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The Slims – Loser: Anti-Soul Funk

If you fancy listening to the drawling drone of melancholy disguised as an Experimental Funk track look no further than the new release of Loser by The Slims. The three-piece band have been around since 2017 in their hometown of Pittsburgh, they promise to sound like nothing we’ve ever heard. They’re so right.

I’m not adverse to the more lachrymose sounds out there having The Smiths and Joy Division on my regular playlists, but their latest track Loser just takes it to the next level. The lyrics seem to be a list of apathy that doesn’t really give any substance, it just conveys as morose meanders of the mind without any context which is possibly the most infuriating feat of this track.

It’s clear that the vocalist has a lyrical ability as he tunefully moans in an almost Shoegaze indie fashion over a doom impending backbeat that makes sure you’re thoroughly depressed by the time you get to the end of the 3-minute track.

I almost want to write a good review so The Slims don’t have something else to add to their list of disappointments.

Check out The Slims debut track Loser via Spotify now:


Galway ’s Maria Shiel Releases ‘Call Home’

Of course, what other place have we to call right back at when it’s hard to find those little lights that light up the pathway of life during our darkest days? Maria Shiel, a songstress who’s currently signed to KYO music record label made sure that this one sinks right in.

Dublin’s very own; Maria, bared it all out on this song as she poured out her heart to every line in this her new single “Call Home”, this fact is frantically evident in the way she perfectly pitched each line of this song.

The strings of the guitar like a lover’s tender touch that melts a frosty heart in a bad summer night, the enthralling melody of the song that’s capable of taking two lovers to another world, the sweet harmonized upbeat that keeps the tempo of two hearts in sync and entwined, the reminiscing of the shared memories that resonates from the first day when the light ignited by love’s spark and the free happy spirit this song brings to its listener is the reason why I find this masterpiece by Maria enjoyable and awesome.

From start to the last minute of this song there was never a dull moment experienced and this proves how good of a songwriter and singer the artist is.

Maria’s authenticity could be felt all the way to the rafters. This is the type of song you’ll not easily get tired of. It can only get better from this point and I really hope that Maria will continue to give lovers more song like this that will always magnify the true reflection of their love.

-Lilian- Debrah.


Mystic Tears Track “King On The Cross” Will Leave You Feeling Haunted

With an evocative title like King on the Cross, you know Mystic Tears are cooking up some kind of trouble. Structured like a sing-along and performed with a blistering disdain directed towards theological figures and the atrocities performed in their names, King on the Cross brings up some of what music lost when psychedelic rock fell out of fashion. There’s something really ear-catching about the juxtaposition of simple, repetitive verses underscored with sinister themes and Mystic Tears know just how to capture that haphazard magic and shoot it with intent and precision.

The bassline walks tall and confidently while vocals echo through the halls toward a distant, menacing distorted guitar. Despite the atmosphere, there is no energy lost. Harmonically rich sound effects via the guitar keep things nice and interesting and the building layers of vocals climax but always come back for more. This is a song that doesn’t only seek to make its point. It doesn’t stop until it’s left you haunted. Whether preaching to the choir or converting new members of the congregation, King on the Cross is sure to draw a crowd for Mystic Tears.

-Paul Weyer


Mystic Tears single “Shine” is haunting and beautiful

Mystic Tears makes music that is as enigmatic as the project’s name. Their single, “Shine” is haunting and beautiful – a melancholic ballad that makes me think of the quieter moments of artists such as Soundgarden or Nine Inch Nails, just to mention a few. The drums have a floating groove that really fits with the sparse, gentle guitars and with the sultry vocal performances. The track has a nice, sustained feel throughout its duration, but it definitely opens up to a stunning climax towards its end. The playing gets more intense, and new layers of tone seamlessly bring something new to the mix. The beautiful lead guitar work and stunning vocal solos make me think of timeless acts such as Pink Floyd, but re-imagined in a refreshing modern way.

In conclusion, this track feels like a musical journey: its arrangement its deceptively simple and direct, but the song’s emotional impact is huge. This is one of those tracks that really compel you to focus and listen, stopping whatever else you were doing at the moment and solely concentrate on the music!