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California-based The Artist Ren releases hugely creative debut track, ‘Not The Clones!’

Wondering if things are actually what they seem or a fragment of her vividly innovative imagination, The Artist Ren hopes that she can find her real self in the rubble of the copies with her awesome debut single, ‘Not The Clones!‘.

Lauren V aka The Artist Ren is a 16-year-old Simi Valley, California-based indie singer-songwriter who is new on the scene and has dropped a memorable first single.

Soaring into our consciousness with a crisp single that is loaded with mystery and sonic synergy that will take you into a different universe, The Artist Ren displays her growing artistry with a rather fine song that might get you wondering what is real or not. With her likeable style and luscious voice, there is much to marvel at here to click your fingers with, as we are introduced to a clearly inventive creative who is going to do things her way.

Not The Clones!‘ from the youthful Simi Valley, California-based indie singer-songwriter The Artist Ren is a fresh debut from an artist who has made a catchy track to intrigue our appetites. The lyrical structure is rather dynamic and you can tell that she has loads of potential, to stand above the rest who are also seeking our attention. Vocally, there is a supercharge here that gets you turning up the volume to high, to soak in a musician who is surely set for big things if she can avoid all the tempting distractions around.

Listen up to this fantastic new single on Spotify and see more via her website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Promising Boston-based singer-songwriter Alexa Cabral wonders if she is reaching expectations on her excellent new single, ‘Need to Know’

Pondering deeply if she is actually fit for this and actually trying the best she can possibly muster up despite the self-doubt raging in her veins, Alexa Cabral sends a vital message from a maturing young woman who is finding out more about herself each day on, ‘Need to Know‘.

Alexa Cabral is a 16-year-old indie-soul/pop singer-songwriter who is based in Boston, Massachusetts, and sings with a stunningly tremendous ear-tingling tone.

She thrives on live shows and has been performing since she was a young teen, participating in the All You Got Tour and Performers on the Go events.” ~ Alexa Cabral

With her scintillating vocals that shall have you feeling like you have just heard someone rather special, Alexa Cabral is a marvellously talented artist who soars so high here as she searches for that happy balance in her life. With lyrics about wondering if she belongs and not wanting to let anyone down – this is an important transmission for all the teens out there who are a bit anxious – with all the plastic fakeness on social media that can make you feel so average when you actually do belong after all.

Need to Know‘ from Boston, Massachusetts Alexa Cabral is an emotional plea to be given space to map out her own path. Sung with a glorious vocal ability that sends your throbbing heart into overdrive, this is a dynamic single that so many will definitely relate to. The world is full of unreal expectations that can drown you like you are underwater with no light, as you swim frantically to survive instead of enjoying the natural voyage to your happy place.

This is a wonderfully natural vocalist who glides so brilliantly, to bring the world an important single to truly embrace. Everyone’s journey is different after all.

Listen to this new single on Spotify and check out her IG page for more news.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica help us find that mending genuine love on ‘Battles We Have Won’

With a full album on the way and an unassuming style that has earnt them authentic respect from the UK underground, Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica have made 6 minutes and 19 seconds of pristine excellence on ‘Battles We Have Won‘.

Mike Blue is a Liverpool, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is joined by The Ghosts of Santa Monica on this soul-healing effort.

He started playing professionally at 16 years of age in various bands and has since toured his own music around the U.K, completing his debut solo tour in late 2021.” ~ Mike Blue

With stunning vocals, intricately performed guitar brilliance, that sweet violin sound and well-made lyrics that might have you stop whatever you were up to before, Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica join together as one to show unity when there is so much butchery brewing all over the planet. With a peaceful single that seems to glow so beautifully and take your tired heart into a better place, this is that rare track that will change your mood and bring a ray of sunshine to make everything okay again.

He is currently embarking on his next full-length studio album with the help of his backing and touring band ‘The Ghosts of Santa Monica” which should be completed in early 2023.” ~ Mike Blue

Battles We Have Won‘ from Liverpool, UK-based indie-folk singer-songwriter Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica, drops one of the most peacefully intelligent singles you might ever hear. There is nothing flashy here, no tricks and no big egos, only a single assembled by a tight-knit group who are clearly in sync with what the intentions are. The message here? To remind us that finding your tribe is absolutely vital, as you wish for a day when you can feel that true peace in your heart when you meet that special human who somehow takes all your worries away.

You’ll only know when you feel it deep inside your bones.

See this superb track come to life on YouTube and follow Mike’s voyage on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen