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In Love: Kuma Pop can sense the sparks flying all over his heart on ‘Supergirl’

Sliding a dime into our romantic slot machines with total care and expert precision, Kuma Pop has dropped a single that is so catchy you might need gloves to hold on with via his latest track ‘Supergirl‘.

Kuma Pop is a multi-talented Spain-born indie music producer and visual artist who loves supporting the local scene and upping the standard.

Experience sharing and performing with my new tracks in Ibiza and Burning Man. Currently producing for a number of artists in Spain besides my own music.” ~ Kuma Pop

Putting our mood into a welcome overdrive of emotions that many will certainly find appealing, Kuma Pop pumps up the volume and wakes up anyone taking a nap with a quick-fire single of intent.

It was premiered during the Ibiza Pride 2022, where I performed 7 unreleased tracks in which show the team Acrobati-K joined Kuma Pop on the stage for two songs with a powerful and glamorous acrobatic performance.” ~ Kuma Pop

Supergirl‘ from Spain-born music producer and visual artist Kuma Pop is a bone-rattler that will find thousands dusting off those risky dance moves that can cause back problems. Stomping a saucy track onto our rotation that will get your whole soul awake and ready for the next step, we are introduced to an artist who is here to entertain us all with self-assured abandon.

When you feel the tension, it’s best to express it before you explode.

Turn it up on Spotify and follow the IG for more news.

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Barcelona-based rock artist MANU RENO shakes the speakers awake on ‘When I’m Gone’

NocturnA by MANU RENO

Taken from his latest album which is the 12-track ‘NocturnA‘ that dropped on the 21st February 2022, MANU RENO elucidates the rock fans to arouse from their past respite on his new hardcore rock single, ‘When I’m Gone‘.

MANU RENO is a Barcelona, Spain-based indie-rock singer-songwriter who makes the kind of music that thumps through the very veins of your dazed body that will be enthralled by each second.

Bass player, forever rocker…Solo albums, all by myself (written, composed, performed and recorded).” ~ MANU RENO

Bellowing a call to look deeper and to never forget your journey in this detour-filled world that can catch you out like a mouse on cheese, MANU RENO breezes in with a comprehensively sturdy performance that shows us his extraordinary experience and lyrical awareness from his life on the road.

When I’m Gone‘ from Barcelona, Spain-based indie-rock singer-songwriter MANU RENO is one of those songs which might cause you to reflect deeply on your life as you see it. He is a rugged storyteller who has clearly lived and seen all the wars and hate which can break fragile souls into tiny fragments. Sung with a deep velocity that will have you listening so intently, this is a rock track that might have you closing your eyes, and imagining what everything will look like when you aren’t on this planet anymore.

Hear this heavy new single on Bandcamp and check out his website for more.

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Manel Espinosa gives a fond farewell story on new pop single, ‘Goodbye Hong Kong’

Bringing us into this sad story that will reflect poignantly with so many of us who have dealt with the vivid sentiments captured with this heart-break moment, Manel Espinosa shows us an emotional escapade you might need tissues for on ‘Goodbye Hong Kong‘.

Manel Espinosa is a Dublin, Ireland and Alicante, Spain indie-pop singer-songwriter who sings with such honest love and tender care during each one of his catchy singles.

Lighting a warm fire that seems to glow so brightly under the shooting stars in the sky above, Manel Espinosa signals his intentions with a kind single that has been created with simmering exuberance intertwined into affectionate lyrics that brings you into this tale of leaving it all behind.

Goodbye Hong Kong‘ from the dynamic indie-pop artist Manel Espinosa, is a loving single that shows you his natural energy that shines through so brightly. This is a track that could be for anyone that is leaving home or a person behind, as you make sure that you take time to make a real tribute with style. Sung with real charm and effortless vocals, we find a musician showing us into a world that so many of us can really relate to.

Hear this expressive new single on Spotify and take a peek into his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

MrrrDaisy loves her energy on ‘Hunny’ (feat. Kudjoe Daze)

Bringing us a loved-up single that is written and sung in English, Pidgin English, and Ewe, MrrrDaisy knows what he likes and wants her to smile with him every day on the romantic new single ‘Hunny(feat. Kudjoe Daze).

MrrrDaisy is a multi-talented UK-based Ghanaian Musician, Journalist, A&R Rep, Publicist, Graphic/Web Designer and Blogger who was born in Spain and continues to be an ever-evolving creative.

An Afro-fusion song with a mid-tempo beat that depicts the story of a guy who falls head over heels in love with a woman who is well out of his league.” ~ MrrrDaisy

Produced by Eze Young, MrrrDaisy has that glint in his eye and is joined by the effortless talents of Kudjoe Daze as they turn the lights down low – and guide us into this romantic story – of showing your crush that you are actually the right person to make them happy. Sung with a calming aura that is so pleasant to the ear to tune into, this is a soothing single which will get you in the mood to be with that human you feel is right for you.

Hunny(feat. Kudjoe Daze) from the Ghanaian creative MrrrDaisy, is that devotion-like single that shows us a man who has decided that she is the one. He is reaching for the stars and some might think that he is going for someone who he shouldn’t be pursuing, but the light is bright and he is taking this moment with two hands. Meshed with a beat that will have you holding hands with that special soul, this is a late-night slow dance-infused single of the highest order.

Cuddle close with your lover and press play on Spotify while seeing more on IG.

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I Didn’t Ask: Darià Artiola looks for that true resolution on ‘Questions That Spin’

With his first solo album that is set to be dropped in Spring 2022, Darià Artiola has our minds wondering intensely as to what the world really means and if things will ever be truly tranquil again with ‘Questions That Spin‘.

Darià Artiola aka Aroarer is a Tucson, Arizona-based, Barcelona, Spain-born indie music producer and singer-songwriter who performs with a nostalgic mindset that attempts to teach us more about those hidden shadows.

With a thoughtful attitude that is supported by cleverly-penned lyrics and touching vocals, Darià Artiola shows us where the key is and urges us to take off those suffocating goggles that hides what is really going on. He is an artist who seems to blend through eras and makes a real impact here on this intelligent new single.

Questions That Spin‘ from Barcelona, Spain-born indie singer-songwriter and music producer Darià Artiola, is an honest single that asks if the pieces shall ever fit. He displays impressive calm energy and brings us a beat that rinses all the self-doubt out of our hearts, to encourage us to look deeper than most do. This is the type of track to play loud when you feel like pondering the nuances of the world, before reverting back to whatever you need to achieve to make it in life.

Hear this epic new track on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want You: Montreal artist Prince Amine shows his appreciation for her on ‘Choko Skyn’

Inspired by his father to take up music when he was young, Prince Amine has blossomed into a well-known artist capable of so much and shows us his growth with the new single taken off ‘Hram Vybez 2.0‘, which is all about being with someone who gets your vibe called ‘Choko Skyn‘.

Prince Amine is a Morocco-born, Spain-raised, Montreal, Canada-based RnB/hip-hop artist. He fuses a blend of sensual tunes that has you feeling like its summer everyday.

Even if he was exposed to show business at an early age, Prince Amine’s first love was soccer. He was on the path of a professional career when an injury cut his dream short. Around the same time, he started performing in school shows with his friends and he soon realized that music was in his blood.” ~ Prince Amine

With a confident style that flows in with a breezy style which has your head nodding, you feel his fresh attitude shine through as the drinks are consumed for many an hour. His vibe is alive and not thinking about settling down at all – as his master plan gathers pace – and he works out who his true Queen really is. For now, he just wants to be with someone so they can have some fun, as the world burns savagely around them.

Choko Skyn‘ from the charming Canadian singer/rapper Prince Amine, shows us a man who sings with a flow that shows he knows exactly what he wants. He doesn’t need anyone at all, as he is secure in his heart and wants them to know that this won’t be for a long time.

This is a hot late-night track to put on when the heat is at such a high level – you need to open up a window real quick – as the passion steams up the whole room.

Check this new track out on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

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Take A Stroll: Madrid artist Bonjour Madame wants to spend the night with her on ‘Naked’

Formally known as Reyes and SoDC, Bonjour Madame charmingly slides the lights down real low on his sensually stimulating new single that has your mind alive on ‘Naked‘.

Adrian Reyes aka Bonjour Madame, is a respectful Mexico City-born, Madrid, Spain-based, French, English and Spanish-speaking indie pop singer-songwriter/music producer. He makes a rare blend of stylish music which has you feeling relaxed and highly motivated again.

