Rescue You: LA pop artist and model Kel Adore drops highly memorable debut release ‘Fool for the Pain’

Invigorated by artists such as Jon Bellion and Julia Michaels, Kel Adore sings with rare raw emotion and inspiring style with her hot debut single all about being with the wrong person on ‘Fool for the Pain‘.

Kel Adore is an elegant Los Angeles, California-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and thriving model. She is a newcomer to the scene but sings with a mature outlook, as she performs with a luscious vocal ability and smartly-penned lyrics.

I love how music helps us relate to each other through stories and emotions.” ~ Kel Adore

Kel Adore is absolutely exquisite on her debut single that roars into life and takes you into an unhappy bedroom, that needs to be changed before that valuable heart is truly broken for good. Sung with a magnificent flair and featuring a glowing production that only heightens the tension, this is a stunning effort that will be shaking in your mind like a rattlesnake ready to pounce.

Her mission with music is simple: to uncover the truth and help people feel understood. Adore shares her music not to merely entertain, but to feed the soul. Kel believes that music has a special way of connecting us and reminding us of what matters most, especially when it is brutally honest.” ~ Kel Adore

Fool for the Pain‘ from the Los Angeles, California-born indie-pop singer-songwriter and model Kel Adore, is a truly striking effort from a young woman who has the world at her feet. She sings with such a tremendously exciting gusto and her voice enlightens your core at times, as she brings us a highly relevant story that should wake up so many to do the right thing.

Being with the wrong person is only going to damage your precious soul after all.

Check out this top new single on Spotify and see more from this classy artist via her thriving IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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