Right Fight: Michigan singer-songwriter Bren axe longs to open his wings on ‘Idea of You’

Taken off his new ‘The Brighter Skies‘ album, Bren axe opens us his eyes to the possibilities beyond the normal days and fighting with himself, as he knows that there will be more romance outside of his home town on ‘Idea of You‘.

Brendan Trendin aka Bren axe, is a seventeen-years-young Michigan-based indie pop singer-songwriter and student. He is a highly enthusiastic artist who sings with a rather riveting passionate tone, and makes that real-life story music about growing up in this rather strange and confusing world.

Music is my dream and future career, and as someone who has been close to death many times from a genetic deficiency, this has been something that has me glad to live today.” ~ Bren axe

Sung with a real longing of better days away from the self-doubt and heartbreak, this is an emotional message from a young soul who only wants to love, and be loved by someone compatible to him too. With a heartfelt attitude, his skateboard in hand, and with many ideas on where he could go swirling in his mind, this feels like a track which will define his career going forward.

Idea of You‘ from the youthful Michigan indie pop singer-songwriter Bren axe, is the story about feeling that surge of disappointment throughout your whole body. You thought it was going to work out with your crush but it sadly didn’t, as the time to think of new experiences has arrived. The world is a massive place so you can’t dwell of previous hard luck experiences, as there is so much out there to see.

This is one of those reflective songs to really make you think of new skies dawning, as holding onto the sad past will only have you stuck in one place forever.

See this new music video on his YouTube and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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