You feel his wide smile brighten up the suddenly warm speakers as his love for her is so deep, you just know that he wants them to work no matter what it takes. This is the story of showing your cards and hoping that you get the royal flush, that you are ideally hoping for.

His vocals are tender and kind, with an honest tone which is straight forward but never sleazy. The romantic flow is fresh and rather breezy – full of life and and a cheeky grin attached for good measure – as he pours his simmering heart out into hers.

Naked‘ from the motivated Madrid-based multi-instrumentalist musician and student Bonjour Madame, is a lights-down-low track that is all about wanting to be with that person, who you have had a heart-filled crush on for so long. You know exactly what you want now and hope that this is the moment that you have desired all along.

Stream this sexy new track on Spotify and see more via his IG music channel.

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That Special Feeling: Emerging Irish singer Donnatella drops enchanting new single ‘Hooked’

As she charmingly sings about that innocent friendship which has turned into so much more, Donnatella is feeling the exciting attraction deep inside her veins, which has her so ‘Hooked‘ on his exhilarating love.

Donnatella is a new and well-traveled Ireland-born, Spain-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, who shows her determination with a breathtaking array of vocally stimulating soundscapes, that is all about her life and reaching those obtainable dreams.

You feel her sweet story about being so drawn to their touch, the way they laugh and their smile. Life feels so good when you are with them and her dynamic vocals lift you up and takes you to a peaceful place, far away from the madness of the world.

This is a young singer who has taken the brave step of becoming a full-time musician during a pandemic, the belief in herself is so palpable and you love her sweet style that is so classy and fresh.

Hooked‘ from the spellbinding Barcelona-based, Irish-born singer Donnatella, is that romantic single that you has you joining in on the catchy chorus, as you totally relate to her intimate story about feeling that all worries seem to vanish, when you are with that special soul.

See the epic video on YouTube and see more about her rise on IG.

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Don’t Worry About It: Legendary worldwide producer and DJ Aruhtra takes us away to another world on ‘Stay Together’

With a style of music that has you feeling happy again, Aruhtra returns with a fantastic new electronically charged track that will have your body in scintillating raptures of delight with ‘Stay Together‘.

Aruhtra is an in-demand UK-born, multi-talented Marbella, Spain-based electronic music producer and DJ, who is known the world over with his residency at Nikki Beach, Marbella and La Suite Club in Puente Romano, plus his weekly live radio show.

He makes that uplifting type of sensational music that is from all genres such as house, garage and commercial, as his distinguished taste is never ending, which helps him stand out from the rest.

This is the story about staying close, the day is just young and the night is awaiting you if you want to take it that far. The party flow has you captivated and this is the perfect song to sip on while enjoying those simmering summer days, where the tans and good vibes come out to play.

Stay Together‘ from the experienced and supremely skilled UK-born DJ and producer Aruhtra, has your smile alive and your mind awake to all the possibilities out there. This is a song that grabs you close and doesn’t let go — as you imagine the warm sunny skies — as the good times arise.

Stream this top track on Soundcloud and see his IG for more news and upcoming releases.

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DJ drop this sound: Patiotic and Ramon Sanz have us dancing again in a ‘Hazy Maze’

With a wealth of wondrous sounds to heal our broken dreams, Patiotic and Ramon Sanz lift us up into an alternate universe on ‘Hazy Maze‘.

Patiotic is a marvelous multi-instrumentalist/producer from Santiago, Chile and has joined for forces with the quality talent of Ramon Sanz, who is a Zaragoza, Spain-based saxophonist and director of the Municipal School of Music of Calatayud.

The story of looking up above and seeing that there is more out there after a great night out, where the DJ improved your mood with a song that really had you thinking twice, the soaring energies were so translucent you thought you might be hallucinating.

This catchy beat has you nodding your head quickly, you imagine being around humans again and imagine jumping around in a daze of euphoria, that stimulates all parts of your body with reckless abandon.

Hazy Maze‘ from world class artists Patiotic from Chile and Ramon Sanz from Spain, connects the world with a sumptuous display of space-bound club feels, in a tremendous song that raises the bar and makes you feel like there is hope on the way, after these dark times of self-doubt and heartbreak.

Stream this quality soundscape on Spotify and see more on IG.

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