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Bisola has released her latest soulfully magnetic Funk-filled Urban ballad “Grace upon Grace”

With the unique production style, Bisola’s latest single “Grace upon Grace” almost acts as a soulful aural vacuum which pulls you in straight from the prelude.

The up and coming artist freshened up 90s Pop with a nuanced infusion of Hip Hop and RnB, but Grace upon Grace is a ballad through and through. With the effervescent orchestral swells, the soundscape boasts an ethereal feel, as well as a sure enough serving of soul and funky contemporary grooves. As long as your soul is still working, the emotion contained in Grace upon Grace won’t fail to resonate.

Grace upon Grace was released on March 20th, and you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Bisola’s website or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Vince Palmeri – It’s Complicated: straight-from-the-soul Pop

Prepare to pacify your scorned hearts with NYC Breaking Pop artist Vince Palmeri’s latest release. He’s provided the perfect soundtrack for your frustrative romantic confusion with their latest single “It’s Complicated”.

The straight-from-the-soul Pop single puts a fresh and adrenalizing twist on your average lovelorn love ballad. The harmonic hit may be perfectly polished and radio-ready. But there’s still a raw and evocative nature which won’t fail to grip you as you listen to the eclectic instrumental arrangement. Expect to find stylistic orchestral swells which infuse melancholy amongst the deftly curated melodies and soaring vocal harmonies.

You can check out It’s Complicated via YouTube now. The official music video for It’s Complicated is due to drop in March 2020, so make sure you subscribe to the artist’s channel.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Damon K. Clark – Love Me Now: Spellbinding Soul Pop

Contemporary ballad-style Soul Pop doesn’t come much more captivatingly efficacious than Damon K. Clark’s latest single “Love Me Now”.

Through the directness of the lyrics, Love Me Now feels like a confession straight from the soul. The opening verse pulls you into an evocatively piercing soundscape which utilises soft percussion, nuancedly spellbinding lyrics, and crescendos which will make your own soul recognise the pure unadulterated emotion in the single.

There may be plenty of old school sonorous appeal in Love Me Now, but the Dallas-based artist’s contribution to the airwaves still carries ample amounts of contemporary appeal.

You can listen to Damon K. Clark’s mesmerizingly evocative single Love Me Now by heading over to SoundCloud.

Keep up to date with the artist’s latest releases via Facebook.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Crystal Oshana – Alone: Empoweringly Pensive Pop

Loneliness even resonates in the notes of Crystal Oshana’s latest single “Alone” which deftly fuses elements of Pop, Neo-Classical, RnB and Ambient Electronica.

Yet within the wistful pensive nature of Alone, you’ll find olive branches of optimism through Crystal Oshana’s comforting lyrical affirmations that being alone isn’t the end of the world. And it really isn’t. Being comfortable in your own solitude is one of the most empowering things you can ever do.

I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to hear such a deep, contemplative three-dimensional lyrical narrative from an artist. But I can tell you that Crystal Oshana is exactly the kind of artist we need to hear more of on the airwaves.

The four-minute downtempo track serves a smorgasbord of raw unfiltered emotion. So, despite how ambient and smooth the production is, it still unfolds as a striking track which will shift your perceptions if you allow it to.

You can check out Alone for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


emmanuelle sasson – Note to Self: Pioneeringly Pensive Pop

If you’re always on the lookout for Pop which packs a pensive punch, you’ll strike emotive gold with up and coming artist emmanuelle sasson’s debut album “Smoke&Mirrors”.

Whilst each track is as delectably raw as the last, there’s no better introduction to the artist’s pioneeringly plaintive sound than “Note to Self”.

With their contemporary songwriting approach in Note to Self, you’ll get much more than your average ballad. Alongside the essential ballad components such as momentous semi-orchestral swells and melancholic minor-key piano melodies, you’ll find emmanuelle sasson’s discernible vocal distinction. His ability to pour soul into the vocal projections is unparalleled. Paired with the artist’s candidly fraught lyricism and their tendency to keep you in bitter-sweet anticipation with the progressions, Note to Self hits incredibly hard while keeping the tempo poised and refined.

You can check out Note to Self along with the rest of emmanuelle sasson’s 2019 album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Thomas Seibert – Victorious: Progressively Visceral Alt Pop

“Victorious” is the latest single to be released by the genre-defying up and coming artist Thomas Seibert. With a female vocalist lending her awe-inspiring tones, talent seeps from every note in Victorious.

Victorious starts off as a fairly archetypal offering of acoustic Folk Pop, but what follows is anything but typical. Classical strings collide with colossal blues riffs and fuse into an arrangement which you can’t resist rhythmically throwing yourself into.

But I’ll be incredibly honest until the seismic shift happened mid-way through the single, Thomas Seibert’s ability to construct commercially viable authentic sounds was in question. Yet, by the time Victorious faded to a close, I was left with all the affirmations of his ingenuity I needed to be sure that his unpredictable songwriting style can truly bring something new and dynamic to the airwaves. As it did with Victorious.

You can check out Victorious for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Brace yourselves for the ethereal sting of Brianna Corona’s single “Skin & Bone”

There may be plenty of powerful vocals found in Pop, but the true power in music always comes from the emotion poured into it, within the debut EP from Brianna Corona, you’ll experience a high-octane serving of both.

The track which especially proves that the ability to hit high notes is irrelevant if you’re dead inside is the pensively arrestive single “Skin & Bone”. Without any hint of exaggeration, after hearing it, I feel as though any comparison to Brianna Corona’s vocals would be an insult. The soundscape transcends beyond resounding. Instead, it’s all-consuming as you’re wrapped up in the captivating layers of candid honesty.

The atmospheric, contemporary pop instrumentals also played a heavy hand in allowing Skin & Bone to become a single with massive amounts of commercial potential. If she walked on the X Factor stage, she’d undoubtedly be met with rapturous tear-wiping applause. That is all the more reason to be thankful for her bravery to stand alone as an independent artist.

You can check out Skin & Bone by Brianna Corona for yourselves along with the rest of the EP by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Ryan Flores has released their first sticky-sweet Indie RnB Pop Single of 2020 with “Lovesick”

Up and coming Toronto-based artist Ryan Flores kicked off 2020 by releasing his most sublime single to date. “Lovesick” is a sticky-sweet Indie RnB Pop single filled with grounding sentiment and uplifting melodies.

While the artist always tends to render the inexpressible expressible through their ballad-style soulful singles, they’ve excelled with Lovesick. The single will offer plenty of resonance to anyone who has ever known what it truly means to be lovesick. The timelessly captivating melodies allow you to explore themes of unfulfilled romantic obsession. Plenty of catharsis will greet you as you meet the affirmation that you’re not the only one to have experienced such paralysing emotion.

You can check out Ryan Flores’ latest single Lovesick for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Iris – Frozen Hearts: A Chilling Contemporary Pop Ballad

LA-based breaking Pop artist Iris has recently released her latest single “Frozen Hearts”. In doing so, she shared a chilling moody Pop ballad with the airwaves which may just force you to contemplate the temperature of your own soul.

Iris’ stylistic take on the Classic Pop ballad breathes new life into a familiar soundscape, but most importantly, Frozen Hearts contains plenty of unadulterated emotion which won’t fail to leave you captivated. Iris’ striking vocals also play a heavy hand in ensuring that this single isn’t one which will be easily forgotten when it has gently faded to a close. The drum beats in the prelude disturbed the pensive downtempo melody slightly and seemed a little out of time, but from there on out, Frozen Hearts is a flawless hit.

You can check out Iris’ latest single for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Sunny Birla – These Words: Need a Reminder of what a Powerful Contemporary Pop Ballad Sounds Like?

Some ballads have the ability to instantly draw you into the honest edge to the soundscape, but they’re few and far between; especially when you hit play on a track from a brand-new artist – why should we care what strangers have to say? But every now and again, you stumble across a sound so harmoniously and ethereally compelling you’re reminded of what a truly powerful track is. Which is exactly what happened when we checked out Sunny Birla’s latest single “These Words”.

While 80s ballads still retain a visceral pull, nothing quite compares to a soundscape which alludes to emotions which are so raw and fresh. Instead of using the usual orchestral and piano-led arrangement, Sunny Birla used a more acoustic Pop instrumental soundscape to set the perfect tonality giving These Words a Folk-style narrative feel.

You can check out Sunny Birla’s latest single These Words for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast