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Femi Jaye poured soul into seduction with his UK Afrobeat RnB release, Love Language, featuring Mulako

For his latest feat of seductive Afrobeat RnB, Love Language, the up-and-coming Essex, UK-based artist, Femi Jaye, collaborated with Mulako to create a tropically lustful earworm that embraces the euphoria of love.

There’s no feeling like surrendering to love. And there’s no soundscape quite as flavoursome as this groove-led melodic triumph, which accurately reflects the beauty of intimacy through its mellifluous progressions and kicking percussion. Love Language brings the right energy to tease salaciousness while keeping the vibe incandescently pure.

Love Language is just one of the singles to feature on the upcoming LP, Gardener, which defies the premise that men can’t be in touch with their emotions. Speaking on his new LP, here’s what Femi Jaye had to say:

“With the recent “Andrew Tate” era of toxic masculinity gaining traction, the concept that men can be vulnerable and in touch with their feelings presents an opposing view and is one of the main overarching themes of the album.”

Love Language will officially release on September 23rd; check it out on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alabama EDM hip hop artist Cashies is looking fly in his urban dance track, My Money

One of Alabama’s hottest urban dance artists, Cashies, dropped the ultimate feel-good Afrobeat pop track with his seminal 2021 release, My Money.

The warm and saturated hip hop-influenced instrumentals around the dancey BPM and the funk in the grooves makes My Money the ultimate track to listen to while you’re on your grind or on your daily commute. The simple yet infectiously efficacious lyrics bring a sense of optimism and positive determinism that is scarcely seen in the airwaves in 2022. Whether you’re balling or scratching a living, there are no limits on who can derive euphoria from this fly release, which exhibits the soul in Cashies’ playful RnB pop vocal timbre.

Any fans of Playboy Carti, Travis Scott and Kanye, won’t want to miss out on this dance-worthy track that puts you in the best headspace to live your life to the fullest.

My Money is available to stream on SoundCloud and purchase and download from Apple Music.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Get your good vibes straight from the source in ORAL P’s blister of Afropop bliss, Give Me Love O

East Nigeria-hailing Afropop artist ORAL P has captured international audiences since his 2018 debut; in his first release of 2022, Give Me Love O, he’s as soulfully versatile as ever.

With its jazzy undertones and rich Afrobeat flavour, Give Me Love O falls into that rare category of music that throws away commercialism, embraces a brand of soul that knows no borders and oozes commercial potential as a result of the vibrantly innate good vibes. With Give Me Love O on your playlists, you will always have a source of serotonin.

The Radio Edit of Give Me Love O is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nu Deal x Cityboidre – Going Live, featuring O. Reynolds: Prepare Your Summer Hip Hop Playlists

‘Going Live’ is the latest urban genre-fluid track from the Orlando, Florida production company, Nu Deal Music Group, which platforms and promotes talents from across the states to Nigeria.

Chicago’s Cityboidre and Orlando’s O. Reynolds made sure that the collaborative chemistry flowed through the definitive summer hit, which doesn’t break the wheel; instead, it adds some exotic Afrobeat dancehall flavour to classic hip hop signatures.

Any fans of Vybz Kartel, Spice, Elephant Man, and Bounty Killer will want to make Going Live a firm fixture of their summer hip hop playlists. The sun-kissed and enigmatic vibes take are taken to evocative new heights with the infectiously bright energy and the polished production.

The official music video for Going Live premiered on July 29th; check it out here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

TUNJI ALADE breaks the monocultural mould with his alt-RnB track, Closer


New York’s most experimental RnB artist, TUNJI ALADE, is fresh from the innovative release of his latest single, Closer, which moves old school soul into a trippy new wave trap pop territory.

While breaking the monocultural mould with his exotic Asian melodies, ALADE runs with his own distinctive vocal style that bridges the gap between trap, pop, RnB and Afrobeat. It may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but anyone that commends visceral high vibes and true originality in their RnB will easily be able to make a playlist staple of Closer.

Listen to TUNJI ALADE’s latest release here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Moodytlb ignites sparks in his seductive Afrobeat hit, NAUGHTY

For his latest single, NAUGHTY, the Nigerian-born-and-raised singer-songwriter and artist, Moodytlb collaborated with the equally sensational Yvng Chriis to create a smooth, trappy Afrobeat hit that will get you more than ready for summer and the salacious sparks that ignite under the summer sun.

