Painful Memories: Clouded Senses confidently let go of the gloom with debut single ‘Domination Untold’ (feat. Kevin Kawano)

With a terrific sound and swirling vocals which has you waking up again after being locked inside the house for too long, Clouded Senses remind us that we need to find that inner determination again after all the recent distractions with ‘Domination Untold‘ (feat. Kevin Kawano).

Clouded Senses is a newcomer indie-punk/rock band who have a sensationally exciting sound. They make that jump-up-and-take-charge type of vibe, that has your sleepy soul feeling so alive after a long slumber.

This is a riveting band who turn the heat up and take on the doubters who are still down in the dumps, as this speaker-shocking soundscape runs wildly through our veins, to inspire us to open the creaking door of our heartfelt dreams. The volume is on red the whole way through – as they take us for an exciting ride through the smokey hills of life – so we can find our lost bearings. to breathe properly like we all need to.

Domination Untold(feat. Kevin Kawano) from emerging indie-punk/rock act Clouded Senses, is the story about letting go of the self-doubt and the sticky stench of recent times, as you blaze through with your own desires to be who you want to be. After recent times that have been shocking to say the least, this is the message of going for it now, no matter what obstacles are in your way.

Achieving your goals and maintaining your self-love inside your heart, are the only two options to that true sense of purpose destination you seek, and that elusively often-hard-to-find contentment.

Stream this new single via on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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