Pull Me Way Down Under: Elizabeth II walks away from the past on ‘All My Failures’

With an electrifying start that shakes you by the heart and vibrates into your excited soul, Elizabeth II rocks in hot with a terrific new single that sees her in top form with ‘All My Failures‘.

Elizabeth Cannon aka Elizabeth II, is a compellingly stirring indie alt-rock guitarist and singer-songwriter from Washington D.C. She makes that epic music soundtrack that should be in movies, with stories about life, love, and making use of your opportunities in life.

You feel the shake of the brittle speakers as they shudder under the might of this full-paced song with grit, as she is clearly a master at her chosen craft and we are treated to a forceful song, that catches you unawares at first. Each riff is so riveting and has you feeling like you need to turn the volume up, which is always a good sign of a world class song.

All My Failures‘ from the wildly talented Washington D.C. alt-rock artist with strikingly beautiful blue hair and with superior guitar skills plus an outstanding voice Elizabeth II, sings with such heart about her journey up until this point. Her consistency is so impressive as she lets us into her life, and looks to brush off the past and only focus on being successful.

Elizabeth II has that extra determination and heartfelt desire – that sets her apart from the rest and is a modern day rock sensation – who will surely light up many a music festival in 2022.

Hear this top single on Spotify and see more via her IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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