Fieldy – Party: Endearingly Melodic Indie Pop

“Party” is the fourth single to be released from British Pop singer, songwriter and producer Fieldy. While the single may be incredibly Lo Fi, it was impossible to feel that this detracted from the overall quality of the beat. There was no overdependence on autotune, no excessively brash electronic effects tearing through the soundscape. Instead, what you are treated to is a charismatic Indie Pop hit that you will appreciate being on your playlists when you are looking for a smooth, quaint and melodic hit.

The acoustic guitar perfectly blends in with the electronic instruments to create a well-rounded soundscape which allows you to feel the rhythm and appreciate the charisma of the softly versed vocals. If Ed Sheeran was brave enough to experiment with elements of Lo Fi EDM Pop, the end result would sound a little like Fieldy’s latest single.

You can check out Fieldy’s latest single Party for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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