Remykid has all the bells and whistles for Buzz Me Alert

The kick drum is the driving force behind London rapper Remykid‘s new single Buzz Me Alert. This song  is a purely plaintive protestation against a high maintenance lover’s demands. It’s a simple enough rhyme: ” She wants that juice, she wants that cash, that bag…” He is candid about his love: “She says she wants money, I give her money.” He’s not complaining. It is what it is. “I’m working for da money…” It’s the best this poor sap can do. “I live my life, woe woe woe,” he mumbles dejectedly for he’s still on her ‘buzz me alert.’
This is clever minimalist grime rap – the syncopated breakbeat telegraphs this mournful yet catchy lamentation while at  highlighting the bitter sweet tensions of giving in to the demands of a loved one’s wanton materialistic desires to keep her pleased. Relationships are fragile, retaining the affections of someone can make for a complicated love life.
As sorrowfull as these bars are, the beat of Buzz me Alert is dope yo! Our hero’s fragile love narrative is underscored by the jagged electronic sound that pulsates and characterises this song of love and materialism. Granted, the autotune is arguably a tad overdone and the kick drum somewhat overpowering, but with a little more time in the studio, coupled with a solid production engineer and some  remastering tweaks, this rap will linger.
Don’t be deceived though: This song will have you ‘ O nah nah nah-ing’  long after the track’s stopped playing. Check out this catchy, buzzing new single here:

Review by Annesh Ramklown

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