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Гибкий Чаплинъ returns with fascinating cartoon video for ‘Hostess’

Гибкий Чаплинъ returns with the fascinating and brilliantly-made cartoon video for ‘Hostess‘.

An intriguing video to match this wandering Jazz-Indie Rock single. This song was originally released in 2019 and the song has been brought to life with the unique animation from cartoonist Alexander Bubnov. Telling the story of a man who gets blown into a strange cafe by a cruel Autumnal wind, he is drawn into the strange world of the other diners as he waits for his meal of ‘Summer Full‘. Drawing from the artistic styles of Picasso, the video perfectly pairs the art with the jazz. I love how this video is made and it is such a fun watch. The detail is fantastic and this is something I have never seen before. It captures life perfectly and about how alcohol can get a bit much.

An independent band from Ukraine, Гибкий Чаплинъ (also known as Gibkiy Chaplin) was formed in 2015. Over the past five years they have released five studio albums including one on vinyl and have amassed an impressive following over social media. Creators of eclectic musical styles, their sound ranges from alternative, art-rock, jazz-rock, and rock, to poetry, neoclassical music, indie, experimental, and instrumental compositions. A defining characteristic of the group is that their art is inspired by the spirit of the special places they visit and in which they create and record their music – Kyiv, London, Paris, Venice, and Prague.

Гибкий Чаплинъ raises the standard of videos on ‘Hostess‘. This is a pre-covid look into what happens at night and how money, women and drink can create quite a intoxicating mood that can go either way. This is a terrific video that will inspire others to make different videos like this and not do the normal.

Click here for the YouTube video.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


USA Pop singer Shawn O’Donnell releases heart-breaking debut ”Quicksand”

That feeling when you care about someones well-being so much and how you witness their self-destruction right in front of your eyes. This is a tough feeling and can really cause long-lasting mental carnage. You try so hard but don’t seem to get through to them.

Singer-songwriter Shawn O’Donnell from West Chester, Pennsylvania has just achieved a major milestone. He has just released his debut original track ”Quicksand” and its a marvel to behold. The song is so well executed and sung with such passion that I applaud his efforts. He has a great voice and the song is so sad and inspiring at the same time. We are taken on a journey by Shawn as he describes his pain at seeing someone he cares about hurt themselves with their addiction. He tries his best to communicate but feels like he is going through quicksand to help them. This is a quality single and such a relevant topic that we can all understand. Shawn is a young singer with loads of potential and big things await if he can stay focused and keep on coming up with releases like this.

Stream this lyric video via YouTube now and follow him to see more of his awesome videos.

Follow Shawn on Facebook to see what he is up to musically and live show-wise.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


KxngQuizzle Releases Hip Hop Track “Kxngs Speech 05”

KxngQuizzle is a hip hop artist and producer with a clear vision and a groovy sound that will have you bopping your head along with the music. Apart from this though, his approach to music also features a blend of old school influences mixed with a modern touch. This can evidently be observed in his latest track “Kxngs Speech 05” which not only delivers a very rhythmically active rap flow with suitable changes in vocal tone but also incorporates the modern use of auto-tune throughout the ending section. This not only tells us more about KxngQuizzle’s influences but also presents new ideas from the beginning of the song, through to the end. The music video also adds to the character of the music and features KxngQuizzle’s having a good time with his friends.

“Kxngs Speaech 05” starts off with a mellow melodic intro which allows the vocal rhythmic play to stand out before establishing the groovy beat that provides that old school vibe. Throughout the whole song the vocal performance and delivery remain convincing with a strong  bold character that proves the messages behind the lyrics. Clearly life struggles do bring out the best in KxngQuizzle and his music shows this is true!

-Sarah Marie Bugeja


Trippy, Edgy, Taut And Strange…Scere Doesn’t Follow The Rules

Built on a slow, meandering  pop pulse and sitting somewhere between an old soul record and a trippy, down tempo urban groove, Because I is a wonderfully intriguing song. It is non-conformist and complicated, textured yet leaving space to generate atmosphere and anticipation, it is glitchy, mercurial, full of pent up energy and more than anything it is brilliantly different.

Not quite addictive enough to be pop, not fast enough to be a dance record it creates its own genre, one which skirts trip-hop, tips its hat to the likes of Kate Bush or Tori Amos but which ultimately is so different that it fits into a genre all of its own. There are not many acts that you can say that about but the  enigmatic Scere is certainly one of them.


Menon – Indecisive: There’s No Sound Like a Man Scorned

Dubai Hip Hop legend Menon’s latest hit indecisive is now available to stream and download across all devices. Released earlier this month, the talented Hip Hop artist created his anthem with his latest track by fusing poetic expression with harsh beats. He uses Indecisive to explore the reminiscent feelings that accompany toxic relationships as he bounces back and forth from bitter, to hostile, to affectionate and reminiscent.

The track has already deservedly achieved instant notoriety from fans who haven’t been able to get enough of the rap artists uniquely refreshing sound. Each of his tracks has a raw and relatable meaning which he animates through his music to create a stunningly thematic styling, with breakdowns that will leave you reeling in his emotions.  Each track is polished to perfection after being expertly mixed and mastered by RAYAN. Menon has us all hooked on his apocalypse invoking sound.

With the ability to make such a hard-hitting debut, it seems highly likely that we’ll hear more from the talented artist’s hyped up sound. Earlier tracks such as My Flex went viral with fans nationwide.

Check out the official music video on the YouTube link below:


Miklow And Xolow Deliver Intense New Single

Sometimes it isn’t about breaking new ground, sometimes it is satisfying enough to go over familiar territory but just focus, intensify, distill, in short make it better. And that is what Miklow and Xolow do with their latest single For What. Yes, we find ourselves pretty much in a comfort zone here, the sort of vibe and sound that forms the central core of the modern rap experience, but rarely have those words and beats been delivered with such ferocity, such vitriol and such world weary passion.

They manage to balance the questioning and underdog view of life with an optimism, a reminder that things can always improve and then they bolt that onto the most infectious chorus you have heard in a long time. There is a move in urban music these days to head into more progressive territory, to subvert the form and try to create something boundary pushing and new. What Miklow and Xolow realise is that those boundaries can only expand for so long before the whole thing bursts and collapses in on itself. When that happens they will be standing proud having captured the centre ground for themselves.


River Lynch and The Spiritmakers: Resonant Reverb For The Revivalists.

River Lynch and The Spiritmakers have dropped their brand-new track ‘Straight Through’ complete with a stunningly visual video that’s a serendipitous dream for all of my fellow rock revivalists. Their combination of Rock n’ roll, blues, and folk rock is insatiably delectable combined with the charisma of one of the most charming front men that’s graced the rock genre.

Originating from Rochester, New York; Lynch has his work cut out for himself contending with a drift of musicians that are all as heavy as the snow fall. Fans all across NY who have had the pleasure to witness this enigmatic foursome live, all know that they transcend the typical Rochester noise.

The band exude the same style of The Black Keys, Black Rebel Motorcyle Club & The Jim Jones Review, but with so much soul and modern energy behind their music the comparison hardly seems fair. Their debut track is packed full of resonant reverb from the effortless talent of lyricist, vocalist and guitarist River Lynch. There’s not many guitarists that are blessed with the ability to create the jingle of Johnny Marr, the guitar solo is everything you’d expect from a band that exudes vibrantly vintage nostalgic sound.

From start to finish the track is a true audiophiles delight. Undoubtedly by far my favourite element of this track was the lyrical diversity from Lynch as he transgressed from graunching gravelly vocals to hitting the resonant highs, whilst drenching you in gloriously riff heavy ensembles combined with piercing drum rolls and a uniquely delectable organ infused sound.


Finnish Duo Us! Release Mature Pop Video “Miracle”

It is great when you hear bands and you struggle to see quite where it fits into the musical canon. Well, I think so anyway, what’s so good about conforming to what has gone before. That Miracle is based on a pop vibe is not in any doubt but this Finnish duo add so much more to the usual commercially viable package. Pop is at its best when it is slick and well produced, but on top of that here is a band which reveal in elegance and maturity and almost classical vocal deliveries, pop has often been big but rarely this clever.

It sits somewhere between chart accessibility and musical theatre, retaining the infectiousness of the former and absorbing the integrity of the latter, and in both audio and visual spheres Us! demonstrates that there is a welcome alternative to the jarringly saccharine careers pursued by several of her peers. Not only a great song offering an alternate take on what pop can be about but one which reminds us as much of where the genre has come from as to where it is going. Us! Are great and their success is not only most welcome it also seems inevitable.


MRCL.X Release Video For “1st LuV -Sweet Dreams MASHUP”

MRCL.X - 1st LuV -Sweet Dreams MASHUP ( Jam Session) from MRCL.X on Vimeo.

It’s always fun to see artists we love cover the artists they love, but many believe you can never truly replace an original piece of work. This said, the advent of DJ culture brought up the concept of bringing pieces together for a new, unique spin on old works. MRCL.X has found that taking the idea of a Mashup and applying it to more traditional songwriting as opposed to a mixture of two songs played simultaneously through samples and crossfading. With this idea in mind, we’re treated to an original song that trails off into the Eurythmics classic Sweet Dreams.

1st LuV tackles heavy feelings with dark sensibility to performance while the music is genuinely neutral –sounding in tone, leaving heavy contrast that emphasizes the ghastly vocals and evocative subject matter. To top off the haunting verse, the familiar lyrics come through to sing us a chorus from the past that has been done more than once for a radio hit, but never like this. To say it leaves an impression is an understatement. This mashup is worthy of the source material it uses and truly found art in the synergy of combining original and covered art.

-Paul Weyer


Frogcodile Release Melodic Indie Rock Video “Paperhouse” Live From The Basement

Frogcodile is an indie rock band with a passion for melodic indie rock. Their music makes me think of bands such as Radiohead or Horse Jumper Of Love, fueled by simple melodies, yet striking for its essentialism.

Their recent release is a live recording straight out from the band’s rehearsal space. The sound production is impeccable, and the band managed to capture their live performances in a really spectacular way, combining studio fidelity with the human touch of live sound…there is simply nothing as good as a band in a room, playing off of the real dynamics between musicians! The youtube pages actually features 4 performances, including the songs “Distant Days”, “Paperhouse”, “Molecules” and “Refractions”. The second tune mentioned, “Paperhouse”, stands as a great example of the band’s vision.

The guitar lines in particular, are really simple, but they have a special way to seamlessly cut through the mix and leave a mark in the arrangements. The drums are uptempo and dense, with a powerful groove serving as the backbone of the songs.