Sanniyah Antoinette – Because I Can: Transcendently Transformative RnB

Proving that there is nothing as liberating as thriving on internal validation and never having to justify the path you’re on as you towards your own idea of sanctity and success, Sanniyah Antoinette’s latest single, Because I Can, is a quiescent lesson in empowerment.

Forget the ‘haters gonna hate narrative’ and reach your destination with good karma in your soul by following in the footsteps of Sanniyah. With confident mantric proclamations against candourous confessions of crying just to break the silence, the singer-songwriter shared a captivating performance which left the airwaves infinitely richer in introspection.

With touches of Bjork in the ethereally spellbinding production and Sanniyah Antoinette’s diaphanously resounding vocal lines, Because I Can is a transcendently transformative hit. You owe it to yourself to place it on your playlists; it serves as a scintillating reminder that perseverance isn’t supposed to be easy, but by staying true to your autonomy and values, you can never lose.

Because I Can was officially released on June 2 – hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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