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Skillfully original Dublin-based Swedish creative Skull The Pierre opens up the BEBEYX3 on insightfully enjoyable interview

Showing more creativity in his left pinky finger than most of us will ever feel in our whole lives, Skull The Pierre took time out from getting some rays and baking scrumptious banana bread to lead us into his new much-anticipated release BEBEYX3. Fresh from cooking up a treat with the wine-filled cherry tree nibbling LABUM, the massively inventive Irish-based Stockholm-born artist tells us all with one of the best interviews we’ve done all year. Get those glasses on and let’s roll.

Llewelyn: Skull The Pierre, how in the world are you? Firstly, welcome to A&R Factory and our virtual couch. Would you like a beverage and what can we get you? Firstly, how did you get your artist name? It’s a fantastic musician’s name.

Skull The Pierre: Hello Llewelyn! I’m feeling fantastic thank you and I’m honored to be here for this virtual chat! I’m good for a beverage for now thank you, friend. Ah my artist name, it all started with me balding back in secondary school. My friend started calling me Skalle Pierre (Pierre being my real name) which is a pun on the fictional character Skalle Pär from Astrid Lindgrens ‘Ronja, the Robbers Daugher’. Skalle is Swedish for skull, but it’s also a balding reference, hence why my friend thought it was hilarious. To be honest, so did I and so I made it into my artists name. A couple of years later I decided to give a more international flare and made it Skull The Pierre!

Llewelyn: Alrighty. Where do you live on planet Earth? I’m currently in SW London and it’s supposed to be summer but it’s raining. Why do you stay where you do…what makes it special for you to reside in?

Skull The Pierre: Llewelyn my fellow earthling, I’m not too far away from you, I’ve been residing in Dublin since 2020! I moved here from Stockholm to study music at BIMM Dublin which I am still doing, and I’m absolutely loving it. Not only do I love my college and course but I’m totally in love with the beautiful people of Ireland, and the intimacy of Dublin. The Irish, are -in my experience- so well versed in the fine art of welcoming and embracing the new and different, and they greet strangers with ease and compassion. There’s also excitement and enthusiasm in the Dublin music scene that can’t really be described, only felt. The hard-working and incredibly talented youths of the city only leave space for love and understanding, and the city is small enough that if you want to be a part of it then all you have to do is come along. But hahaha yes it’s like only raining here at the minute as well!

Llewelyn: Ok, let’s chat about music. BEBEYX3, hip-hop and LGBTQ. How do all 3 mix and what was the inspiration behind the new release? LABUM is doing quite well it appears so we’re biting our lips here in anticipation. Also, there’s a music video? Even more excitement! Please…the floor is yours.

Skull The Pierre: Thank you for the great question! How does BEBEYX3, hip-hop and LGBTQ mix… hmm…effortlessly, I’d hope and say! That’s not intended as a braggadocious statement by the way, I love the fact that I’m a gay rapper but I and my life is so much more than that! Ultimately, all my creations are a part of my lifelong task of documenting my life, a life I believe to be well lived, and so I write about it, which embodies all aspects of me. That includes my love and desire for men, but not more or less than any other part of me. I am everything! Besides, things are way cooler when they’re more like easter-eggs anyway.

I can’t remember an exact song or artist that inspired me to make ‘BEBEYX3‘ to be honest, a lot of times the process of making the beat is what inspires the theme, lyrics and the feel of my songs. I can confidently say though that the weather’s hint of summer and career milestones achieved at the time inspired the song. And yes there’s a music video to go with it and it’s gorgeous, if I may say so myself! It was shot by my very talented friend Joe Kelly and together we made something I’m very proud of, it’s definitely my prettiest music video to date!

Ah thank you LABUM and the world I created around it is without a doubt my craziest project to date and my friends and fans have been incredibly kind to it and me.

Llewelyn: Sounds From The Secret Orchard Sessions. These sound like a dream! What’s the energy field here and were you illuminated by being involved?

Skull The Pierre: That was my first ever real interview and to be honest with you, I was giddy beyond belief, and it shows. It was completely a dream come true, and getting to be there with such talented acts, crews, event coordinators, managers etc was such an incredible experience. I might even have something exciting with the SFSOS family in September!

Llewelyn: Music production. Some think it’s easy and some think it’s hard. What’s it really like and what tips would you give youngsters who are keen but aren’t sure about it all?

Skull The Pierre: What a lovely question! I think it can be both but if you don’t find it to be that much fun, then it will definitely be more hard than easy. If I was in a position to give advice, then I would say start with the very basics of what it is you want your DAW to do for you. If you make beats learn how to sample, if you write indie-pop songs on guitar learn how to record guitar and vocals. All the fancy plugins and mixing tips and effects will follow as you grow, learn, and explore. Getting the basics right is all you need, and I think that’s true for most things. Also, give it time, don’t be a perfectionist and love yourself.

Llewelyn: How was the launch party at Crow Bar in Dublin? It looks like we missed out on a big party! Were you happy with the response and the overall vibe from the night?

Skull The Pierre: I think I only understood in retrospect how much it actually meant to me that so many friends and friendly faces were there, and that they were there for me, for something I created. It is still hard to grasp to be honest. It was beautiful, a night I’ll always remember and cherish, and most importantly, it was so much fun. To all the people that came, to everyone that bought merch, posters, books, to everyone that helped on the night, to the bartenders, just to everyone there, thank you, ya’ll are crazy and I love you.

Llewelyn: Lastly…and once again thank you for blessing us with your time today.. who inspires you most in the world and who do you look up to? Who is your team and what advice would you give yourself 5 years ago if you could zip back in a time machine quickly?

Skull The Pierre: Oh thank you for all the wonderful questions! You know, I wholeheartedly believe that I am the luckiest man alive, and that’s almost solely because of my outstanding friends and family that have inspired me every day of my life with their wit and humor, love and compassion, wisdom and foolishness, sensitivity and anger and everything in between. The one that inspires me most in the world though is most likely my grandma Lena. She is an author and writes mostly children’s-books, and her childlike, optimistic, and playful interpretation of the world is probably the greatest gift of all. She also gave me my armor in solitude, my love of writing. Wax (rapper), is my musical idol though, and the one that made me want to make music when I was 14.

My team consists of myself, my manager and friend Josse, my DJ and friend Alvaro, my cameraman and friend Joe, and all my other friends I have the privilege of sharing this life with. Five years ago I’d tell myself to come out of the closet already hahaha!

Check the video out on YouTube.

Feel more of the genuine vibes wash the pain away on IG.

Interview by Llewelyn Screen

How Hard Can It Be: Ian Shortall feels his epicentre bypass a nostalgic beat on Chesapeake

Sensing that he was under a special spell by a lovely water-loving human with a heart of gold, Ian Shortall feels sad that they left in the middle of the night on the massively reflective single to contemplate with, Chesapeake.

Ian Shortall is a Melbourne, Australia-based indie country/folk-blues-fusion solo singer-songwriter who learnt his trade back in Dublin in the 90s.

Not one to shy away from outside influences and bring something new to the table, Ian also pulls imagery from the metal world, which is echoed and hinted at throughout his lyrical content.” ~ Ian Shortall

Captivating all alert listeners with something rather special and indelible to be enraptured by, Ian Shortall has brought forth a gem of a song which hasn’t been rushed in the slightest.

Chesapeake from Melbourne, Australia-based indie country artist Ian Shortall might be one of the most beautifully created singles of the year so far. This has been made with complete care. There is affection in droves throughout and we are opened up to a memorable story to cherish for its authenticity.

There is so much to like about such a lovable story with so much emotion and total class, which shall give many hearts an extra beat to help when the lonely nights set in.

Embrace the feeling shine through the curtains on Spotify.

