Nathalie King Breaks Away From The Mainstream

It’s always good to go with initial reactions, let the heart and soul get in first, before the head gets a chance to over think things. Do that and your first reaction upon hearing Break Away will be to ask “why doesn’t all pop music sound like this?” which is a fair question. All too often commercial music tries too hard, tries to over sell style to make up for lack of substance and hide the fact that there is nothing of interest going on here and trying to distract you with smoke and mirrors, glitz and studio frippery.

Nathalie King knows that you can get away with having very little going on, as long as it is the right “very little.” Break Away is built from a structure of minimal beats and gossamer thin musical textures all of which exists merely to throw light on what a brilliantly ethereal voice she has – a voice that has the ability to push a confidant yet sultry pop vibe whilst building ephemeral dreamscapes. It is music forged from atmospheres and emotions, feelings and fragility, but music that also ticks all the right boxes for the commercial market.

Maybe it is time for a revolution, a subversive, gentle one which seems to just wash in and slowly take over from the brashness and bright lights which currently dominate. Maybe Break Away will become that cause’s rallying song. Stranger things have happened

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