Smile Seventeen Has Created the Best Rick & Morty Inspired Hip Hop Track You’re Ever Likely To Hear

Any Hip Hop Rap track sampling Rock & Morty will always get a thumbs up from me; even though there’s infinitely more to Smile Seventeen than his excellent choice in TV.

The way Smile Seventeen’s latest single Adam and Eve all come together was absolutely genius, and the official video made it so much sweeter. Is it appropriate to review a Rap artist as adorable? I’m going with it anyway, because there’s no greater way to encapsulate Smile Seventeen’s innocent, playfully crass lyrical style. The lyricism goes beyond the offerings of most up and coming Hip Hop artists. Paired with that, you’re treated to an ambient Chill Hop beat which allows a piano melody to become the life line of the track around the subtle kicks and snares of the drum machines which makes Adam and Eve the perfect track to kick back and vibe out to.

You can check out the stunning official music video to Adam and Eve which was brought out on May 17th, 2018 on YouTube now. Smile Seventeen may have described Adam and Eve as a track he cooked up whilst he was tanked on whisky, but he’s definitely not giving himself enough credit for his Lo Fi masterpiece

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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