Simulated Youth has dropped their subversively euphoric dance track, ‘Kill the Messenger’.

There was little chance of forgetting Simulated Youth after he blew our minds with his concept track, ‘NBT’; it could rival the plot of the film, Her. After hearing his latest release, ‘Kill the Messenger [Android Vocal Version]’, our minds are in even smaller fragments.

With the way that you’re compelled to hit repeat before the track has come to a close to get a repeat shot of the high that comes as courtesy of the chaotic breaks, it’s easy to conclude that the bass in Kill the Messenger is addictive. It hits heavier than any cliché dark industrial electronica/EBM track – despite the high vibe energy.

Simulated Youth snuck ‘kill’ into the lyrics 93 times, but you’d still struggle to find a hardcore dance track with the ability to take you higher.

Kill the Messenger is now available to pre-save on Spotify here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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