Since making his debut with his single, Letter to Aisha, in 2019, Moodytlb has come a long way in polishing his distinctive style and ensuring that the soul he pours into all of his mixes resonates. Each of his tracks is deeply personal, created as a means of expression, and produced to help others make sense of their feelings. On that basis, Moodytlb became one of our first loves in 2022. We can’t wait to see how far his gorgeously candid style takes him.

NAUGHTY is now available to streams on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nate Dingo takes us to the movies in his latest cinematic single ft. Kmwurld & YDZ

Newark, NJ-based breaking artist Nate Dingo is starting to make major waves with his signature infusion of Afrobeat, RnB, pop and hip hop. If he is not already on your radar, his latest single, Movie, featuring Kmwurld & YDZ is the perfect introduction.

Movie is a sultry downtempo feat of tropic hip hop complete with jazzy grooves that throwback to old school, but with Nate Dingo’s boldly authentic approach, he has exactly what it takes to define the future of hip hop.

Tracks like Moves is what the phrase ‘it’s a vibe’ should have been invented for.

The official music video premiered on June 28th; it is available to stream via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Flow has brought RnB into a new era with ‘Where You Been’

North Carolina RnB Soul pioneer, Flow, released his latest sun-soaked hit ‘Where You Been’ on December 11th, with elements of Deep House and Afrobeat weaved in, it’s impossible not to catch the infectious high vibes.

While playfully experimental progressions allow glitchy beats to add to the energy of the smooth RnB melodies, Flow gives you an idea of how he came about his moniker. By switching between soul-dripping crooning and energising Rap verses, there isn’t a moment in the track which will allow your attention to falter from the fresh ingenuity on offer.

You can check out Flow’s latest single via Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Remykid has all the bells and whistles for Buzz Me Alert

The kick drum is the driving force behind London rapper Remykid‘s new single Buzz Me Alert. This song  is a purely plaintive protestation against a high maintenance lover’s demands. It’s a simple enough rhyme: ” She wants that juice, she wants that cash, that bag…” He is candid about his love: “She says she wants money, I give her money.” He’s not complaining. It is what it is. “I’m working for da money…” It’s the best this poor sap can do. “I live my life, woe woe woe,” he mumbles dejectedly for he’s still on her ‘buzz me alert.’
This is clever minimalist grime rap – the syncopated breakbeat telegraphs this mournful yet catchy lamentation while at  highlighting the bitter sweet tensions of giving in to the demands of a loved one’s wanton materialistic desires to keep her pleased. Relationships are fragile, retaining the affections of someone can make for a complicated love life.
As sorrowfull as these bars are, the beat of Buzz me Alert is dope yo! Our hero’s fragile love narrative is underscored by the jagged electronic sound that pulsates and characterises this song of love and materialism. Granted, the autotune is arguably a tad overdone and the kick drum somewhat overpowering, but with a little more time in the studio, coupled with a solid production engineer and some  remastering tweaks, this rap will linger.
Don’t be deceived though: This song will have you ‘ O nah nah nah-ing’  long after the track’s stopped playing. Check out this catchy, buzzing new single here:

Review by Annesh Ramklown

Afrobeat Artist Wisdom has released his debut chart-topping album “(Not) Just a Man”

Internationally acclaimed Afrobeat artist Wisdom has recently released their debut album “(Not) Just a Man” and injected plenty of organic soul onto the airwaves.

(Not) Just a Man has already reached the tops of the charts in Nigeria, and the exotic rhythms are sure to enamour anyone in the search for vibrant, flowing Afropop in colder climates too.

With each track being infectiously euphoric and glistening with sun-kissed soul, each track stands as a testament to their versatility. With elements of R&B, Afro Pop, Jazz, Afro-Soul and Afro House all utilised under a deft rhythmic command, there’s a smorgasbord of different sticky-sweet textures to delve into. Yet, we’d recommend hitting play on the punchy energetic earworm which is “Zombie” for the best introduction to Wisdom’s magnetic sound.

You can check out Wisdom’s debut album for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast