Philadelphia-based experimental band Return to Zion drops outsanding new single If This Is The End, It’s Beautiful

If This Is The End, It's Beautiful by Return to Zion

With one of the best intros the world is likely to hear, Return to Zion shows us deep with the gritty corners of the record studio on the excellent instrumental soundtrack to moving on called If This Is The End, It’s Beautiful.

Return to Zion is a Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based indie experimental post-rock collective who displays such poise and class on each one of their sizzling experiences.

Enthralling all listeners with a likeable blend of quality to stimulate all senses awake, Return to Zion guides us far from the masses and into the self-aware underground. Performed with so much character and guile emanating from each corner, we find a terrific release waiting to be loved by the entire galaxy and the Milky Way.

If This Is The End, It’s Beautiful from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-based experimental post-rock band Return to Zion delves deep into our inner mindset to trigger a wonderful energy which shall alter moods rather quickly. Wrapped in a bundle of class, which is rather hard to find, they send all ears into a rather content place.

Listen up on Bandcamp. See more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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