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Southport’s Tedward Brothers hopes that their lost lover is also looking too on ‘Reaching Out To You’

Released through their upcoming 5-track ‘Trust The Sun EP‘ that is due for a 1st May 2022 release, Tedward Brothers bring us a story about missing someone so much but wondering why they turned so frigid and cold with, ‘Reaching Out To You‘.

Tedward Brothers is a Southport, North Carolina-based indie country/rock trio who play with that honesty which makes them a group that you certain root for.

Display calm energy and singing with a likeable style that you can’t help but appreciate, Tedward Brothers leads us into a world that is filled with hope, but with so many bridges to climb. Feeling like your previous romantic partner has blocked you from ever making contact again, this is a true story that is so relatable in this seemingly brittle world.

Reaching Out To You‘ from Southport, North Carolina-based indie country/rock trio Tedward Brothers shows us how sometimes you can try your best, but ultimately the love is gone from one side and the odds of a fresh romance with this hidden soul, are extremely unlikely. Sung with a glorious unity and an unpretentious aura, this is a single that the whole family can certainly hold hands with.

Finding that true love again is hard, but ultimately worth it if you believe that there still is that 1% chance.

Keep an eye on Edward’s IG for all the release news and links on the 1st of May.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Iowa-based alt-rock trio treesreach refuse to waste valuable time again on ‘How It Seems’

Encouraging us all to only do what we actually love until our final day on earth, treesreach bring us a song for The Great Resignation that has fueled our creative fires to reach for those goals and to never settle for the dull again on ‘How It Seems‘.

treesreach is a Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based indie alt-rock trio that was formally known to the masses as Live Broadcast.

Mixed by five-time Grammy Award-winning producer Ryan Freeland who has steered them into a new sound that is away from their previous overdub-heavy sonic landscapes, this feels like a smart step in a new world and the results are quite incredibly well received.

The song encapsulates the mindset songwriter Dillon Rairdin was in just before he quit his desk job. He was sick of it, yearning to find a way out, and yet felt utterly trapped. And, after playing the song for some people, he soon found out he wasn’t the only one feeling this way.” ~ treesreach

Opening up the door with an insatiable hunger and running free from the locks of doing something you feel no natural connection to, treesreach bring us a relevant track to remember that has reignited our souls with a real message and calming vocals that make this is a special experience.

How It Seems‘ from Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based indie alt-rock trio treesreach, leads us into a psyche that millions all over the world are feeling right now. Hiding under the sheets to avoid the absolute boredom from a job that has you sensing that you are completely wasting time from what you could be doing.

With a nostalgic vibe that has you feeling like you are in a movie as you drive home and feel so reflective, as you wonder to yourself if you are actually doing what you really love or living instead in the Matrix.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and see their IG page for more band news and announcements.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want More: Kohzee patiently awaits that sensual signal to love again on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin’

As they quickly brush off the romantic feelings into the cold breeze but miss how warm and loving it felt almost immediately, Kohzee vividly daydream about that special someone who is all they really want in a partner, but know that getting attached will only cause more heartbreak on ‘Like Sunshine On My Skin‘.

Kohzee is a fresh London/Brighton-based hip-hop trio and music producer team who combine elements of jazzy treats into their wonderfully catchy creations, via their cozy hidden home studio attic.

Rapped compellingly with a groovy vibe that easily gets the absorbed speakers uptempo and certainly alive, you sense their electric-blanket style which keeps you warm and thinking about if you will ever see your cute crush again. With intriguing vocals and a catchy beat, this is a really soothing track which is relevant during these lonely days and has you feeling that extra introspective about your own love life.

Like Sunshine On My Skin‘ from the emerging London/Brighton hip-hop/jazz trio Kohzee, is that quick recall of the sparked-filled feeling which is the moment you wouldn’t mind coming back. You try and tell yourself that its not a big deal but it actually is – as you definitely desire that tender touch again – and can’t get it out of your mind. Those cold nights only make it worse, as you wonder if they will ever come back into your life.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more news via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lose All Control: Canadian alt-pop act SUBURBS dream of that special time together on ‘Next To Me’

As they fall head first for that amazing soul who makes gravity turn upside down, SUBURBS have our hearts remembering those amazing times together as you wholeheartedly wish they were yours forever on ‘Next To Me‘.

SUBURBS is a Southern Ontario-based three-piece indie alt-pop act. They are a quality outfit who after the dreamy five-track ‘Sweet Nothings EP‘ which was a highly memorable, return with more smoothly layered vibrations to arouse our attention.

SUBURBS is not a place, but an idea. Something that lives in both the ideal and the outskirts of a dream. A collective of thought. A community with no boundaries, bringing people together through artistic expression.” ~ SUBURBS 

With atmospheric vocals that seems to capture the mood just right, this is a gleaming effort from an inventive team who just seem to make that ear-warming music which has you shaking in eager anticipation.

Next To Me‘ from the hauntingly crisp Southern Ontario, Canada-based indie alt-pop trio SUBURBS, is that track which makes you wonder if it is indeed possible to be with someone who is far away right now. Each waking moment is spent thinking about them, as you wish they were close to you so you could gaze lovingly into each others eyes.

Performed with a world class soundscape, this is a real gem of a single from the Canadian trio, who continue to bring out top quality music at each turn.

Hear this fresh new single on Spotify and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Start Over: Underground Orlando trio NOT just want to replenish their energy with much-needed sleep on ‘The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life’

With a highly ambitious and speaker-grabbing style which has your head bouncing around like a beach ball in summer, NOT recall that time when nothing seemed to go right on ‘The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life‘.

NOT is a pleasurable Orlando, Florida-based indie alternative pop-punk/post-hardcore trio band. They ravage the unsuspecting airwaves with a succulent blend of drum-bashing entertainment that is stacked full of speaker-breaking vocals, and rampaging guitar riffs.

Their door-breaking noise slams all of the pesky wind back into the sun-lit sky – as they seem to fly into our lives like unsung superheros – to satisfyingly bringing back a sound which disappeared like Batman into the night a few years ago. This is a foot-stomping and sweat-flowing song which will have your ears alive, alert, awake and feeling blimmin’ fantastic.

The Worst Twelve Hours Of My Life‘ from the fiery Orlando indie post-hardcore/pop-punk three-piece chargers NOT, shows us a story which so many have felt recently. You feel that things could be way better as the day hasn’t gone anywhere according to plan, as you try and fall asleep but your eyes just stay open like a 24 hour convenience store.

This is a terrific track which quickly pushes the blood back into your head and lights your attention up quickly, to remind you that this genre isn’t dead, instead its gone back to the underground to reinvent itself again. Starting over sometimes is the only way to truly evolve after all.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on their revved up IG channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Not Perfect: Non-Funkible wants to find true love on groovy new single ‘Swipe You Right’

Showcasing a fresh sound that has you dusting off those lonely dancing shoes which definitely need some tender loving care, Non-Funkible are at their honest best with the new single all about finding your soulmate on ‘Swipe You Right‘.

Non-Funkible is a South Lake Tahoe-born, Los Angeles-based indie-electronic band and viral video creators. They are an electrifying act who put on a real show, their constant evolution is so fun to witness, as they make music which makes them happy.

The trio, having had individual successes, bring their own unique perspectives to the music they’ve chosen to make together. Sean (lead vocals) is best known for his solo career, having released two full length albums and performed with Matt Costa. Nick (producer, keys, guitar) is a TV comedy writer as well as YouTube creator with his channel Extremely Decent, while Chris (drums, lyricist) was a former Blue Man in Blue Man Group and is one half of the popular Youtube sketch duo “Chris & Jack.” ~ Non-Funkible

This is such a cleverly performed track which has it all under one roof – as their cheeky charm and funky demeanor lifts you up from the gloom – and takes you to a place which tells you they are an artistic treasure, that needs to be truly appreciated.

Swipe You Right‘ from the Los Angeles, California-based indie-electronic trio Non-Funkible, is a super fun single which is all about showing your newly-met crush that you aren’t perfect, but are a much better option than 99% of the other people out that night. This is the type of song to play late at night, when you are looking to be with someone who you feel such a connection with. Life is all about taking chances anyway, as you never know how it will turn out.

Stream this new single on Spotify and check out the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ride The Waves: Faye Jule longingly wishes for that true togetherness with that special soul on star-gazing new single ‘HYE’

As the vividly real daydream wonders when you will be together again as your sparkling eyes lock in so romantically, Faye Jule know that they should be with that incredible heart but can’t due to this rather strange world on ‘HYE‘.

Faye Jule is an inspiring and newcomer worldwide collaboration with three artists who are based in the UK, Germany, and also the USA. They make that global music vibration which is such a pleasure to lather inside, as they bind together as one despite the massive distance between them.

The trio’s latest single HYE, which stands for “Have you ever” was written about 2 people being apart due the Corona Pandemic. The song expresses feelings of longing for each other, reminding one that being with a loved one always makes the presence even more precious.” ~ Faye Jule

Her luscious vocals are so alluring and sumptuously performed, each note has been crafted perfectly and with such a stunning background, this is something rather special. You feel like you are floating on the clouds above, looking for their path as you remember the memory of their heart-warming glow.

HYE‘ from the tremendous UK, German and American indie pop trio Faye Jule, is a terrific single that is full of aesthetic wonder as you look up above and wish you could be holding hands right now. Your mind wonders as you break down that moment you realized who you should really be with – as you gaze sadly into the stunning stars – and make that wish for you to be together again really soon, before the memory fades away forever.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen