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Out Late: Toronto rapper Bg5ive bags it up on his shiver-filled ‘Cold Nights’

As he peers around and hopes that there is no big raid on tonight that will turn his mood blue, Bg5ive does whatever it takes to make it happen on the frosty new single called ‘Cold Nights‘.

Bg5ive is a Tuam, Ireland-born, Toronto, Canada-based underground indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer and music producer.

While he has spent most of 2021 focusing on engineering work, Bg5ive has started dropping tracks such as “Now or Never”, & “Cold Nights” in preparation for the release of his new mixtape entitled “Cocaine & Whiskey” which will be released on December 9th 2021.” ~ Bg5ive

Bg5ive raps with an intelligent glimpse at these dusty streets that he knows all-too-well, as he locks up the bag and executes that move to get that paper stacked all the way up for those rainy days that are upcoming. There is much confidence in his delivery as he makes that call, which assures that he unmistakably isn’t going hungry tonight.

Cold Nights‘ from the high-flying Toronto, Canada-based indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer and music producer Bg5ive, is a street-soaked track about driving around and getting that work in. You know that these chilly nights will be worth it even if others doubt your plan, as you brush off the small-mindedness and put that hoody on tight to get away from the nippy airflow. This is a track to put on loud to warm up your entrepreneurial skills, as you start to work out quickly what your next move is.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Wind Blows: Ireland’s Movment wonder when the madness will end on ‘We All Must Go’

Taken off their just-dropped 10-track album that communicates to us their ‘Transformation‘, Movment returns gloriously with their 2nd single that unconditionally heats up the veins and this one is called ‘We All Must Go‘.

Movment is an Ireland-based indie alt-rock/post-punk band that is honest to the core and make a gripping blend of hard-edged music that slices diligently through into the truth and endeavours to set us free.

There is a divergence in society. The new album Transformation, due in December 2021, explores this situation. We are bombarded with information, opinions, viewpoints, and words. We drown in ideas, in solutions, in propaganda. There needs to be a TRANSFORMATION from where we are now.” ~ Movment

Movment smartly slam the door on anything that isn’t sincere and toss away the key. They alternatively ask us to have faith and climb off this fake mountain we live on right now and join them into a new world where everything is completely transparent. With simmering energy that urges our confusion-filled eyes to see clearer, this is a precise effort from an introspective band.

We All Must Go‘ from the Ireland-based indie alt-rock act Movment, is a colossal track from an experienced band who seem like they are on a mission. Fed up with all the nonsense and false news narratives that confuse so many – this is a ravaging effort that should wake up those slumber-filled minds – into finding out what really is going on. The truth shall set you free after all.

Educate your ears on Spotify and see more about their evolution with IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold Out My Hand: Danny Guinan helps us to start all over again with ‘The Greatest Gift’

Taken off his delightful 8-track EP called ‘Now is the time‘, Danny Guinan holds out his strong hand and urges us to live again with the stunning new single ‘The Greatest Gift‘.

Danny Guinan is an Ireland-born, Netherlands-based solo folk singer-songwriter who used to tour with Luka Bloom and Shane McGowan while also fronting his former band Speranza.

As a songwriter, Danny Guinan draws comparisons with artists like Beck and Nick Drake, although his Irish roots are unmistakable in his music as well.” ~ Danny Guinan

Shane McGowan shows us all his expertise with a positively top performance that has us opening up those lonely curtains to see what is actually happening in the world. There is much to like about such an impressive song, that grabs you close and has you feeling reinvigorated again.

The Greatest Gift‘ from the well-respected Ireland-born, Netherlands-based solo folk singer-songwriter Danny Guinan, is a wonderful presentation that recommends us to stay positive and move onto brighter days. He lights up the candle and shows us where to go, as we move away from the darkness and back to happier circumstances. Sung with real gusto and majestic lyrics, this is a song to close your eyes with as you imagine better times.

Hear this fine new effort on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Me: Dublin-based indie-pop artist Nissu shows us what true friendship means on ‘U’

Featuring well-loved beauty influencer, model and British actress Afshan Azad, Nissu drops the 2nd single from his upcoming EP that is all about bringing your best friend with you no matter where you are on ‘U‘.

Nissu is a Brazilian-born, Dublin, Ireland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes that extremely catchy music ambience that might be stuck in your head for days on end.

The Music video was shot part in Dublin and part in Wicklow and features a few celebrity cameos. The song and video were inspired by my friend Jessica. When she was leaving town to live in the capital, and she said: “I wish I could put you inside a box to take you wherever I go”. I wanted to make her wishes come true in the video.” ~ Nissu

Nissu shows us that dependable friendship is all about keeping that memory alive no matter what the elements. There is a blooming beat here and a lovingly-made music video to boost our moods. away from the disheartening telly. This is the kind of release that has been conceived with true concern, about that intimate soul who makes everything better when you are sad.

U‘ from the flamboyant Brazilian-born, Dublin, Ireland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Nissu, is a sweet song all about wanting to be close to your best friend no matter the weather or times. There is a pure vocal experience here from an artist who sings from the heart, on a splendid track that will have your heart feeling so much warmer than before.

See this box-filled music experience on YouTube and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Another Day: Cork electro-punk act Stuck on Repeat vanquishes those pesky problems behind on ‘Dream’

Engaging our cumbersome bodies to go and take us into a whole new environment away from mundane problems we are smothering inside, Stuck on Repeat transport us to a place that is full of joy and lots of attractions via their new single ‘Dance‘.

Stuck on Repeat is a Cork, Ireland-based electro-punk act that makes that dance-all-night type of vibe that has your whole body drenched in sticky sweat, just thinking about the night’s possible ventures.

Stuck on Repeat creates irrepressibly catchy electronic music, designed to make people dance. His style combines “kick you in the chest” drums with synth lines so filthy, they’re almost indecent, and catchy hooks that put Captain Ahab to shame.” ~ Stuck on Repeat

You feel her astonishing vocals take you to a completely new planet, as those eyes close and transport you to this bass-pumping dance floor that allows normal people to feel like superstars. The electric vibration from this gravitating and brilliant beat seems to lift you away from the dull doom awaiting the world outside – as you can actually fly now to a better illusion – to somewhere idyllic where there are no taxes and boring days, just perfection awaiting you as you let that perspiring body do whatever comes naturally.

Dance‘ from the compelling Cork, Ireland-based electro-punk act Stuck on Repeat, is a party-all-night gem that needs to be played loud and proud. Emphasizing the need for a rampantly arousing and speaker-shaking energy to take over after the cold gloom of before, this is an engrossing encounter that grabs you close, and kisses you back into first-rate form again.

Hear this rip-roaring track that will have you in a happy mood via Spotify and support their travels on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Not Wired that Way: Irish singer Mulveye takes us for an adventure-filled day on ‘All The Trimmings And All The Trappings’

Taking off his much-anticipated debut album called ‘Let The Mask Slip‘, Mulveye drops the 3rd single which will have you looking twice and holding your cozy iron on the local bus called ‘All The Trimmings And All The Trappings‘.

Mulveye aka Eamonn Mulvey, is a very creative London, UK-based indie alt-pop solo singer-songwriter who is from Ireland.

Mulveye makes a unique blend of mind-stimulating music that has you looking very carefully inside his mind, for extra clues on the hidden meanings intertwined into each quirky melody. His style is like no one else in the world – as he takes each song and makes it totally his own – with smartly-penned lyrics that will make you chuckle at times.

Influenced mainly by arty-pop music such as Bowie, Sparks, Talking Heads, Kate Bush, Dexys, Pulp and MGMT.” ~ Mulveye

All The Trimmings And All The Trappings‘ from the London, UK-based alt-pop Irish singer-songwriter Mulveye, shows us a dance-filled journey about trying to get the moves right, while your mind takes a trip to other things you enjoy instead. Featuring lots of lawn bowls, archery, beards and fun adventures into the local town, this is a catchy song that has a glowing eccentric edge for us to thoroughly enjoy.

See this new music video on YouTube and check out his movements via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Another Way: Ireland’s MOVMENT enthusiastically seeks the undeniable truth on ‘Propaganda’

As their new album ‘TRANSFORMATION‘ approaches with an expected 2nd December 2021 release date set, MOVMENT drop the first single which is rather ominously named ‘Propaganda‘.

MOVMENT is an experimental indie alt-rock band from the beautiful shores of Ireland. They make that truthfully advanced soundscape which seeks to educate us all, so that we may truly be informed.

Sung with a slightly frustrated tone as the world feels like it is burning currently, the band gives us a inside look into what is real, fake or in-between the blood-soaked lines. Their style is intensely rugged here and the book is totally open, as they go Neo-like and attempt to find Morpheus so that everything may be explained in a way that makes total sense.

Propaganda‘ from the conscious Irish indie rockers MOVMENT, is a track all about wading through the confusion-riddled matrix to find that heart-glowing truth that you really seek. With so much misinformation out there for humanity to gobble up greedily without a second thought, this is the true message that so many need to hear. Do you own research, only trust viable sources and more importantly, don’t believe everything you read or hear.

The real story is inside somewhere, if you are open minded enough and ready to take your time to seek what is really going on.

Hear this innovative new single on Soundcloud and see more via their IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is This Hell: Dublin’s Rodney Paz looks for more meaning away from the mundane on ‘sWITCH mY iFs 4 wHENS’

With his 9th single already of 2021, the prolific Rodney Paz returns with his ‘Get mint or die schemin’ style on the latest single all about making the most out of a tough situation with ‘sWITCH mY iFs 4 wHENS‘.

Rodney Paz is a Dublin, Ireland-based indie underground hip-hop artist and custard creme enthusiast. He is a highly creative soul who makes a different blend of music to most, as his smartly penned and unorthodox lyrics takes you to a world away from the normal bore.

After turning his cabin into an intergalactic spaceship through the means of some magical fungus, Paz has now found a new domain of expression through his musical output.” ~ Rodney Paz

Rodney seems to possess that extra life inside his beating heart which most of us mere mortal lack, his mind races quickly and works faster as he puts ideas into wild stories of the world. Real life has hit him hard and he feels like he is on the canvas – waiting and looking for that hand to help him up – and take him somewhere he can be at full capacity.

The flow here is an impressive listen, the underdog mentality is in full swing and he raps with such meaning and true honesty. His voice is calm and rather reflective, each sentence is a layer into his story that fills him with dread each time he wakes up. The search for that true purpose is real, as he wonders when this boredom is going to end.

sWITCH mY iFs 4 wHENS‘ from the Dublin, Ireland-based rapper Rodney Paz, is a street-filled track all about surviving each day. Your job crushes your soul into little tiny invisible pieces and you wish there was more for you, but right now you need to pay rent. With the landlord looming like a bright light in the night, this is what you have in store so you might as well just keep at it and learn something. For now that is. Until you can escape and be who you want to be, away from the 9-5 that has you spinning like a lost bottle in the wind.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more of his exciting adventures via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Romantic Planet: Irish artist Tadhg dreams of that sweet ‘Space Love’

Sparking in hot with a supremely creative debut single that has your attention and brings in a cheeky smile, Tadhg takes us to an exciting new planet to rejoice, with the freshly squeezed new single called ‘Space Love‘.

Tadhg is a proudly Queer Irish indie pop/rock artist, Jazz and Contemporary performance student who makes that catchy music, which has your whole body moving and grooving.

”Mix Elton John with Lady Gaga, add a hint of George Michael, and a sprinkle of Queen, smack it in the oven for 21 years and boom, you’ve got me baby.” – Tadhg

You feel the vibrant lyrics that hugs you so close — while taking you to a new place that is full of freedom and care — far way from this dark world that can be so dull and very undesirably hateful sometimes. The razz and jazz mix in so sweetly here like a perfectly poured drink, the crisp texture is a joy to listen to as this tasty sip gets your blood flowing again.

Space Love’ from the new and entertaining Ireland artist Tadhg, is that romantic groove that has you feeling like you are in a rocket ship, and headed towards that person that you care about so much. With vocals that are full of compassion and a deeply intriguing tone, this is a song to play loud and proud when you need some inspiration to believe in love again.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see the IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Special Feeling: Emerging Irish singer Donnatella drops enchanting new single ‘Hooked’

As she charmingly sings about that innocent friendship which has turned into so much more, Donnatella is feeling the exciting attraction deep inside her veins, which has her so ‘Hooked‘ on his exhilarating love.

Donnatella is a new and well-traveled Ireland-born, Spain-based indie RnB singer-songwriter, who shows her determination with a breathtaking array of vocally stimulating soundscapes, that is all about her life and reaching those obtainable dreams.

You feel her sweet story about being so drawn to their touch, the way they laugh and their smile. Life feels so good when you are with them and her dynamic vocals lift you up and takes you to a peaceful place, far away from the madness of the world.

This is a young singer who has taken the brave step of becoming a full-time musician during a pandemic, the belief in herself is so palpable and you love her sweet style that is so classy and fresh.

Hooked‘ from the spellbinding Barcelona-based, Irish-born singer Donnatella, is that romantic single that you has you joining in on the catchy chorus, as you totally relate to her intimate story about feeling that all worries seem to vanish, when you are with that special soul.

See the epic video on YouTube and see more about her rise on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen