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Jasno sharpened his hooks for his ethereal alt-pop earworm Runaway

Sink your senses into the latest synthesis of trap, dream pop, synthwave and indie rock from the Michigan-hailing genre-bending evocateur, Jasno, whose experimentalism knows fewer bounds than his talents in creating texturally sublime modernist masterpieces.

With a song structure which keeps the level of scintillation visceral through a never-ending barrage of aural curveballs to emanate the same progressively exhilarant air as the most infectious tracks from Mumford and Sons, the artist who keeps his sound fresh with each new release has exactly what it takes to go far in the industry which increasingly favours genre-fluid and stylistically uninhibited orchestrations.

If the instrumentals which are all self-recorded and produced by the artist’s fair hand aren’t enough to reel you in hook, line, and sinker, the clever confessionalism and candour will drag you into the candied gravity of Runaway.

Runaway dropped on September 15; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

For Real: Flint underground rapper 2Hova sparks one up on METATIES

Dropped from DaCompany Music Group, 2Hova keeps it calm and mellow to the core which will ease all worries away into the sky to make everything okay again on METATIES.

2Hova is a Flint, Michigan-based indie rapper who is powered by DaCompany Music Group and makes underground music which will please those who love things deeper than most.

Heaven with Da Company.” ~ 2Hova

Slicing our ears with a street track for real hip-hop fans to plunge into, 2Hova is a rather well-made experience to heal sad hearts and is a release to swim happily into.

METATIES from Flint, Michigan-based indie rapper 2Hova is a calming track which will cause many to turn up the volume. Teasing us with lyrics which are hard to hear at times for a good reason, this is a single which forces us to take a few listens. With a chilled beat which will get a few fingers clicking, we feel a superbly lit track to ponder for its profound meaning.

Listen up closer on Soundcloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lazy Way To Say Goodbye: Michael Waite knows its time to let go on I Built a Fire

Lighting up the scraps of the past that have to go forever in order to open new doors of love, Michael Waite sings with heightened passion and has shown us all how to simmer away from whatever is holding back new growth on I Built a Fire.

Michael Waite is a Marquette, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter who loves to fuse various elements of folk, jazz, Americana and blues into his genuine music.

Raised in Harvey, a small town outside the port city of Marquette, Waite took early influence from his parents’ blues albums and Irish and American folk songs sung by his father, who passed on to Michael his uncommon memory for songs. He studied trombone in college, and picked up the guitar to accompany his singing.” ~ Michael Waite

Guiding us into this cinematic story with experienced aplomb, Michael Waite is the quintessential underground hero who everyone knows is one of the best in the game. His humble nature shines through so brightly on this rather impressive soundtrack.

I Built a Fire from Marquette, Michigan-based indie singer-songwriter Michael Waite is a splendidly created song which shall heat up many hearts and take millions into the precise moment everything ended. Showing us how to move on in order to grow, is a hugely relevant track for anyone who needed to float into calmer waters.

Light up the emotions on YouTube.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel Your Taste: Eldric Laron has many romantic interests by the bundle on Risen

Known previously for his electric slam poetry, Eldric Laron turns up the sunshine and slides on those sunglasses in style with his smoothly assembled new single called Risen.

Eldric Laron is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper, songwriter and music producer who has dealt with tough times and continues to elevate on all levels.

Recognized for his work as a member of the musical collective, Critical Theory, he continues to showcase his unique ability to story-tell, produce and create catchy melodies.” ~ Eldric Laron

Impressing us with a rather memorable single, Eldric Laron has the kind of rare skillset which could flip any perspective around no matter what the situation.

Risen from Detroit, Michigan-based indie rapper/music producer Eldric Laron is one of the more dynamic singles likely to be heard this year. Sizzling with honesty and wrapped in a coat of class, this is a rather fine song to turn up loud and proud.

Rising through our souls and elevating our minds to open up a new door, we find a rather soothing track to get exhilarated with.

Turn this up on Spotify. See more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Stay A Little While: Michigan RnB artist ✦kenji✦ tried to run but couldn’t escape on Questions

Losing his mind and doing whatever is possible to get away from the anxiety of the jagged world, ✦kenji✦ sounds in a tormented mood to swim from the rough seas of doom that have no future on Questions.

✦kenji✦ is a Grand Rapids, Michigan-based indie RnB singer-songwriter who loves to fuse in that experimental technique to dazzle all our minds.

The record outlines the struggles of escaping toxic relationships, and how trying to get away from these interactions might prove difficult.” ~ ✦kenji✦

With a tranquil elegance and so much to learn from, ✦kenji✦ is in brave form and leads us away from the darkness that can ruin the lives of too many.

Questions from Grand Rapids, Michigan-based indie RnB singer-songwriter ✦kenji✦ is a splendid soundtrack to anyone who knows they should leave, but just can’t yet. Drenched in pure honesty and with so many unique elements to explore, this is a stunning anthem for millions of lost spirits.

When your soul is rumbling, it’s best to change the direction.

Listen up to this fine song on Spotify. Check out the vision on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Can’t Control My Own Head: Danielle Evans wonders if it will be okay on One More Day

Worrying about the tricks that her persuasive mind plays when she is alone inside, Danielle Evans urges herself to get some sleep so that she can live with a smile again on One More Day.

Danielle Evans is a Michigan-born indie Christian-pop singer songwriter who performs with her faith in abundance, helping to guide her through all challenges and heartbreaks.

Danielle hopes to shed the light on mental health and the word of God with her music. Wanting to let everyone know life is not a perfect picture and you don’t have to walk through anything alone.” ~ Danielle Evans showing us her inspirational message to all listeners

With her delightful vocal ability and her powerfully written poems that show us the struggle, Danielle Evans is a dynamic musician to remember and displays her tremendously likeable quality yet again on One More Day.

One More Day from Michigan-born indie Christian-pop singer songwriter Danielle Evans is the type of single that might make you cry tears of relief from finding out that you are not alone. Streaming with pain from the inside and laden with honest lyrics that were bravely written, from a young woman who is trying to keep it all together. Sung with a real intent to help us all understand what many are fighting, when it seems that everything is okay from the outside.

Keeping your thoughts simple and being kind to yourself is the key to unlocking all of your greatness.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clamp Down With My Leg Inside His Jaws: Powers of the Monk shows us the strength of nature with Big Bear Little Man

Big Bear Little Man by Powers of the Monk

Showing us deeply into the truly disastrous incident of a rural man’s rather unfortunate encounter with a scary grizzly bear, Powers of the Monk is at their finest on a single to remember as you sleep in your bed tonight with one eye open on Big Bear Little Man.

Powers of the Monk are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo who are fused with that boot tapping blues and tremendously soulful roots.

Detailing that hungry growl and the deep rawness of a moment that can cause death rather brutally, Powers of the Monk ravage through the trees and show us into a gruesome description, which will shock many and features a quality sound to treasure. Their intricate skill set comes to the fore for all to witness, as they fantastically fuse a track together that shall claw slightly on your soft skin.

Big Bear Little Man from Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo Powers of the Monk is a warning for anyone who turns their back away from the dangers lurking in the rustling and wind-swept woods. Showing us deep inside that sun-soaked whiskey and soaring into our mindsets, this is a release with a storyteller’s delight on offer here.

Filled with raspy vocals and an ear-opening sound to wake you up from that afternoon nap, guiding us into the mentality of that wild animal who doesn’t know any better.

Listen up to this descriptive single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Treat You Like You Golden: JThree looks for his heart again on Moving On

Wondering why his ex never truly loved him in the first place, JThree senses that now is the time to be Moving On so he can avoid those horrible calls of hate that only make his priceless heart sore.

JThree aka BJ Johnson is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip hop artist who makes an inviting blend of catchy music to get your soul happily enthused again.

Filled with youthful honesty and a fiery flow that will get you thinking deeper about that time a relationship flipped over unexpectedly, JThree shows us his impressively growing skill set as he flows rather briskly and with a wise head on his shoulders. Rather than trying to fix something that is clearly broken beyond imagination, he has walked away for good in order to save his own soul from further issues down the road.

Moving On from Michigan, USA-based indie hip hop artist JThree is a quick-fire track from a potently proficient artist who seems to shred the mic like cheese on a grater. Flush with home truths about modern day dating in a seemingly flaky forget-me-quick world, this is a song that so many (probably too many of us) will sadly relate to. With a formidable beat to boot, you shall reflect on how things can break so fast romantically sometimes. Even if you wanted the opposite.

Love is a cruel mistress sometimes, you see.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more stylish moves.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: piano rock pioneer Anthony J Fink let the emotion pour in his alt-rock EP, Feel the Rain

As an extension of his commitment to advocate for mental health and spread awareness of the detriment of depression, addiction, and suicide, Michigan’s strongest lyricist and fiercest piano rock pioneer, Anthony J Fink, has released his latest EP, Feel the Rain.

Each of the five singles is a triumph of blazing piano pop-rock-inclined candour, but Fink reminded us why the EP format is so important. From the optimism proclaiming piano pop-rock ballad of an opener to the experimental baroque rock electricity of Masquerade, which gives all of the energy of a rock opera, to the closer title single, which harnesses broadsiding grungy emotion, Feel the Rain is a journey. The final destination? The affirmation that this world breeds disillusion and a tendency to numb the pain but that doesn’t eradicate your power to resist and overcome it.

Rarely do singer-songwriters, of any ilk, achieve such momentously complex and multi-layered productions that absolutely consume you. The Feel the Rain EP made an essential artist out of Anthony J Fink, especially for any rock-inclined seekers of sonic guidance through our vapidly trying times. Buy it. It’s cheaper than therapy.

In his own words:

“Feel the Rain touches on many things. Loss is a big focus. My parents passed away when I was very young due to alcohol addiction. I have struggled with relationships in general in my life and with addiction. This coming January, I will be alcohol-free for four years.”

Feel the Rain is now available to stream on Spotify or purchase on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Michigan-based artist Anthony J Fink returns with a breakup song to relate with on Road Trip

Released from his well-received recent 5-track EP called Feel The Rain, Anthony J Fink shows us that painful moment when he just couldn’t shake off that unforgettable feeling he dreads on Road Trip.

Anthony J Fink is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie rock singer-songwriter who is progressing so brightly with his introspectively brilliant music.

Seeing that familiar car with a new friend for company parked right next to it, Anthony J Fink takes a quick trip back to see a former flame and is rather sad by what he sees. Sung with a tremendously honest style, soaring vocals and a message that so many of us have felt in our lives unless we have been rather lucky in love-this is a single to close your eyes with-and remember a beautiful time in the past.

Road Trip from Detroit, Michigan-based indie rock singer-songwriter Anthony J Fink is a song you will find unable to shake off your mind. Placing a picture on this memory rather than going inside it again, as the breakup changed everything. With a vocal armoury that seems to shine brightly, this is a stunning single when you feel like going down the road of nostalgia. Not for too long, however.

Check out this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen