Rich Freed – Peace of Mind: An Indie Pop Rock Liberation from Introspective Oblivion

Rich Freed’s latest single Peace of Mind is a compelling narrative of internal conflict, wrapped in the nostalgic warmth of 90s Britpop influences. His style, in this track, reminiscent of icons like Oasis and the Stone Roses, injects a potent mix of indie pop-rock and a bluesy undertone into the bustling modern music scene.

The track pulses with an augmented, atmospheric production that escalates until it bursts into exhilaration in the stadium-ready choruses. The rhythm carries the confident swagger of Britpop while infusing it with a fresh, intoxicating energy that seems to speak directly to the soul. It’s more than just an earworm; it’s an electrifyingly vindicating sonic exploration of the human condition.

Lyrically, Freed offers lines that listeners will want to etch into their memories as he muses on the universality of self-doubt and introspection, making it relatable on a fundamentally human level. Every verse delivers a tattoo-worthy mantra, backed by an aura of bluesy rock n’ roll that transforms this high-octane anthem into a cathartic experience.

For anyone who’s ever felt at odds with themselves, Rich Freed’s “Peace of Mind” offers not just solace but a liberating, rhythmic release. It’s an anthem for the introspective, for those who seek peace in the chaos of their own thoughts.

Peace of Mind will be available to stream on all major platforms, including YouTube, from April 26th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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