Find out more about live shows and more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pretty Day: HARRIS stets his eyes on the secrets with Strange Behaviours

Sung with a heightened intensity and so much inner knowledge, HARRIS has just dropped one of the more fascinating tracks the world shall hear today on the mysteriously created, Strange Behaviours.

HARRIS is a Wexford, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter who has recently released his debut single The Fire Lights Itself and backs up the momentum gained with another gem.

Since he was 16 HARRIS has honed his songwriting craft and has gone on to perform countless gigs on the Dublin open-mic and acoustic showcase circuit while opening for renowned Irish musicians such as John Blek.” ~ HARRIS

Superbly introspective to the core and never letting go for a second, HARRIS is that underground artist that many wish they were. With stunning stories and taking us for a ride of a lifetime, this is a terrifically original release.

Strange Behaviours from Wexford, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter HARRIS is a darkly webbed ear-stinger which might need medical attention. This is raw stuff and will shock many minds into place, and soar so high with a must-listen song to turn up rather loud.

Stream this new single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Chxmist drops an instant electronic classic to turn up all night called Rather Be

Seducing our inner party mode with punchy electronic drum lines to start the weekend with, Chxmist does his hometown of Dublin rather proud with a rather excellent soundtrack for summer on Rather Be.

Chxmist (pronounced chemist) is a Manchester-based project formed by the exceptional electronic producer and DJ Conor Barry.

Pitched vocals and garage grooves complete the sound forged from an ambient project birthed during the national lockdown of 2020.” ~ Chxmist

Scintillating with an assortment of delightfully crisp and saucy music to get enthusiastic about, Chxmist demonstrates so much quality in boatloads as we feel happy and free-flowing excellence to munch on for hours on end here.

Rather Be from Manchester-based electronic music producer and DJ Chxmist is a rocket-fueled mission that Elon Musk might listen to. This is a superbly lit experience which didn’t need too many vocals. Each ear shall feel thunderbolt stuff from a hearty meal of a song that shall change moods and get many dance fans excited. For good reason too.

This is addictive music which will get the body moving. Turn it up.

Listen up on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen


KLDD is a vision in kaleidoscopic colour in their indie-psych hit, Little Help (Today)

Cruising in like a psychedelic Cadillac, the Dublin-based dreamers, KLDD paid homage to the Manchester indie greats in their latest single, Little Help (Today). The sounds of The Stone Roses and Happy Mondays shimmer through the scintillatingly sharp melodies, which leave the low timbres to the basslines and the transcendent euphoria to the colourfully kaleidoscopic guitar lines.

The outfit may have banded together through a love of dirty riffs, but the groove-driven décor of this elevated postcard to the Manchester icons, which pushes beyond a transfixion on the past, soars higher than Noel Gallagher and the High Flying Birds.

For a sure-fire fix of serotonin, stream Little Help (Today) from March 24th via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Dublin’s Jamie Dean eases our busy minds with tranquil masterpiece Alaska

Enhancing our mindsets into a better frame of connection to the earth’s beauty, Jamie Dean is rather special on this soaring new single made with so much love and care towards humanity on Alaska.

Jamie Dean is a Dublin, Ireland-based indie electronic music producer who assembles those exquisite melodies to feel free inside its kind coating.

He plays piano, synths, guitar, bass guitar and drums and has emerged as one of Ireland’s most innovative musical artists and composers.” ~ Jamie Dean

Helping our spirits renew so naturally after so much heartbreak and tragedy, Jamie Dean is the modern day superhero who has just walked rather smartly into our lives. Calm to the core and grabbing us onto a riveting ride to a better place in time, it’s hard not to be completely enticed into this box of relaxation.

Alaska from Dublin, Ireland-based indie electronic music producer Jamie Dean is a simply majestic single with so much elegance and light. Taking us all into the clouds and into happier climates, this is a superb single to swim swiftly into when your soul needs a boost.

When you need to be clear minded again, it’s best to close your eyes and imagine somewhere beautiful.

