So Little Is Free: New York duo Astroblue Express remind us to stay innocent with ‘Cotton Candy Dreams’

Released as the 3rd song from their upcoming EP named ‘The Optimistic Traveler‘, Astroblue Express willingly take us for an exciting truth-filled journey to show us this money-grabbing world on ‘Cotton Candy Dreams‘.

Astroblue Express is an imagination-packed New York City-based husband and wife duo who also produce their own music. Their soundscape is a mixture of exciting cinematic music, dreamy freshly poured pop, busty blues, and experimental RnB.

Cotton Candy Dreams is about the universal desire to achieve a dream or a vision of how our lives should be, in a reality where our perception is inevitably distorted by all the media input we’re saturated in. It’s both optimistic and flawed, it’s about life in our era.” ~ Astroblue Express

On such a well-made music video which shows you where the signs are to hide from, you feel their unique style lather a thoughtful ambiance into your reflective mindset. The beat has you nodding along slowly, and this is such a terrific experience to remind yourself where your priorities should be.

Cotton Candy Dreams‘ from the New York City-based duo Astroblue Express, is a wonderfully expressive music video which shows us how consumerism can really bloat your mind into having things that you don’t really need. The world can be so free and innocent if you choose to ignore the noise, and keep your mind pure with those dreams you know are good for you. This is a superb reminder from a refreshingly self-aware duo – who know that its better to be happy without useless junk – sapping your straining wallet.

See this new music video on YouTube and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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