Reclaiming that broken heart: Annie Balmori shows her incredible vocal ability on ‘Requiem’

Released off her latest exquisite EP called ‘Unafraid‘, Annie Balmori is absolutely captivating on the new single ‘Requiem‘, that will have you reminiscing about previous heartbreaks in your life and the struggle to overcome this painful obstacle.

Annie Balmori is a Madrid, Spain born and raised drama graduate and opera-trained soprano singer-songwriter, who is now based in sometimes-sunny London, England. She is the type of flamboyant artist that puts her heart and soul into every lyric and note that she elegantly drops.

With music that makes you close your tired eyes and sing joyfully within, she is a truly classy musician who performs with that world class feel to her.

This is the story about staying strong even through you have been broken down into a million pieces. You are slowly getting better and don’t need that person that brought you down anymore. The love is gone like the wind and you have packed your bags, ready to get out of this sad situation that you have felt too many times before. Moving on quickly, is the only way to claim back your much-needed strength again.

With a spirited performance that has your whole body shivering with her during this passionate song, that shatters windows close by, you feel like you are listening to a phenomenal talent- who can do absolutely anything with her amazing vocals.

Requiem‘ from the wonderful soprano-voiced angel Annie Balmori, is quite the magnificent single from a soulful singer who hits the high notes with seemingly effortless flair and determination, to give us her passionate perspective on this extremely relevant story.

Hear this glorious soundscape to sooth all worries away on Spotify and see more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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