Listen up on Spotify. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Leila Jane Interview on A&R Factory: Gracefully easing into her excellent release Revolve Evolve

Showing us deep within the right mentality, Leila Jane is at her authentic best and tells us more about her brand new album, which drops tomorrow, Revolve Evolve. Brushing off those fears and doing things her way this is an interview filled with so much insight.

Please let us know more about the 20th November and all its magnificence at the legendary Whelans in Dublin?

Leila: I am very excited about the 20th November as it will celebrate the launch of my new EP Revolve Evolve. I have seen many great bands play in Whelan’s over the seven years that I have lived here and am delighted to have my own headline show there with a full four-piece band behind me. My friend Chris Wilson DC will be playing support on the night!

A little birdie told us it’s your birthday 3 days after the show. Actually, that’s perhaps a tiny fib. You told us. Any plans for your big day or shall you be spending it locked away in the studio?

Leila: That’s right! Well, getting to play Whelan’s with some of my great friends around will be the perfect celebration for me. As for my actual birthday, I have a dentist appointment and then I am playing a pub gig in the evening! :’)

If you had one superpower for 24 hours, what would you be and what would your first mission be?

Leila: I would time travel back to the 1950s and go and find Elvis to have a jam with him!

The music industry is a wild place with many shapes and forms. How do you navigate its vast challenges and stay focused?

Leila: I focus on what is meaningful to me and try not to get too caught up in comparing myself to others or losing myself trying to ”make it”. I please myself first and foremost and have a specific list of my own goals. That way I can carve something out that’s more sustainable, authentic and hopefully connects with people on a deeper level. I am also very grateful to be part of a lovely network of creatives in Dublin, which inspires and supports me.

Please tell us more about your connection with Bleeding Heart Pigeon’s front man Mícheál Keating?

Leila: I found out about Mícheál as I was Googling, as you do, and trying to find a producer that I could work with. Soda Blonde is a great Irish artist and I saw that he had made a remix of one of her tracks…. then I got in touch with him on Instagram and he responded so we eventually organised the recording sessions after some zoom calls. During the lockdowns I would get the bus over to Limerick to record in his studio. I also became a big fan of his band Bleeding Heart Pigeons and their dreamy synth vibes. I was delighted that their drummer, Brendan McInerney got to play on my tracks during the recording process. Mícheál is a very skilled musician and mixing engineer. He was able to translate my demos by ear and understood the style I was going for. So I challenged myself to have the full arrangement planned out on my home demos, because I knew he would be able to hear what was going on and help me record everything to a better standard.

Who inspires you most in the world?

Leila: It is hard to pick one person who inspires me as I get bits of inspiration from people everywhere I go. I’m always admiring traits in everyone I meet and thinking about what I can learn from them- even if they are someone I don’t quite like, I still appreciate our differences. Perhaps that is the actor in me- as I am beginning to explore that side of myself more now. Having said that, I do get inspired by actors like Joaquin Phoenix and Alice Lowe as they bring a lot of humility to their performances and I would hope to be able to do the same, whether it be in my music or any other performances. I admire artists like Mac Demarco and Big Thief for keeping it real. I also think it is important to inspire oneself, and I get great joy from overcoming my fears and achieving things that I didn’t initially think I was capable of!

Last of all, do you have any plans for a tour and what does the future hold in 2023?

Leila: I would love to go on tour, but I will have to wait and see what unfolds. I have connections in the UK and US where I have gigged before, so hopefully I will be able to expand on that in the future. Right now I am really enjoying getting my music videos made as it combines my love for acting and songwriting, and really helps communicate my music. I have been discussing it with some of my videographer friends and I am definitely going to be having fun making more music videos in 2023!

Listen up to this excellent single on Spotify. See more on her IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Know Me: David San Clair recalls being treated by royalty by that special human on Better Than Myself

Dropped from his brand new 6-track EP Anything Goes, David San Clair returns with a stunning song that might get you in the mood to smile again after so much darkness with Better Than Myself.

David San Clair aka David O’Brien is a Louth/Dublin, Ireland-based indie folk singer-songwriter who performs all the country with his loyal band.

Beating with beauty and showing us his extraordinary lyrical detail, David San Clair sings with such joy and shall certainly enliven up your day. His quality is easy to fall in love with and there is a ray of hope attached here, from a tremendously skilled musician who hasn’t even remotely found his peak yet.

Better Than Myself from Louth/Dublin, Ireland-based indie folk singer-songwriter David San Clair is a delightfully performed song from a world class talent who uplifts us away from any previous sadness. Opening up the door and letting us into the bedroom to that memorable moment that he shall cherish forever, this is a terrific song that feels like is from a different era altogether.

Genuine in nature and steaming with that pure warmth you have either felt before or wish you had, we find an artist who has blessed our healing world with an outstanding single for the ages.

Hear this fine song on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Pat Burgess wonders if the two connected souls found the love map again on ‘A Borrowed Mandolin’

Taken off his first ever 12-track solo release called ‘The Song Box‘, Pat Burgess shows us the hard road that will be followed all the way to that ultimate love on ‘A Borrowed Mandolin‘.

Pat Burgess is a highly experienced Dublin-born, Leixlip, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter who has been in the music scene for the past 45 years.

As the lead singer and founder member of the Irish Americana group, The Rye River Band, we find an artist who sounds in reinvigorated form with a classic single that will fill you up with a hope that is furnished with so much honesty.

In the 70s Pat performed on the live Dublin music circuit doing solo gigs and guest appearances and around this time he started writing songs.” ~ Pat Burgess

Sung with so much true introspection, Pat Burgess presents us with a real insight into life and performs with a smooth vocal ability that will have you listening so intently, like you are hearing a lesson from an underground legend.

A Borrowed Mandolin‘ from Leixlip, Ireland-based indie singer-songwriter Pat Burgess is a trip down memory lane and a guiding light into what is needed to truly find that light again if you have lost it.

This is a storyteller’s delight and if you love music with a genuine message from someone who has truly lived, this will be a song you shall have on repeat for ages.

Listen up to this timeless sounding single on YouTube and see more news on his website.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dublin’s Guilherme Cosme drops hauntingly terrifying visuals for, ‘Amber’

With the exploration of trauma and perseverance through this heavy visual experience that is only meant for adults, Guilherme Cosme shows us deeper inside his overflowing mind with his new release and music video for, ‘Amber‘.

Guilherme Cosme is a Brazil-born Dublin, Ireland-based experimental psychedelic singer-songwriter and the lead vocalist of the Irish rock band, Mary Bleeds.

Initially insecure about his abilities, Cosme kept his music to himself until his early 20’s when he found the courage to share it with other musicians. Although all his early work was in his native Portuguese, as a writer he loved the cadence and phonetical textures of English. He moved to Ireland to immerse himself in the language and never looked back.” ~ Guilherme Cosme

Taken from his new album that is set for a release later on in 2022 and is called ‘Persephone and the Ghost Brother‘, Guilherme Cosme opens up the creaking door and bravely shows us inside his dark thoughts that many will recognize. This track is explosive and takes you by surprise at first, as he cannons a story that will open up your eyes and make you ponder everything you thought possible.

He wrote these songs as catharsis while struggling with depression, anxiety and bipolar disorder. With the new record, Cosme hopes to reach out to those who struggle with similar issues and to raise awareness of the pain and suffering many face in silence.” ~ Guilherme Cosme

Amber‘ from Brazil-born Dublin, Ireland-based experimental psychedelic Avant-garde musician Guilherme Cosme, is a video that will either scare the skin right off your body or lead you in closer. He has created something so rare here that is filled with heartfelt emotion and obvious pain, that needs to be expressed before it breaks him into tiny pieces. Music is his medicine and this is shown brightly here, from an artist who is like none other.

See this new music on YouTube and follow how his music career transpires on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen