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Show Me What You Want: CONT4MIN4TED shows us those deep desires on So Easy

Treating us to a stunning video created by Ekaterina Poletaeva, CONT4MIN4TED shows us why love can be So Easy if we let it flow and are brimming with compassion and understanding to truly contemplate.

CONT4MIN4TED is an underground EDM artist and music producer who is hugely motivated to emerge from the shadows and into millions of lives.

Introduced with so much incredible soul and meaning, CONT4MIN4TED lathers a bow of truth into our lives rather excitedly. This is a superb experience to swim deeply into, as we find a special single to bathe briskly inside. Deep in comfort and taking us into a better place, it’s hard not to love So Easy.

So Easy from underground EDM artist and music producer CONT4MIN4TED is a stunning sizzler of a soundtrack for our weary hearts. Projected so radiantly and flowing into our ears like a weekend away at a waterpark, that shall instil memories into our hearts forever. Packed with a glowing ray of sunshine and hope, this is a gem of a song and video made with love.

Sometimes it really can be so uncomplicated.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Switzerland-based Hip hop artist Benj spins the truth on excellent visuals for ‘Proove me Wrong’

Sending us a fireball of breathtaking bars that will transmit those old school Hip hop fans into a real buzz of excitement, Benj sounds and looks ready for the limelight that he knows his body of work deserves with his debut video called ‘Proove me Wrong‘.

Benj is a Switzerland-based music producer and Hip hop solo artist who has dealt with those demons and vanquished them with expert aplomb as he looks for world domination.

Delighting those who crave that proper lyrical delivery that is paced to perfection and inspiring for those who need a quick push in the right direction, Benj might be the breakout rapper we have been looking to save us from all the fake rhythms that can suffocate your soul if you believe in the nonsense. He seems naturally driven and isn’t messing around, as the hunger in his sharp eyes enlightens those who look deep enough and find themselves compelled by his outstanding efforts.

Proove me Wrong‘ from the highly motivated Switzerland-based music producer and Hip hop solo artist Benj, is the ultimate anthem for the underdog who believes so intently that blowing up is imminent. With so many people trying to crush on others’ dreams just because they don’t believe in themselves and have an evil tendency that is unexplainable, this is a full-throated effort from someone who just knows that his time is coming. It’s not a question of if, it’s when.

Check out his first music video on YouTube and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Thank God In The Morning: UK rapper THE MiiRACLE YV gives genuine thanks on ‘Hopeful’

As he looks up to the beautiful blue sky above and shows his immense appreciation for still being alive, THE MiiRACLE YV shows us that he will always stay honest and never live the life that so many have unwisely created on ‘Hopeful‘.

MiiRACLE YV is a highly motivated and brand new UK-based indie rapper who has kept his exact location hidden for now.

There is much to like about such a talented rapper who truly knows that he isn’t a saint, but is a good soul nonetheless. He flows like a man who is ready to really make an impact – and to inspire the youth – to avoid those pressured potholes that can take you down forever if you stumble into them.

On a catchy beat that has been made with a real purpose – this is a tremendous experience to wake up so many sleepy ears – who need a dose of real truth to help them shine authentically again. There are other options than taking the easy route after all.

Hopeful‘ from the UK indie hip-hop artist MiiRACLE YV, shows us a creative artist on a mission to get to where he knows he needs to be. With so many temptation-filled streets calling his name – he knows that to look in the mirror without shame each time he brushes his teeth – keeping himself accountable for his actions is the smart way to live.

This is the type of track to play when you need to feel some extra inspiration again, to keep on going on your path until those gold-tinted treasures are shiny and rightly in your glowing hands.

Check out this new single on his Spotify and get a sense of what comes next on the IG visuals.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Only Money: The415Fortune keeps it strictly business on ‘Gone Til November’ (feat. Haystak)

As he ruggedly makes his way to the top of the hill where the tasty treasure is hidden after a tough climb upwards towards his goal, The415Fortune shows his work-hard mentality on the new get-that-money single ‘Gone Til November(feat. Haystak).

The415Fortune is a gritty West Coast, USA-born, South-based rapper. He makes that hunger-fueled music which is a movie-like experience, that shows you he refuses to let his youth define who he wants to be as a man.

Citing his struggles as a child and his unrelenting ambition as his main motivating points, The415Fortune looks to make his mark on hip hop history.” ~ The415Fortune

You sense that he is done speaking to people who are only intent on wasting his time, as he easily switches off the phone and keeps his mind on what he needs to do in order to be successful. His bars are hard as nails and he keeps in top form the whole way through, as he bites the mic off its hinges with a fiery effort.

Gone Til November(feat. Haystak) from the highly motivated US hip hop artist The415Fortune, shows us a talented artist who is on a mission to get to that paper stack that he desires. He isn’t interested in that fake talk and is grinding the only way he knows how in the distraction-free studio, so that all his dreams may be conquered away from the small-minded people around. This is a seriously-made track that is all about keeping your head down – as this is the right way to go in this quick-swipe world full of nasty potholes – that can suck you in deep like a swirling whirlwind.

Stream his thunderous new single on Spotify and check out the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Pain Is Inside: Lyrical LeXX pours it all out with the emotionally-charged ‘Red Solo Cup’

As his heart-grabbing stories of how life was like growing up without a true home, Lyrical LeXX shows us what it really feels like on his latest single made from the heart with ‘Red Solo Cup‘.

Alex Hayton aka Lyrical LeXX is a self-made and highly motivated Washington state-raised, Orlando, Florida-based rapper/songwriter and BA in Youth Development student. He makes music about how tough it was growing up in a foster care system, that needs changing real quick and how he survives in this rather strange world.

With political, economic, and social oppression rife in a sadly divided nation, his sound is a reflection of what is outside his front door. This is a man who knows what he has to do now and is ignoring the fake noise and constant sirens, as he pulls his strength together to beat to odds, on what others thought possible of him.

Inspired by legends such as Tupac, Nipsey Hussle, Big Sean, and Lil Durk who are his influences, you feel his courageousness to make his dream a reality, whilst opening up his mind to what the world really is, as he raps with such skillful abandon.

You feel his true stories lifting the lid of how it truly feels emotionally, as he tries to express the picture to us with a style that really grabs you and is hard to forget. He opens the door with tears in his eyes, as we seen what its like to be abandoned and left for dead, a young kid who just wants to love and be loved.

Red Solo Cup‘ from the talented Florida-based hip-hop artist Lyrical LeXX, is an ear-bending experience that fills up your cup and has you thinking deeply about life and how fractured this world really is, to those who need help the most.

Hear this deep track on YouTube and check out his IG for more stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen