Out Late: Toronto rapper Bg5ive bags it up on his shiver-filled ‘Cold Nights’

As he peers around and hopes that there is no big raid on tonight that will turn his mood blue, Bg5ive does whatever it takes to make it happen on the frosty new single called ‘Cold Nights‘.

Bg5ive is a Tuam, Ireland-born, Toronto, Canada-based underground indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer and music producer.

While he has spent most of 2021 focusing on engineering work, Bg5ive has started dropping tracks such as “Now or Never”, & “Cold Nights” in preparation for the release of his new mixtape entitled “Cocaine & Whiskey” which will be released on December 9th 2021.” ~ Bg5ive

Bg5ive raps with an intelligent glimpse at these dusty streets that he knows all-too-well, as he locks up the bag and executes that move to get that paper stacked all the way up for those rainy days that are upcoming. There is much confidence in his delivery as he makes that call, which assures that he unmistakably isn’t going hungry tonight.

Cold Nights‘ from the high-flying Toronto, Canada-based indie hip-hop artist, sound engineer and music producer Bg5ive, is a street-soaked track about driving around and getting that work in. You know that these chilly nights will be worth it even if others doubt your plan, as you brush off the small-mindedness and put that hoody on tight to get away from the nippy airflow. This is a track to put on loud to warm up your entrepreneurial skills, as you start to work out quickly what your next move is.

Hear this brand new single on Spotify and see more news on their IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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