Slicko DiCaprio – Consider it Done: Melodically Organic R&B

London-based Hip Hop artist Slicko DiCaprio dropped his latest single “Consider it Done” on November 22nd. Any fans of contemporary R&B infused Hip Hop are going to want to prick up their ears for this sensually vibrant mix.

The sticky-sweet melodies in Consider it Done will ensure that you’re subdued by the rhythm before the first verse runs through. And when you get to the chorus, you’ll see that there’s every chance that Consider it Done will become your next earworm.

The beats are organic, and you can practically feel the creative expression drip from the lyricism which offers deep pools of lyrical depth. Tying it all together is Slicko DiCaprio’s flawless harmonic R&B vocals which give you an indication of how they came about their name.

You can check out Slicko DiCaprio’s latest single Consider It Done for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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