Southport’s Tedward Brothers hopes that their lost lover is also looking too on ‘Reaching Out To You’

Released through their upcoming 5-track ‘Trust The Sun EP‘ that is due for a 1st May 2022 release, Tedward Brothers bring us a story about missing someone so much but wondering why they turned so frigid and cold with, ‘Reaching Out To You‘.

Tedward Brothers is a Southport, North Carolina-based indie country/rock trio who play with that honesty which makes them a group that you certain root for.

Display calm energy and singing with a likeable style that you can’t help but appreciate, Tedward Brothers leads us into a world that is filled with hope, but with so many bridges to climb. Feeling like your previous romantic partner has blocked you from ever making contact again, this is a true story that is so relatable in this seemingly brittle world.

Reaching Out To You‘ from Southport, North Carolina-based indie country/rock trio Tedward Brothers shows us how sometimes you can try your best, but ultimately the love is gone from one side and the odds of a fresh romance with this hidden soul, are extremely unlikely. Sung with a glorious unity and an unpretentious aura, this is a single that the whole family can certainly hold hands with.

Finding that true love again is hard, but ultimately worth it if you believe that there still is that 1% chance.

Keep an eye on Edward’s IG for all the release news and links on the 1st of May.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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