One of the UK’s Most Promising Pop Artists Lewis Canner Releases Their 2nd Single “One Night”

“One Night” is the incredibly enamouring upcoming single from UK-based Acoustic Pop singer-songwriter Lewis Canner. With Lewis Canner’s talent paired with his ability to create a vibrantly expressive earworm, it’s hard to ignore the commercial potential behind this emerging artist. Of all the new Acoustic Pop artists we’ve checked this year there are very few deserving of the same level of hype.

One Night may be slightly slow to start, but once you’re gripped by the sticky-sweet melodicism in the chorus you’ll finally get an idea of the extent of Lewis Canner’s effervescently endearing style which may carry a fair few reminiscences to charting Acoustic Pop artists. Yet, Lewis Canner still finds plenty of ways to set himself apart. As we used to say before the TV show ruined everything, he’s got the X factor.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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