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Right Fight: Michigan singer-songwriter Bren axe longs to open his wings on ‘Idea of You’

Taken off his new ‘The Brighter Skies‘ album, Bren axe opens us his eyes to the possibilities beyond the normal days and fighting with himself, as he knows that there will be more romance outside of his home town on ‘Idea of You‘.

Brendan Trendin aka Bren axe, is a seventeen-years-young Michigan-based indie pop singer-songwriter and student. He is a highly enthusiastic artist who sings with a rather riveting passionate tone, and makes that real-life story music about growing up in this rather strange and confusing world.

Music is my dream and future career, and as someone who has been close to death many times from a genetic deficiency, this has been something that has me glad to live today.” ~ Bren axe

Sung with a real longing of better days away from the self-doubt and heartbreak, this is an emotional message from a young soul who only wants to love, and be loved by someone compatible to him too. With a heartfelt attitude, his skateboard in hand, and with many ideas on where he could go swirling in his mind, this feels like a track which will define his career going forward.

Idea of You‘ from the youthful Michigan indie pop singer-songwriter Bren axe, is the story about feeling that surge of disappointment throughout your whole body. You thought it was going to work out with your crush but it sadly didn’t, as the time to think of new experiences has arrived. The world is a massive place so you can’t dwell of previous hard luck experiences, as there is so much out there to see.

This is one of those reflective songs to really make you think of new skies dawning, as holding onto the sad past will only have you stuck in one place forever.

See this new music video on his YouTube and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Love Is Blind: Philly? aches hungrily for the forbidden fruits on ‘Hypnotize Me’

As he truly desires for the towel to drop so that they may find the electrifying passion which has been missing, Philly? seeks for her to match the feelings that he has deep inside his bones with ‘Hypnotize Me‘.

Philly? is a seventeen-years-young Madison, Wisconsin-based indie alt-rock solo musician/rapper. He formulates that honest music that is always forthright, as he performs with a steel-fortified edge that has him showing us why he is such a worthwhile listen.

At 15 years old, Philly? took on the music industry. Starting by rapping about things that didn’t pertain to him in any manner, on beats that him and his friends made on Soundtrap, he initially gained a lot of hate.” ~ Philly?

With a focused mentality and a smoothly stirred flow that has your heart beating rather unexpectedly, this is a confident artist on a mission to get the girl no matter who, or what is standing in the way.

Possessing a highly motivated tone which is full of smartly-penned lyrics, you feel his intoxicating energy lathering all over this story of craving their touch. He believes that they are who he should chase – even if he could be mistaken by her cheeky charms – which might be meant for someone else.

Hypnotize Me‘ from the youthfully ebullient Madison, Wisconsin-based indie rock/hip hop rapper Philly?, shows us an renewed energy that has transformed him from his previous incarnation. He swirls into your mind with a catchy style which is combined with a quality beat, that easily shows the world his growing self-awareness that is packed with so much potential.

Sometimes you just want your crush to follow the clues, before you grow tired of the loneliness and move on to more welcoming waters. Blind lust can really close your eyes, to who you should really be with anyway.

Stream this new single on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Drifting Down: Young Lafferty, Ohio producer/rapper BQpid badly wants to stop ‘Falling’

With a glistening beat that swirls into your body like an enthralling ride at a thrilling water park, BQpid drops down with a terrific new track to make you think about life deeply on ‘Falling‘.

Nathan Brown aka BQpid is a seventeen year-old small-town, highly-motivated underground Lafferty, Ohio producer and trap rapper. He makes that striking new school music that shows you into the mind of a young artist with so much potential, trying hard to stay afloat and evolve in this strange world.

He raps with such an intensely inspirational tone, he opens the door in and we look inside to see his emotions on a tiny thread from that elusive love that he seeks, the temptation is there but he knows that it must be avoided at all costs.

With a simply fine beat that soothes your mood, you nod your head along as this song takes you to a reflective place in your mind, that you have felt deeply before.

Falling‘ from the emerging Lafferty rapper BQpid, gravitates through like a lost memory in your mind that weighs you down and has you drifting to a place that you don’t want to be at. The world can be crazy and selfish people who are supposed to be friends can tie their worries around you that has you distracted, from where your dreams are supposed to actually take you.

Stream this top track on Spotify and see his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen