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I Can’t Control My Own Head: Danielle Evans wonders if it will be okay on One More Day

Worrying about the tricks that her persuasive mind plays when she is alone inside, Danielle Evans urges herself to get some sleep so that she can live with a smile again on One More Day.

Danielle Evans is a Michigan-born indie Christian-pop singer songwriter who performs with her faith in abundance, helping to guide her through all challenges and heartbreaks.

Danielle hopes to shed the light on mental health and the word of God with her music. Wanting to let everyone know life is not a perfect picture and you don’t have to walk through anything alone.” ~ Danielle Evans showing us her inspirational message to all listeners

With her delightful vocal ability and her powerfully written poems that show us the struggle, Danielle Evans is a dynamic musician to remember and displays her tremendously likeable quality yet again on One More Day.

One More Day from Michigan-born indie Christian-pop singer songwriter Danielle Evans is the type of single that might make you cry tears of relief from finding out that you are not alone. Streaming with pain from the inside and laden with honest lyrics that were bravely written, from a young woman who is trying to keep it all together. Sung with a real intent to help us all understand what many are fighting, when it seems that everything is okay from the outside.

Keeping your thoughts simple and being kind to yourself is the key to unlocking all of your greatness.

Hear this fine single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clamp Down With My Leg Inside His Jaws: Powers of the Monk shows us the strength of nature with Big Bear Little Man

Big Bear Little Man by Powers of the Monk

Showing us deeply into the truly disastrous incident of a rural man’s rather unfortunate encounter with a scary grizzly bear, Powers of the Monk is at their finest on a single to remember as you sleep in your bed tonight with one eye open on Big Bear Little Man.

Powers of the Monk are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo who are fused with that boot tapping blues and tremendously soulful roots.

Detailing that hungry growl and the deep rawness of a moment that can cause death rather brutally, Powers of the Monk ravage through the trees and show us into a gruesome description, which will shock many and features a quality sound to treasure. Their intricate skill set comes to the fore for all to witness, as they fantastically fuse a track together that shall claw slightly on your soft skin.

Big Bear Little Man from Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo Powers of the Monk is a warning for anyone who turns their back away from the dangers lurking in the rustling and wind-swept woods. Showing us deep inside that sun-soaked whiskey and soaring into our mindsets, this is a release with a storyteller’s delight on offer here.

Filled with raspy vocals and an ear-opening sound to wake you up from that afternoon nap, guiding us into the mentality of that wild animal who doesn’t know any better.

Listen up to this descriptive single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Treat You Like You Golden: JThree looks for his heart again on Moving On

Wondering why his ex never truly loved him in the first place, JThree senses that now is the time to be Moving On so he can avoid those horrible calls of hate that only make his priceless heart sore.

JThree aka BJ Johnson is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie hip hop artist who makes an inviting blend of catchy music to get your soul happily enthused again.

Filled with youthful honesty and a fiery flow that will get you thinking deeper about that time a relationship flipped over unexpectedly, JThree shows us his impressively growing skill set as he flows rather briskly and with a wise head on his shoulders. Rather than trying to fix something that is clearly broken beyond imagination, he has walked away for good in order to save his own soul from further issues down the road.

Moving On from Michigan, USA-based indie hip hop artist JThree is a quick-fire track from a potently proficient artist who seems to shred the mic like cheese on a grater. Flush with home truths about modern day dating in a seemingly flaky forget-me-quick world, this is a song that so many (probably too many of us) will sadly relate to. With a formidable beat to boot, you shall reflect on how things can break so fast romantically sometimes. Even if you wanted the opposite.

Love is a cruel mistress sometimes, you see.

Hear this new single on Spotify and check out his IG for more stylish moves.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Spotlight Feature: piano rock pioneer Anthony J Fink let the emotion pour in his alt-rock EP, Feel the Rain

As an extension of his commitment to advocate for mental health and spread awareness of the detriment of depression, addiction, and suicide, Michigan’s strongest lyricist and fiercest piano rock pioneer, Anthony J Fink, has released his latest EP, Feel the Rain.

