Skies Turned Red: Kaby Burton breaks down the gates of hell with Come out of the dark

With a spookily narrated intro to get our shocked hearts beating faster than ever, Kaby Burton is at her excellent best with a tremendously made single to get our spirits rocking with enchanting fascination on Come out of the dark.

Kaby Burton is a Scotland-based indie melodic rock artist who loves to fuse in her own Tim Burton-inspired music, which shall wake up any sleepy souls amongst us.

Showing us so much class and edgy intensity, Kaby Burton powers in with so much sublime skill it will stop anyone with a pulse in their tracks. The sensational Scottish rocker and tenacious pirate is spine-tinglingly outstanding and electrifies the fences inside our eardrums with tactful brilliance.

Come out of the dark from Scotland-based indie melodic rock artist Kaby Burton is a timeless sounding experience from a truly talented creative. Shredding the airwaves and belting out a superb single with gripping intensity, this is a foot tapping single which might make many think of those classic times again.

Dust off those cobwebs on Spotify. See more of her exciting missions on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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