Place To Place: Toronto folk band Ptarmigan are so peacefully excellent on ‘Rounder’

Sung with a gloriously enchanting wind that seems to breeze gracefully through the curious veins into your warmed-up heart, Ptarmigan are at their best on the single which will put you into a calm state of mind again with ‘Rounder‘.

Ptarmigan is a throughly entertaining indie-folk band based in busy Toronto who also have homely roots in cozy Peterborough, Ontario.

After starting to play together in 2009, these high school pals skillfully blend in various instruments like the banjo, to compelling levels of heightened enjoyment for the whole family to lap up lovingly.

There is much to lather into here – from a top band who seem to possess that world class ability – to totally immerse you into their love-filled offerings, which is such a delightful experience to tuly treasure.

At a time when much of the world is sheltering-in-place, how we think about home is more important than ever.” ~ Ptarmigan

Rounder‘ from Toronto, Canada-based indie-folk act Ptarmigan, is such a charming single which grabs your whole heart and takes you away from the real world for a while. The vocals are so sumptuciously delivered and each word has been carefully written, by a band who play for the love of the artform. This is the type of movie-like experience that deserves so much love, as you feel so swept away like a frolicking bird into the beautiful blue sky.

Hear this wonderfully peaceful new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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