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Pat Burgess wonders if the two connected souls found the love map again on ‘A Borrowed Mandolin’

Taken off his first ever 12-track solo release called ‘The Song Box‘, Pat Burgess shows us the hard road that will be followed all the way to that ultimate love on ‘A Borrowed Mandolin‘.

Pat Burgess is a highly experienced Dublin-born, Leixlip, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter who has been in the music scene for the past 45 years.

As the lead singer and founder member of the Irish Americana group, The Rye River Band, we find an artist who sounds in reinvigorated form with a classic single that will fill you up with a hope that is furnished with so much honesty.

In the 70s Pat performed on the live Dublin music circuit doing solo gigs and guest appearances and around this time he started writing songs.” ~ Pat Burgess

Sung with so much true introspection, Pat Burgess presents us with a real insight into life and performs with a smooth vocal ability that will have you listening so intently, like you are hearing a lesson from an underground legend.

A Borrowed Mandolin‘ from Leixlip, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter Pat Burgess is a trip down memory lane and a guiding light into what is needed to truly find that light again if you have lost it.

This is a storyteller’s delight and if you love music with a genuine message from someone who has truly lived, this will be a song you shall have on repeat for ages.

Listen up to this timeless sounding single on YouTube and see more news on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dublin’s Guilherme Cosme drops hauntingly terrifying visuals for, ‘Amber’

With the exploration of trauma and perseverance through this heavy visual experience that is only meant for adults, Guilherme Cosme shows us deeper inside his overflowing mind with his new release and music video for, ‘Amber‘.

Guilherme Cosme is a Brazil-born Dublin, Ireland-based experimental psychedelic singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of the Irish rock band, Mary Bleeds.

Initially insecure about his abilities, Cosme kept his music to himself until his early 20’s when he found the courage to share it with other musicians. Although all his early work was in his native Portuguese, as a writer he loved the cadence and phonetical textures of English. He moved to Ireland to immerse himself in the language and never looked back.” ~ Guilherme Cosme

Taken from his new album that is set for a release later on in 2022 and is called ‘Persephone and the Ghost Brother‘, Guilherme Cosme opens up the creaking door and bravely shows us inside his dark thoughts that many will recognize. This track is explosive and takes you by surprise at first, as he cannons a story that will open up your eyes and make you ponder everything you thought possible.

He wrote these songs as catharsis while struggling with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. With the new record, Cosme hopes to reach out to those who struggle with similar issues and to raise awareness of the pain and suffering many face in silence.” ~ Guilherme Cosme

Amber‘ from Brazil-born Dublin, Ireland-based experimental psychedelic Avant-garde musician Guilherme Cosme, is a video that will either scare the skin right off your body or lead you in closer. He has created something so rare here that is filled with heartfelt emotion and obvious pain, that needs to be expressed before it breaks him into tiny pieces. Music is his medicine and this is shown brightly here, from an artist who is like none other.

See this new music on YouTube and follow how his music career transpires on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JaVill drop a deliciously intense debut single that shall have you ‘Lifted’ up into the clouds

With their brewing debut EP being currently sculpted to perfection at Hellfire Studios, JaVill rises fearlessly from the sordid ashes to stamp their mark on the current bleak world that needs hope again with ‘Lifted‘.

JaVill is a 5-piece Industrial rock band that bases itself in thriving Dublin, Ireland, and seem on a mission to put this proud city on its back and soar to new heights.

They formed as teenagers, brothers Barry and James founded the band with Jonathan and Kevin joining later.” ~ JaVill

Lifting the lid off vigorously and sending our emotions into a real spin that was needed to shake the cobwebs off, JaVill is in supreme form with one of the more ferocious singles of 2022. This is a rock band that has a purpose and needs to be listened to right now by anyone who needs a lift away from any previous mediocrity.

The track sheds a light on dealing with struggles and how we endure these problems and get through pain- light and dark.” ~ JaVill

Lifted‘ from Dublin, Ireland-based indie-rock act JaVill is a cage-smashing single that shall delight those who have needed a powerful single that has so much true meaning. With so many people close-minded and locking themselves away, this is precisely what we all needed to break away from any nail-inducing pain that has stopped us from flying from this carnage. Sung with a rugged intensity – which is completely inspiring – and devouring this roaring soundscape that is an underground anthem, you will be completely compelled to click repeat.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Manel Espinosa gives a fond farewell story on new pop single, ‘Goodbye Hong Kong’

Bringing us into this sad story that will reflect poignantly with so many of us who have dealt with the vivid sentiments captured with this heart-break moment, Manel Espinosa shows us an emotional escapade you might need tissues for on ‘Goodbye Hong Kong‘.

Manel Espinosa is a Dublin, Ireland and Alicante, Spain indie-pop singer-songwriter who sings with such honest love and tender care during each one of his catchy singles.

Lighting a warm fire that seems to glow so brightly under the shooting stars in the sky above, Manel Espinosa signals his intentions with a kind single that has been created with simmering exuberance intertwined into affectionate lyrics that brings you into this tale of leaving it all behind.

Goodbye Hong Kong‘ from the dynamic indie-pop artist Manel Espinosa, is a loving single that shows you his natural energy that shines through so brightly. This is a track that could be for anyone that is leaving home or a person behind, as you make sure that you take time to make a real tribute with style. Sung with real charm and effortless vocals, we find a musician showing us into a world that so many of us can really relate to.

Hear this expressive new single on Spotify and take a peek into his life on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Take Me: Dublin-based indie-pop artist Nissu shows us what true friendship means on ‘U’

Featuring well-loved beauty influencer, model and British actress Afshan Azad, Nissu drops the 2nd single from his upcoming EP that is all about bringing your best friend with you no matter where you are on ‘U‘.

Nissu is a Brazilian-born, Dublin, Ireland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter who makes that extremely catchy music ambience that might be stuck in your head for days on end.

The Music video was shot part in Dublin and part in Wicklow and features a few celebrity cameos. The song and video were inspired by my friend Jessica. When she was leaving town to live in the capital, and she said: “I wish I could put you inside a box to take you wherever I go”. I wanted to make her wishes come true in the video.” ~ Nissu

Nissu shows us that dependable friendship is all about keeping that memory alive no matter what the elements. There is a blooming beat here and a lovingly-made music video to boost our moods. away from the disheartening telly. This is the kind of release that has been conceived with true concern, about that intimate soul who makes everything better when you are sad.

U‘ from the flamboyant Brazilian-born, Dublin, Ireland-based indie-pop singer-songwriter Nissu, is a sweet song all about wanting to be close to your best friend no matter the weather or times. There is a pure vocal experience here from an artist who sings from the heart, on a splendid track that will have your heart feeling so much warmer than before.

See this box-filled music experience on YouTube and see his IG for more info.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Is This Hell: Dublin’s Rodney Paz looks for more meaning away from the mundane on ‘sWITCH mY iFs 4 wHENS’

With his 9th single already of 2021, the prolific Rodney Paz returns with his ‘Get mint or die schemin’ style on the latest single all about making the most out of a tough situation with ‘sWITCH mY iFs 4 wHENS‘.

Rodney Paz is a Dublin, Ireland-based indie underground hip-hop artist and custard creme enthusiast. He is a highly creative soul who makes a different blend of music to most, as his smartly penned and unorthodox lyrics takes you to a world away from the normal bore.

After turning his cabin into an intergalactic spaceship through the means of some magical fungus, Paz has now found a new domain of expression through his musical output.” ~ Rodney Paz

Rodney seems to possess that extra life inside his beating heart which most of us mere mortal lack, his mind races quickly and works faster as he puts ideas into wild stories of the world. Real life has hit him hard and he feels like he is on the canvas – waiting and looking for that hand to help him up – and take him somewhere he can be at full capacity.

The flow here is an impressive listen, the underdog mentality is in full swing and he raps with such meaning and true honesty. His voice is calm and rather reflective, each sentence is a layer into his story that fills him with dread each time he wakes up. The search for that true purpose is real, as he wonders when this boredom is going to end.

sWITCH mY iFs 4 wHENS‘ from the Dublin, Ireland-based rapper Rodney Paz, is a street-filled track all about surviving each day. Your job crushes your soul into little tiny invisible pieces and you wish there was more for you, but right now you need to pay rent. With the landlord looming like a bright light in the night, this is what you have in store so you might as well just keep at it and learn something. For now that is. Until you can escape and be who you want to be, away from the 9-5 that has you spinning like a lost bottle in the wind.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see more of his exciting adventures via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Jakliu – Frustration, stagnation, isolation, and loneliness with “CATSPIT”


Hot on the heels of his recent remix of Irish electropop artist Ae Mak’s ‘Jamie’ comes this, Jakliu’s debut single ‘CATSPIT’. Gentle, pulled-back vocals mixed with repeating drone notes and electronic drum loops, ‘CATSPIT’ is a mix of ambient, electropop, and electronica, taking in later Radiohead and Thom Yorke’s solo work, bits of the Aphex Twin, Dave Monolith, Caribou, Beatwife, Luke Vibert, and the whole gamut of Warp and Rephlex records stablemates.

It’s chilled and mellow yet challenging and forthright, inspired by themes of stagnation and isolation and Jakliu’s frustration at the mediocrity of everyday life and at the slow decline of creativity and arts in a world fixated on cheap, easy fame and fleeting Social Media celebrity.

You can check out Jakliu on SoundCloud and Instagram.

Review by Alex Holmes

In Loving Memory: Rae Kelly sends a truly loving tribute with ‘Idir Eathara (The Space Between)’

After soaring our curious minds to unheard of new levels with ‘Ignorant as Icarus‘ late in 2020, the wonderful Rae Kelly is back once again to lather our hearts with remembrance love of the lost, but never forgotten on ‘Idir Eathara (The Space Between)‘.

Rae Kelly is an elegant Dublin-born indie alt jazzy-pop songwriter, composer, film score enthusiast and future masterchef who is now based in cozy Hertfordshire in England. She performs with that rare class and fuses in her fine taste and determination to do things the right way, into a tasty music mix that has your stomach growling for more.

”’Idir Eathara’ is an ancient Celtic term that describes a boundary as neither one place nor another, but the space between the two. This is my first instrumental release and was written in loving memory of my grandparents and Great Uncle Joe, who passed away suddenly within 3 weeks of each other in 2016.” – Rae Kelly

The sadness but ever-lasting memories are intertwined into this gorgeous melody, as the lovely single takes you to a reflective place that has you shedding a tear, but adding strength as you find a way to keep their names and faces into your soul forever.

Idir Eathara (The Space Between)‘ from the terrific Dublin, Ireland-born musician Rae Kelly, shows us the way to heal through music, as she takes us on a peaceful journey to mend her heart through music and has achieved a wonderfully created song, that will be absolutely timeless for years to come.

Stream this stunning new single on YouTube and see her delicious flapjack cookies and Oli the cat-saving-from-the-dishwasher adventures on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

People Going Stale: Dublin band Woolly Jumper eagerly break free from the suffocating ‘Cobwebs’

Taken off their supremely catchy six-track EP from last year called ‘Big Bird’, Woolly Jumper climb away from the dull ‘Cobwebs‘ with a stirring performance on this terrific single.

Woolly Jumper is an engaging Dublin, Ireland-based rock band, who fuse together marvelously, as they make that raw edged type of music which has your ears wide open and ready to be intrigued by their energetic style.

This is the true-life story of breaking away from the norm, as you can get too comfortable sometimes in life and the conversations start to feel like they have been told over and over. The feeling of being locked into a boring world that doesn’t evolve is a scary one — as you break away and start fresh again with a new mindset — with all the endless possibilities right inside you the whole time.

They have such a fun sound, as you feel their passionate vocals ring true on a song that should inspire many to follow the dreams, despite the risks attached.

Cobwebs‘ from Dublin, Ireland indie rockers Woolly Jumper, is the statement that should be relevant to most, as so many people stay in the same town, while you wish for more. Life is all about seeing the world and learning new things after all, not staying stagnant and never opening up your mind to new memories and experiences.

Stream this catchy single on Soundcloud and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Air Changed: Dublin’s Aisling Jarvis is magnificently mesmerizing on ‘Fade to Black’ (ft. Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji)

Aisling Jarvis is a incredibly talented 23 year-old singer/songwriter/producer and sound engineer from beautiful Dublin, Ireland, who returns to the solo world after six years away on the remarkable Fade to Black(ft. Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji).

She creatives that vividly imaginative music that makes you take an extra breath or two, as her entrancingly transfixing voice is absolutely stunning and could cause enjoyable heart shocks deep inside your eager body, as he skillfully shakes down the curious speakers with such dazzling world class appeal.

When you come from such a well-known and prolific musical family, the chances are you will be bitten by the bug early into your life and it will never let you go. Aisling’s mother is Moya Brennan of Grammy and BAFTA winning Irish family group Clannad, and she has been touring worldwide with this fine band since 2010.

With the horrific covid-19 pandemic leaving the music scene in guitar-burning ruins, it feels like Aisling has taken the time to return to her solo music again, as her last release was back in 2014. Rejuvenated after a long rest and raring to go, you can feel the sparks of electricity here as he leads us into her supremely imaginative mind with a return to tell your whole neighborhood about.

This is the sad story about how sometimes things change when you don’t want them to, as your former lovers memory of you fades so quickly, when they said they would be around. The haunting feeling makes you feel so alone and despondent, you know you should probably move on but you need time to heal properly, so you can love wholeheartedly when the time appears again.

Her voice is so stunningly pure as each verse is striking goodness into your mind, as you feel her presence and realness with the guest artists adding so much quality to mesh beautifully together as one.

Fade to Black‘ (ft. Hvmmingbyrd and Kipunji) from the spectacularly gifted Aisling Jarvis, is a captivating effort that takes you to its own space in time, as she shows the world her solo side after a long break that was certainly worth the wait.

Hear this wonderful new single on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen