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Okay I See You: SirW moves swiftly onto the win with ‘Pass Da Controller’ (feat. BigLu91)

With a brightly-lit hunger in those ravenous veins and a motivated taste for the true victory, SirW sees that his time is now and tells others to move over so he can claim his rightful place on top with ‘Pass Da Controller(feat. BigLu91).

Selwyn Ichizedek Richard Williams aka SirW, is a Toronto, Ontario-based indie rapper, cook, anime enthusiast and music producer.

Featuring Luther Daniel Saunders aka BigLu91, a sizzlin’ Scarborough, Ontario, Canada-based rapper, this is a terrific new single which has your speakers bouncing in delightful enthusiasm.

Inspired by various animes, video games and movies, SirW’s music journey began at the tender age of 16 where he started creating instrumentals while being a cook.” ~ SirW

With vigorous raps of intent that seem to swirl just right into your intrigued soul, they morph together and grab the controls of their destiny with a gritty performance here. These are two skillful rappers on a mission to reach the finish line where the gold medal is at – and aren’t giving up no matter what the obstacles in the way – as they believe its their moment to be getting that W.

At 17, BigLu91 was given a pen and a pad by his Uncle and his main inspiration for music. After writing “Loneliness”, his first song about his absent father, BigLu91 found his outlet.” ~ SirW

Pass Da Controller(feat. BigLu91) from the Toronto, Ontario-based indie hip-hop artist and music producer SirW, is the message of not accepting second place anymore. Others have had their time at the top of the pack and have eaten greedily, whilst you believe the moment is now to jump up and never let this opportunity go by the wayside.

If you want it enough, believing in yourself is the only way to truly win in this game of life after all.

Hear this brand new track on Spotify and check out his SirW’s IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Took My Shot: Big Lou is living with that groove all day on ‘As A Crew’

As he introduces us to his mindset and motivated team after a long time to mediate on the possible outcome through the journey awaiting, Big Lou steps up big time and urges us to do everything ‘As A Crew‘.

Big Lou is a Saint Martin (Sint Maarten) born and raised motivational speaker, Go Produce podcast co-owner and hip-hop artist who now lives in Canada. After starting businesses before as he looked for his true purpose, he realized at the age of twenty-six, that actually being a rap artist is what he truly desired.

As he lived his life following his curiosity he quickly made a lot of mistakes. He knew at this point that he was on the right track because it is in failure where you learn most effectively.” ~ Big Lou

With a fresh flow and pack full of expressive raps that are so energetically interwoven, his reflective mind so clear now after not thinking that this was possible before. His thoughtfulness has comprehended what needed to happen, as he sounds totally captivated by the moment and won’t ever let this slip away.

This is a song that captures the qualities, ideas, and energy that I have as an individual and I am positive that it will set the right tone for my career.” ~ Big Lou

As A Crew‘ from the London, Ontario-based indie rapper, keen observer and podcast owner Big Lou, is the big welcome party that we all needed after that long vacation away, that actually turned into a reoccurring nightmare. His mind is made up and it feels like he is making up for lost time, as his highly enthusiastic energy comes to the fore on a promising debut track. Big Lou is ready for the next stage of the creative process, and we are joining him for a much-welcomed ride of discovery to the promised land.

Hear this audio on YouTube and see more on his IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Wanna See You: Toronto-based singer JAHSHONA re-releases ‘Sustain’

As her kind soul heartily desires to be with someone who is only interested in a proper partnership, JAHSHONA sings with that love-laced passion to find that sweet relationship which will assist her to reach all those manifested-to-the-stars goals on ‘Sustain‘.

Jahshona Yahselah aka JAHSHONA, is a Canadian-Jamaican soul/RnB vocalist, Musical Theatre student and songwriter, who is based in Toronto, Ontario. She makes that emotionally-charged music which has your heart thumping quickly, as she takes us on a romantic-filled journey.

Jahshona’s musical prowess began at the age of eight when she began choreographing dances to Mariah Carey, and Aaliyah records in her elementary school library. Her father, a musician and producer, was around to hear Jahshona sing aloud, accidentally for one of the first times.” ~ JAHSHONA

With a mightily desirable vocal ability which lathers eloquently through your curious speakers, this is a terrific track which shows us her progression and the delightful ambiance attached, only strengthens her growing name.

Sustain‘ from the youthful Toronto, Ontario-based indie soul/RnB solo artist JAHSHONA, is a fervent song with so much sweet-nature-powered kindness. This is a wonderfully raw song with that proper passion attached – that has your body feeling so warm and intrigued – as you remember that time you just knew what you wanted.

In this world full of quick-swipes and ghosting in seconds, finding that loyal soulmate has never been more important.

Stream her new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Watched My Mama Cry: Lil Quazzy remembers the time when he almost starved to death on ‘Struggle’

As he makes those money moves that are a far cry away from where he was brought up, Canadian rapper Lil Quazzy reminisces about those times when he didn’t know if things would ever get better on ‘Struggle‘.

Lil Quazzy is a fast-rising Toronto, Ontario-based rapper. He rocks the mic fluidly with a quick-fire bar-stacked-with-fmaes delivery that invitingly heats up your battered heart from the dicey coldness outside – as he strides in looking in both directions – with a knowing glance of where he came from.

This is the intense story about making some moves that you wish you could take back from the day – as you were brash and young – just trying to feed your family the only way you knew how. He puts on a fine display here that is full of excellently-penned lyrics, that is calmly combined with a hungry attitude which shows you his ever-increasing growth.

Struggle‘ from the electrically charged Toronto, Ontario-based indie trap rapper Lil Quazzy, is a true statement which leaves you in no doubt about where his mind is at. He is a wise soul who had to grow up quickly to avoid the pitfalls that entrenched so many – as he now remains steadfast that he is headed into the right direction – after a few unexpected trips and undesirable pitfalls.

This is a track to play if you feel a bit lost and need your mindset rebooted. You might of made some mistakes growing up like we all did, but that healing redemption is always available if you want it enough.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Forget About Problems: Canada’s Oceans Of Tears gets away from all the heartbreak with ‘Going To The Islands’

On a rustic reggae beat that is so intimately memorable, Oceans Of Tears tearfully jets from home to swim away the sad memories and start fresh again with ‘Going To The Islands‘.

Steve W. Boily aka Oceans Of Tears, is an experienced Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based indie artist who develops rock and children’s musicals, songs and videos. He brings a knowledgeable aura to proceedings with his electric style.

The artist was grieving when he thought of penning down his thoughts as a way to cope. He needed to deal with his brother Mike’s sad demise, who passed away in a horrific car accident. “My brother was killed in a car crash many years ago while driving with his buddies a little high on pot and beer, leaving behind a young girl and boy who will never know their dad.” The artist states that the musical is semi-autobiographical and talks about sensitive parts of his life after his brother’s death, the grief, the pain, sense of loss and guilt.” – Oceans Of Tears

You feel his 80’s and 90’s influence deep intertwined into his music, as he sings with such a mellow style that has you deeply entrenched into each word. Each lyric has been carefully penned, the vocals are so real and strike suddenly into your heart, to unearth so many memories.

Taken off his new rock musical, ‘Drowned In A Sea of Tears‘, which is a semi-autobiographical, part stage play that is full of themes, that most artists stay away from.

The productions need to be “provocative” and can sometimes even leave viewers feeling “heavy” and “uncomfortable”. However, the music is sure to get their hearts pumping, minds thinking, and feet stomping.” – Oceans Of Tears

Going To The Islands‘ from the well-known Oceans Of Tears, is one of the most honest and catchy songs you will hear all year. The subject is so sad however, and you feel like this is such a honest portrayal of ones feelings after such a horrific loss. A brave single that showcases his growing multi-genre ability and is one to sit down with – as you have a cold one with pleasing views to take your mind off things – to reflect your own emotions, during all this current turmoil outside.

Hear this top new holiday single on Soundcloud and see the IG music page for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Buying Into The Greed: White Collar Grunge remind us of what can happen if you take too much on the feast-filled ‘Capitulation’

After a long hiatus from the music world and released off his recently dropped ten-track album with a real bite to it, White Collar Grunge grabs our attention truthfully with the real-life story of how the world came to a money-related stop on ‘Capitulation‘.

White Collar Grunge is a brand new alt-rock band formed by the wildly creative father-of-two Cory Joseph Williams of Oshawa, Ontario. A massive 90’s music fan who was playing piano before being blown away by the quality of Nirvana’s classic second album called ‘Nevermind‘, he makes music for the love and will never ever compromise his morals for success.

Drawing on influences from the golden ages of rock, White Collar Grunge delivers powerful tunes on a self-titled debut album that feels both fresh and familiar.” – White Collar Grunge

The idea for the song Capitulation came about when the stock market tanked in March 2020. I was hearing the word a lot in the media and my father-in-law kept saying it as well. It seemed like an original lyric idea.” – White Collar Grunge

His voice is so tremendously exciting and the guitar riffs have you grooving like it was the 90’s again. with smartly penned lyrics that strikes right at the core of your body, soul and mind. In a lost world, this is exactly the insight that we all need to make better decisions next time, to avoid our hard-earned money getting wiped out underwater forever.

Capitulation‘ from Canadian alt-rockers White Collar Grunge, shows us an edge that is mostly lacking with lots of modern day releases. This is a true story about how things can come crashing so fast if you trust in the wrong people. The gamble of life can really take everything and destroy you, leaving you to wonder what really happened.

Stream this top new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Times are changing: Amilia Riviglia drops the line on ‘Calling You’ to enter a new world of possibilities

Amilia Riviglia dazzles our hearts yet again with her spectacular third original single from her blossoming young career, that will take you on a reflective road to self-discovery on ‘Calling You‘.

Maple, Ontario, Canada-based sweet soul solo pop artist Amilia Riviglia, creates that type of music that captures your attention, grabs on tight and pulsates a feeling into your bones that you have never felt before. She has an electronic-pop sound on this freshly crafted new song, that is such a special listen and shows the endless potential in her music, if she wants it enough.

This is the story of your former lover driving you crazy with constant calls and messages, while you are trying to move on. You will always love them but right now, you are going in a different direction to what they are doing. This is a strikingly poignant moment if life and you will only know how it truly feels, if you have truly dealt with this before. You want to be there for them but if they don’t get what you are about-then self-awareness is lacking from their side-not yours. Real sees real after all.

Calling You‘ from the immensely gifted Amilia Riviglia, is a sonic experience that awakens your inner belief that music can change your mood in an split second. With a gripping music video that fascinates your wildest senses and has you hitting that repeat to get it all in, this is a supremely talented artist that oozes class at the same time.

In life you get very few opportunities to grab that special moment and capture it forever. If you have to drop the phone a few times to get there, surely that’s worth it to rise above and reach for the stars, never ever letting go.

Hear this wonderfully talented musician on Spotify, see the visually-pleasing video on YouTube and view her socials on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That break from the madness: Seatea finds the light on ‘Movements’

Seatea brings all the music ‘Movements‘ together like a true professional to formulate a real diamond in the rough, on this sensation new second single from the terrific talent, with an ear for crystal clear music for the soul to digest happily.

Ontario, Canada-born, Brussels, Belgium-born, bass, tuba-trained singer-songwriter/producer and massive Arsenal FC fan Christian Thomas aka Seatea, makes dazzling and pure music that heals the anxiousness inside, so you can soar upwards and reach those dreams you have been manifesting.

We are bolted into the tale of how we need all of our movements right now to survive this crazy world. Our mental agility is needed to find the light and break free from what is transpiring before our very eyes. He has the ability to make a song so simple but complex all in one, that is so catchy and a pleasurable experience for our tired ears.

Movements‘ from the supremely creative Brussels-based multi-talented artist and SAE Institute for Music Production student Seatea, is that experimental vision that gives your mind a rest from the confusing world. This is that chill-out fusion that makes everything bearable again, with the carefully crafted mixture of electronic sounds that gives your heart that extra energy needed, to take on your day with confidence.

Stream this wonderland of sounds via Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ontario singer-songwriter Hunter Sheridan releases memorable ”Fires Fade”

Life is a Dream” is the name of the debut album for Hunter Sheridan and this marks a shift for the talented artist. He was formally in Ontario band West Hammock who are currently on hiatus. ”Fires Fade” is the latest single from this new album and it’s a beautifully self-reflective song all about love and how sometimes that spark fades. You remember the good times but sometimes things don’t last.

In 2020, Hunter was nominated for two Oshawa Music Awards as Emerging Artist and Best Songwriter of the Year. This shows that he is definitely on the right track in his career and the buzz is starting to build. Major attention in the US is the next step and it’s easy to see why he is much acclaimed. His lyrics are real and sad at the same time on ”Fires Fade”. I’m drawn in and feel a sense of reflective while listening. You can tell that he is a music teacher as this song feels like a lesson and he has crafted this with care and precision.

Hunter Sheridan has a massive future with his strong voice, inspiration lyrics and quality production. With the world slowly opening up this singer-songwriter from the beautiful hills of Canada is singing into our sore hearts and making new fans each day.

Stream this soothing track right here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Ontario producer Pavalon sizzles with ”Nothing’s True”

In life, it’s so hard to work out what is real and what isn’t. When you meet someone that you like you don’t want to give away too much. Being a bit mysterious is always a good way to go.

His home town is King City, Ontario in Canada. Marco-Attilio Ventresca-Clarino aka Pavalon is a new producer in the game and wow does he make good music. The beat flows in with a subtle intro at the start and we are fooled into thinking this is a folk singer-songwriter. Pavalon has different ideas and the beat soon reflects an electronic-pop summer hit for the ages. The vocals are so nicely done and I love the sax that just adds that sprinkle of lust that we needed. This is a good song and is all about not telling that future lover too much. A trap that a lot of us fall into. Giving the keys to our heart too fast gives off the wrong energy.

If this is the standard to come from this Canadian producer then we are witnessing a new star in the making. ”Nothing’s True” is a quality track.

Check out the Spotify link for the tightly made track for summer.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen