Corey Kilgannon – A Reliving: Sonorously Striped Back Acoustic Folk

I often get asked ‘how do you set one acoustic apart from the next?’ It’s pretty simple. I seek out the palpability of the organic passion weaved into the chord progression and vocal expression. It just so happens that Corey Kilgannon is one of the most perfect examples of resounding acoustic talent with his stripped-back raw style. The Indie Folk artist seems to have a way of encapsulating tangible emotion within each melody he gently composes creating a resoundingly ethereal harmony which washes over the track. With his track A Reliving you can offer a similar soundscape to contemporary artists Indie Folk artists such as Paper Hawk, Jacko Hooper with tinges of iconic influence from the likes of John Prine & Bob Dylan. Corey’s vocals have a poignant way of concordantly washing over you as he runs through his melancholically evocative lyrics.

You can check out Corey Kilgannon’s stunning single ‘A Reliving’ from his 2018 20-track release ‘Soften Continue’ on Spotify; it’s packed full of his live & acoustic renditions. Aren’t B-sides just the best? Within his latest album you will find a myriad of different expressions to take you on a bitter-sweet ride of expressive emotion.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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