Lightweight Literate – Father Knew: Infectiously Euphoric Hip Hop

Hip Hop has never been the happiest genre, so every time you stumble across a Hip Hop Rap artist putting out infectiously happy beats its hard not to get hit by the feel-good hype. Which is exactly what happened with Lightweight Literate’s latest single “Father Knew”.

With the production in the deft hands of Ocean Beats, Father Knew became a radio-ready hit which has every potential of becoming your next Hip Hop perennial earworm. You can also start to appreciate why the artist titled themselves Lightweight Literate as you listen to the intellectualism in the bars which is versed through perfect meter and rhyme. Lightweight Literate mixes it up in between R&B-style crooning an unfathomably relentless Rap versing ensuring that there isn’t an ounce of excessive repetition within the single.

You can check out Lightweight Literate’s latest single Father Knew for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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