Pretty Day: HARRIS stets his eyes on the secrets with Strange Behaviours

Sung with a heightened intensity and so much inner knowledge, HARRIS has just dropped one of the more fascinating tracks the world shall hear today on the mysteriously created, Strange Behaviours.

HARRIS is a Wexford, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter who has recently released his debut single The Fire Lights Itself and backs up the momentum gained with another gem.

Since he was 16 HARRIS has honed his songwriting craft and has gone on to perform countless gigs on the Dublin open-mic and acoustic showcase circuit while opening for renowned Irish musicians such as John Blek.” ~ HARRIS

Superbly introspective to the core and never letting go for a second, HARRIS is that underground artist that many wish they were. With stunning stories and taking us for a ride of a lifetime, this is a terrifically original release.

Strange Behaviours from Wexford, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter HARRIS is a darkly webbed ear-stinger which might need medical attention. This is raw stuff and will shock many minds into place, and soar so high with a must-listen song to turn up rather loud.

Stream this new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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