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Latin fusion shaking with Yerba Colorá’s ‘Menéalo’

Menéalo means ‘shake it’ in Spanish and that is exactly the vibe on ‘Menéalo‘. This is a vibrant song from Yerba Colorá to get our day started.

Yerba Colorá is an international latin fusion band based in Marburg, Germany. The band was formed in 2016 by singer-songwriter and guitarist Naomi Keates from Manchester in England. Paired up with percussionist Sibori Zuñiga Molina from Cusco in Peru. The line-up was completed with Jörg Sebald from Marburg in Germany on the bass and Corey Taylor from Adelaide in Australia on lead guitar. The band’s influences span from rock to cumbia, with an affectionate nod to son cubano and the general motto “play whatever you feel like”. I love this vibe and energy. You also feel that this is a band that was created organically. With a world-wise lineup, this is an international band of note.

Taken off ‘¡Eh! P.‘, this is the 1st release and what a joyful sound it is. With stunning female vocals that sound so scrumptious in my ears. I could see myself shaking it with old friends and new friends. This is happy music that is much appreciated in 2020.

Stream this on Spotify and enjoy the vibe.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Iván Ortega returns with triumphant Latin Pop song ”Por la Calle”

Iván Ortega is an emerging Latino pop singer whose music expresses his personal journey and he shines on this brand new single called ”Por la Calle

With singer Juanes as his main influence, Iván Ortega uses music as a tool to process and heal. He aims to help other people heal through his music which is such a selfless reason that is so great to see. Iván sees music as a collective experience that is for all to enjoy and learn from.

Por la Calle” means ”Down The Street” in Spanish and this is exactly the kind of vibe we get on this vibrant track from Ivan. He sings with such confidence and knows that his music is good. There is a party vibe here and I could see lots of fans dancing to this song.

Iván Ortega shines brightly on ”Por la Calle” and this Spanish song is very memorable. I will be heading to Spain soon and can’t wait to see this artist live as it will bound to be a fun time. This is a terrific song that is perfect for those summer days with friends and family.

Stream this new song via Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


Sultry beats emanate from Ale From SummerClub’s ”Sabanas”

Vocalist, Producer and part of Thenasa8, Ale From SummerClub is one busy musician. He alternates between London and Madrid. Ale makes really good music too and this is his time to shine as a solo artist.

Sabanas” means ‘sheet’ in Spanish. We all know where this is going. This is a stupendously sexy song that makes me want to comb my hair and put on a new shirt. Sadly I have no hair and my washing is in the dryer so I’ll let Ale From SummerClub do his thing.

This is summer house all the way with quite possibly the naughtiest song of 2020. The beat hypnotizes you and you just want to remember those fly dance moves you might know. This is love music with lots of groovy beats to make your crush blush all night.

With the single coming off the ”LUCKY13” EP from the 1st June 2020, the timing couldn’t be better here for a party release. With the world slowly opening up, it would be surprising not to see this song pushed on radio and clubs.

This is quality party music to wash your ”Sabanas” for.

To hear this beat with so much charm, get your fingers clicking on the Soundcloud link.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


A&R Factory Present: Jose Otero

Jose Otero was born in Gran Canaria in 1990, Jose says “I was was a very active kid and lover of soul music because of the influence of my parents who loved jazz and soul. My vocal inspiration are Etta James, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse and Stevie wonder. ” Jose started singing when he was 16 and moved to London in 2012 to study music, since then he has reached the final of Open Mic U.K. coming 4th out of 12.000 applicants. He then got a production deal and the outcome was this powerful track “I told you”

Currently Jose is working as a songwriter in a music studio in central London for other singers and is also concentrating on his own material.

Jose is about to release his first ep and music video in February.