers a gripping ominous sound complete with heartbreakingly resonant lyrics.

For anyone who knows how relentless the grip of depression and anxiety is, that line will hit bruisingly hard while handing you the affirmation that you aren’t alone in your perpetual cycle of suffering.

With Shade Apollo’s influences ranging from everyone to Marilyn Manson to $uicideboy$, he’s bridged the gap between urban and alternative with Straight out of the Coffin. Which may make their sound ‘niche’ to some, but I can guarantee it will be as evocative and powerful to others as it was to me.

You can check out the official video to Straight out of the Coffin via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Feel the Flow of Joey Ivy’s Transfixing Feat of Hip Hop “Golden Ticket”

Breaking Hip Hop artist Joey Ivy’s latest single “Golden Ticket” kicks off with a hauntingly phantasmic prelude which won’t fail to leave you transfixed by the archaic samples which set the perfect tone for the experimentally arrestive mix.

There may be plenty of Old School elements in Golden Ticket stylistically. But lyrically, Golden Ticket is well and truly grounded in the 21st century. If any Rap artist can put Pasadena on the map, it’s Joey Ivy. The flow and grind to their playful and witty bars are practically unparalleled. It practically begs for repeat attention by allowing you to draw more out of the powerful lyrics with each hit.

You can check out Golden Ticket for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Yung Casper – Toxic: A Sucker Punch of Alt Hip Hop Ingenuity

Yung Casper brought an elemental amount of energy to their standout Alt EDM Hip Hop track Toxic. The sonically-paced single is the perfect introduction to the up and coming artist’s sound which takes influence from the likes of Eminem. Yet, before the first verse in the short and sweet track has run through you’ll be sucker-punched by Yung Casper’s authenticity.

‘Toxic’ seems to be a word which gets bound around a lot with little thought recently, Yung Casper’s wittily relentlessly rapid Rap bars will invite you to explore the context of one of 2020’s most prolific buzzwords.

The bass-driven beats provide the perfect platform for Yung Casper’s almost hypnotic lyrical fire which comes complete with a tongue-in-cheek attitude. We’ll definitely never forget it.

You can check out Toxic for yourselves via Spotify or Soundcloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


D.Carr The Fly Guy has dropped the slickest Hip Hop track of the year with their single “Puddle”

Hip Hop doesn’t come much slicker than breaking Rap artist D.Carr The Fly Guy’s recently released, flawlessly produced single “Puddle”.

Puddle was created with equal parts attitude, grit and instrumental ingenuity. The contrast between the light and delicate notes and D.Carr The Fly Guy’s salaciously convictive Rap bars ensured that you’ve never hit play on a Hip Hop track quite like this before.

D.Carr The Fly Guy is definitely one to watch. It’s not every day you come across a Hip Hop artist offering striking authenticity in their sound, and it’s even rarer to find an artist with such a magnetic vibe. Get him on your radar.

You can check out the official music video to D.Carr The Fly Guy’s standout single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


”Cooped Up” is conscious Theodis Soul single with meaning

When you stop trusting what you hear or read on TV- you can feel let down and robbed. You begin to doubt everything you have been taught and that sinking feeling in your stomach make its appearance. Theodis Soul expresses his disgust in a stylish manner with one of the most important Hip Hop tracks of 2020.

Usually quite chilled in his approached, this is a new and much-needed direction change for this artist with a bright future.

Theodis Soul takes on a political journey with a few ups and many downs. A relevant look into the mind of a conscious Hip Hop artist that truly gets it. After being cooped up for so long with little leadership in his country- things have exploded and he can’t hide his face anymore. Reality has hit. Soul’s skills are of a high level and he flows through the track like a old pro. ”Cooped Up” is a self-aware song and he is looking after his soul and is tired of being behind the same four walls. This is a great Hip Hop track full of funky beats and clever lyrics. Blending the new school and old school in one song is a tough feat that he has managed.

Stream more from this brilliant emcee with a real story to tell on his Spotify channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


GrayeScale returns to music game with trapped ”Shower Thoughts”

With an ability to both sing and rap to a very high standard, GrayeScale makes his comeback to the music game with his new single called ”Shower Thoughts”. After almost a year away from music releases, he drops this hauntingly passionate track to remind us of his incredible talent for storytelling.

I can’t work out if GrayeScale ended up getting married as per his 2nd to last Instagram post before the announcement for this new song. What I do know is that this single has so much pain inside and this is a sad song full of regret and negative thoughts. I also know what’s it’s like to be trapped inside your own head and this has all the signs of a man who needs those closest to him to step up.

Shower Thoughts” is a reflective song, full of sorrow and includes some quality singing and slick rapping from the young emcee. GrayeScale paints us a portrait of himself which graphically shows his current predicament of being stuck inside and not knowing how to fully breakout and claim his past exuberance again. This is a song of the highest quality, made with so much hurt, begging for us to unlock the door to his heart, so he may fly free again.

Stream more of this wildly talented artist right here on his SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Ace Reign drops 5 star flows with ”Love Me Anyway”

I love it when Emcee’s flow with such conviction but keep it all natural. Ace Reign has just done precisely that with her latest single, the beautifully crafted ”Love Me Anyway”.

Constant enlightenment is a such a necessity right now in the mask-filled world that we find ourselves in. Too often we watch and listen to sub-standard content just to pass time.  No longer. This is a fantastic Hip Hop song with a bit of soul sprinkled in with a touch of R&B love to fill up this tasty sandwich for us to happily consume.

Love Me Anyway” is a story of unconditional love, despite our flaws, loving someone deep down where you can see their heart. Pure & real, being patient with each other and making that extra effort to make it work. That indescribable feeling when you are with someone who makes you feel special always, no matter what.

Washington, DC’s Ace Reign has just released the lovers anthem of the year as she flows with such a calming and confident manner while also showing her vulnerable side with honest storytelling. This is an Emcee in her prime and with ”Love Me Anyway”, she shows us all that love can be quite simple and we just have to really believe in each other for it to truly work and be memorable.

Click here for the SoundCloud music of this soulful R&B Emcee.

Review by Llewelyn Screen