OvaDos stops the clock in his latest RnB hip hop release, ‘TIMES UP’.

Inglewood, CA rapper, songwriter, producer and engineer OvaDos has eight years of experience in the industry which shines through in his latest 3-track release, TIMES UP.

Each of the three singles is a smooth, mellow feat of RnB hip hop, but the standout track TOOL proves why OvaDos is primed to take over the rap game. After an ethereal, atmospheric intro, OvaDos grooves in with his sublime rap flow; the canter is enough to give J Cole envy.

Despite his hunger to become an intrinsic part of the music industry, his self-produced and engineered hits still carry a humble, instantly loveable vibe that will inject plenty of your soul onto your playlists.

TIMES UP is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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