[SCRAP] pierced the post-punk innovation veil with their debut, All in Blind

With their debut single, All in Blind, the nefarious alchemists, [SCRAP], found the affecting middle ground between post-punk and post-grunge, the result is a culmination in artfully dark volition that will ensnare you from the first verse.

Reaching the epitome of deadpan seduction with the cadence of the devil may care spoken word lyrical delivery which cuts across the dark grungy pools of bleak ingenuity, [SCRAP] broke the post-punk mould with All in Blind.

In their own words, All in Blind puts you in the mind of a 21st-century East of England Joy Division, but even that is selling themselves short. They broke the spell of post-punk assimilation that has vexed the scene since the departure of the iconic Factory Records outfit with the rhythmics of All in Blind; especially when the unholy matrimony of the outro guitar solo affirms that, as a powerhouse, [SCRAP] is worth its weight in gold.

All in Blind hit the airwaves on March 5th; stream the single on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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