Each of the five singles is a triumph of blazing piano pop-rock-inclined candour, but Fink reminded us why the EP format is so important. From the optimism proclaiming piano pop-rock ballad of an opener to the experimental baroque rock electricity of Masquerade, which gives all of the energy of a rock opera, to the closer title single, which harnesses broadsiding grungy emotion, Feel the Rain is a journey. The final destination? The affirmation that this world breeds disillusion and a tendency to numb the pain but that doesn’t eradicate your power to resist and overcome it.

Rarely do singer-songwriters, of any ilk, achieve such momentously complex and multi-layered productions that absolutely consume you. The Feel the Rain EP made an essential artist out of Anthony J Fink, especially for any rock-inclined seekers of sonic guidance through our vapidly trying times. Buy it. It’s cheaper than therapy.

In his own words:

“Feel the Rain touches on many things. Loss is a big focus. My parents passed away when I was very young due to alcohol addiction. I have struggled with relationships in general in my life and with addiction. This coming January, I will be alcohol-free for four years.”

Feel the Rain is now available to stream on Spotify or purchase on apple music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Michigan-based artist Anthony J Fink returns with a breakup song to relate with on Road Trip

Released from his well-received recent 5-track EP called Feel The Rain, Anthony J Fink shows us that painful moment when he just couldn’t shake off that unforgettable feeling he dreads on Road Trip.

Anthony J Fink is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie rock singer-songwriter who is progressing so brightly with his introspectively brilliant music.

Seeing that familiar car with a new friend for company parked right next to it, Anthony J Fink takes a quick trip back to see a former flame and is rather sad by what he sees. Sung with a tremendously honest style, soaring vocals and a message that so many of us have felt in our lives unless we have been rather lucky in love-this is a single to close your eyes with-and remember a beautiful time in the past.

Road Trip from Detroit, Michigan-based indie rock singer-songwriter Anthony J Fink is a song you will find unable to shake off your mind. Placing a picture on this memory rather than going inside it again, as the breakup changed everything. With a vocal armoury that seems to shine brightly, this is a stunning single when you feel like going down the road of nostalgia. Not for too long, however.

Check out this new video on YouTube and see more via the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Michigan’s Club Stets urges the dark road to vanish forever on ‘Guns’

Inspired by Modest Mouse, Radiohead and Pink Floyd, Club Stets shows us his progression to being a much-respected solo artist with a striking new single to ponder deeply called ‘Guns‘.

Club Stets is a Detroit, Michigan-based multi-talented musician who started out as a drummer around 20 years ago and is now a music producer and singer-songwriter.

While the foundations of the album began at Steve’s home studio, the majority of the tracking was done at Detroit’s Rustbelt Studios with the help of Steve Lehane.” ~ Club Stets 

Taken off his debut 5-track release that was dropped on his birthday, Club Stets shows us his world class quality with supreme vocals and honest lyrics to be impressive by. Brushing the dark thoughts away as a new journey unfolds for the better-this is a spiritual experience to truly learn from-as we are taken on a glorious journey of renewed focus.

Guns‘ from the multi-talented Detroit, Michigan-based indie artist Club Stets is a nostalgic gem of the very highest condition imaginable. This is the deep story of making sure that your light is always bright, no matter what has occurred in the past. Sung with a calming voice that will take you into a hugely reflective place, this is a track that will have you gazing outside for a while as you ponder your next move.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Evan Oldenburg knows that even John Mellencamp can’t save him now on Where I Wanna Die

Bringing in a tremendously memorable single from his recent 11-track Apple Butter Days, Evan Oldenburg pleads for it to be left in peace forever rather than sold on Where I Wanna Die.

Evan Oldenburg is a Saginaw, Michigan-born indie solo singer-songwriter and freelance writer who is on a mission to get his small-town out into the world no matter what it takes.

Opening the familiar door up and wondering why this is the end, Evan Oldenburg shows us his hugely promising skill set as an artist with authentic stories that matter. Vocally on point and soaked right through your core carpet like red wine on a new sofa-this is a single that has you closing your eyes and pondering where you thought you’d always end up no matter what.

Where I Wanna Die from Saginaw, Michigan-based indie solo singer-songwriter Evan Oldenburg is a superbly made soundtrack that might touch your heart just right. There is so much truth layered all over this rather marvellous performance inside a track made from the soul.

Leaving something so memorable behind strikes you hard when you realize there is no time left.

Listen up to the new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cesare sees the soulless body with broken dreams on hardcore Hip hop experience, ‘Sicari’ (ft. Mangino and Angelo)

Taken off his new 11-track album ‘Pittura Case‘, Cesare gives his word to drop only the most gangsta tracks imaginable and is in immense form with his latest single, ‘Sicari(ft. Mangino and Angelo).

Signed by All For One Records, Cesare is a Detroit, Michigan-born Hip hop solo artist who has Italian heritage and keeps things raw and real always.

Specializing in the gangster style, Cesare cites as main influences Scarface, DMX, C-Murder, Ice Cube, Snoop Dogg, Nas, Jay-Z, and Easy E. His own style most resembles that of Tupac Shakur.” ~ Cesare

Lifting the lid of a scene that most will only see in the movies late at night behind the blanket, Cesare straps up and shows us deep inside with a rampaging flow that will shake your eyes back into reality if you had forgotten it.

Asked to comment on the themes of his music, Cesare writes: “They vary. Some of my music is the about the truth of real gangster sh-t in Italy and how it really is–something these wannabe rappers know nothing about. It’s about my life, my experiences, my thoughts and my feelings. I’m inspired by the truth and telling it how it really is. I talk about real life, women, love, loyalty, respect and honor.” ~ Cesare

Sicari(ft. Mangino and Angelo) from Detroit, Michigan-born Hip hop solo artist Cesare is a piece of work that will crack some bones and get you turning up the volume to full. Sending us to that bloody spot where things changed forever in that blink of an eye – this is a hardcore track – sliced with intent from the real world as they see it.

The evil is there for you to see if you are ready for the consequences.

Listen up to this brand new single on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dark Capricorn Rising are ready to fight back against the evil wolves on ‘Blood of Kings’

Showing us where the grim reapers are and what is needed to survive these vein-tingling forces, Dark Capricorn Rising rattle the cages and delivers a vigorous song to get a reaction from our whole body with, ‘Blood of Kings‘.

Dark Capricorn Rising is a 3-piece Canton, Michigan-based indie hard rock band who takes a sledgehammer to our speakers with gleeful joy on each one of their tracks.

Formed in 2018, Dark Capricorn Rising cause a rampage on the streets to occur with a thunderously vicious vocal experience that will shake your entire core and shatter your nerves into tiny pieces. With a fierce guitar force on offer too, this is a powerful performance from a band who shows us that vital hunger required for greatness during this new single.

Blood of Kings‘ from Canton, Michigan-based indie hard rock band Dark Capricorn Rising is a heavy song for all those who love it raw and to the max. They seem to attack the mic and forcefully delve into our earlobes with devastating effect, which is quite marvellous to experience as you get lost in their world.

If you like it loud and with much intent, this is a track that will get you blowing your amp into tiny smithereens.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via their website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Detroit’s Saxappeal doesn’t want that messed up rush on his sexy new single, ‘Stay Here’

With a romantic atmosphere wafting through the curtains that might make us blush unexpectedly, Saxappeal shows us that peace and love without devious plans to trick anyone is actually the best way to live on, ‘Stay Here‘.

Saxappeal is a Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer who makes music to connect with the core of humanity that needs that authentic love again.

His hopes are to touch people through his music, in ways they’ve yet to be touched.” ~ Saxappeal

Bringing our lives a kind single to really admire and slow dance with, Saxappeal has made a sweet song that is pure in nature and warm in context, that has been created at the perfect time. True love, not war, is what we need more reminding of after all wouldn’t you say?

Stay Here‘ from Detroit, Michigan-based indie jazz solo saxophonist/vocalist/music producer Saxappeal shows us a man who has decided that she could be the one. His eyes are lit up as he sees the light and you can feel the true love in his vocals, which are wrapped inside with that sensual sax sound of a real professional. This is a song for all the lovers out there who need reminding that taking time is key, not rushing and messing anything up.

Romance really is simple if we are able to correlate naturally.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more of his energy come to life as he inspires us all on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen